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4 Highlights First Cliff Walk by Tissot

  • A narrow and vertiginous walkway leads directly along the cliff.
  • The viewpoint rises 45 meters above the abyss.
  • The walk is a special thrill for people without fear of heights
  • The view goes directly to the Eiger and Jungfrau (the Mönch is hidden by the Eiger), which are very close.

The Grindelwald First is a ridge north above Grindelwald. It is also called "Top of Adventure". The upper mountain station of the Firstbahn stands at 2167 m above sea level and is also called First. Very close to it you will find the First Cliff Walk by Tissot.

Summit attraction First Cliff Walk by Tissot

The First Cliff Walk by Tissot begins with the cliff walk. It first leads along a steeply sloping rock face on the west side of the Berghaus and the First summit. The ascent snail takes visitors up to the First sun terrace. Up here begins a 45-meter-long footbridge that seemingly leads to nowhere. On a nice day, you may have to queue a bit here to take a photo right at the front of the footbridge.

From this vantage point, the view of the surrounding mountains is particularly impressive. Eiger and Jungfrau rise majestically in the middle of the Jungfrau region. You won't see the Mönch from this perspective, as it is obscured by the Eiger

The Grosse and Kleine Scheidegg as well as the Schreckhorn are also visible in good visibility conditions. Down in the valley you can see Grindelwald.

Grindelwald First Cliff WalkGrindelwald First Cliff Walk (Foto: Jungfraubahnen)
Grindelwald First Cliff WalkFirst Cliff Walk im Winter (Foto: Jungfraubahnen)

How do you reach the First Cliff Walk?

The First Cliff Walk starts right at the top station of the cable car (2167 m above sea level). You can reach the station by cable car in about 25 minutes from Grindelwald. It goes up in three sections. During the ride you can already enjoy a magnificent view of the mountain peaks of the Jungfrau region

Who is the First Cliff Walk suitable for?

The First Cliff Walk is suitable for those without a fear of heights. The walk is also suitable for school-age children accompanied by an adult.

What can you combine the visit with?

At the summit station of the Firstbahn, the following adventure activities are offered in addition to the visit of the First Cliff Walk:

First Glider: Four people fly belly-down secured in harnesses from First to Schreckfeld (all year round). Before that the glider is pulled backwards from Schreckfeld to First.

  • Length 800 m
  • height 50 m
  • 83 km/h (72 km/h backwards)
  • Weight up to 125 kg
  • Duration 15 min
  • Minimum age 10 years
  • Minimum height 130 cm

First Flyer: Four people fly secured in a harness from First to Schreckfeld (all year).

  • Length 800 m
  • Height 50 m
  • 84 km/h
  • Weight 35 to 125 kg
  • Duration 10 min

First Mountain Cart: A Mountain Cart combines a Go Kart with a sled. It has three off-road wheels and is driven from Schreckfeld to the middle station Bort (summer).

  • Length 3 km
  • Duration 30 min
  • Altitude difference 356 hm
  • Minimum height 135 cm
  • helmet compulsory

First Trotti Bike: From the middle station Bort down to Grindelwald you can ride the Trotti Bike (summer). It is a mixture of scooter and bike.

  • Length 3.5 km
  • Duration 30 min
  • Altitude difference 566 hm
  • Minimum height 125 cm
  • helmet compulsory

The Bort Alpine Playground is located at the middle station of the Grindelwald First cable car. On 700 m2 you will find a variety of playground equipment for your child.

You can find more information about Grindelwald here:

Prices and opening hours

The walk is open all year round during the opening hours of the mountain railroad. The use of the First Cliff Walk is free of charge.

Grindelwald First Cliff WalkFirst Cliff Walk by Tissot (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)
Grindelwald First Cliff WalkFür den Cliff Walk solltest du schwindelfrei sein (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)

Location and approach

The valley station of the Firstbahn is located in Grindelwald. You can reach it from the train station in about 8-10 min by foot.

Arrival by car

If you want to travel from Interlaken, first drive via Matten onto the Gsteigstrasse. From here the journey continues via Wilderswil and Gündlischwand. On the Stegmatte you continue over the Lütschental to Burglauenen. The further way leads over the Grindelwaldstrasse to the Dorfstrasse in Grindelwald. The journey time from Interlaken is about half an hour. The address is Dorfstrasse 187 in 3818 Grindelwald, if you want to be guided by your navigation system. In Grindelwald you will find paid parking.

Arrival by public transport

From Interlaken Ost, the Bernese Oberland Railways take you a good half hour to Grindelwald train station. From here you need about 8-10 minutes on foot.

Grindelwald Firstbahn Grindelwald Firstbahn (Foto: Jungfraubahnen)
Grindelwald Firstbahn Firstbahn ab Grindelwald (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)