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Ski school

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Find and book the right ski school for you or your child here. Ski schools are located in all major ski resorts in Switzerland. They offer a variety of courses: for beginners, returners and special courses for advanced skiers. Beginner courses are offered separately for children, teenagers and adults. In total, there are more than 150 ski schools in Switzerland.


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FAQ Ski school

Lessons for beginners are usually given in groups. However, according to the wishes and needs, private lessons are also possible, in which mainly the technique is deepened.

For experienced skiers there are always new challenges such as freestyle, carving, skiing over moguls or ski touring.

Of course. It's never too late for that. Swiss ski schools offer ski courses for beginners. Within only three days you will have learned how to ski. You will then be able to ski down an easy blue slope.

We have created a Beginner's Guide Skiing and a Guide Skiing Kids for you. There you will find the most important answers to beginner questions