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Fun puzzle games for small groups are called Escape Games. You play them with friends or family, partly indoors and partly outdoors. Such games strengthen the group spirit and offer a lot of fun

Escape game

FAQ Escape game

You and your team usually get an iPad. Everything you need for the game is on it. For certain games, an app on the smartphone (free) is necessary. If you need more things for the game, you will get them from the provider.

These games are always played as a team. They are fun and also strengthen the group spirit. "Prison Breakout" and "Top Secret" can be played with two to six people; four are recommended. The "GPS Game" you can play with up to five other people in the standard version. Multi-team games with up to 72 players are also possible. It is similar to the game "The Magic Portal". Your puzzle team consists of 2-6 people. Playing in multiple teams is possible with two to six teams.

Employees of the organizer observe the game from the outside. As soon as problems of any kind occur, they open the room.