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Not everyone wants to struggle to climb the mountain. If you'd rather enjoy the outdoors, take an e-bike. With it you can ride almost effortlessly along the solid forest paths and with good tread tires it also goes well off the beaten track.


FAQ E-bike

Often asphalt roads lead into the mountains, even if they are closed to normal car traffic. With the e-bike these are easily accessible. At Brunni/Engelberg several tours are possible with the e-bike. The asphalt road from Engelberg leads to Ristis and on to Rigidalalp. Monte Tamaro is the scene of reoccurring international cycling competitions. It has 70 kilometers of marked routes. For example, the route from the Alpe Foppa mountain station down to Rivera is good to ride.

Only a few mountain railways take e-bikes. Sometimes bikes are only taken on the very first and very last cable car of the day. On Corvatsch you can take your e-bike with you on the large gondola from Silvaplana-Surlej to the Corvatsch mid-station in exceptional cases: on the very first ride and the last two rides of the cable car. At Monte Tamaro, a bike may also be taken along in the cable car. There is also a charging station for e-bikes here. With this cable car you save 1050 meters of altitude. The cable car to Brunni/Engelberg also transports folded e-bikes, the chairlift does not.