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Museums preserve and display cultural heritage. Of more than 1,100 museums in Switzerland, one third are local museums. These are museums that depict life in the last centuries of the respective region.

FAQ Museums

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) defines a museum as a non-profit institution that is open to the public. It acquires, researches and preserves testimonies of people and their environment, makes them known and exhibits them.

More than 75 million exhibits are displayed in Switzerland's more than 1,100 museums. One third of all Swiss museums are regional and local museums that provide information about the regions' past. Another third of the museums are shared between art museums, technical museums and history museums. The rest are natural science, archaeological and ethnographic museums as well as all other museums. These include unique museums such as the Frog Museum, the Music Box and Vending Machine Museum, and one or two Chocolate Museums.

About 72% of Swiss museums are located in the German-speaking, about 20% in the French-speaking and 8% in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. However, this 8% have the highest density with more than 25 museums per 100,000 inhabitants.

Yes, you receive the Museum Pass in conjunction with the Swiss Travel Pass or the General Abonnement. On the entire network of the Swiss Travel System you travel with the Swiss Travel Pass or the Swiss Travel Pass Flex for an agreed number of days. This includes

  • Museum Pass with access to more than 500 museums
  • 50% discount on most mountain railroads
  • It is also valid with numerous municipal transport companies

The same discounts apply to General Abonnements (GA).