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The Rhine flows through the Basel region, which is crossed in the city of Basel by means of floating pedestrian bridges. The mild climate in the border triangle with France and Germany allows for plenty of time outdoors. Forty museums alone can be found in the art-loving city of Basel. Baselland is characterized by the lovely Jura landscape and is ideal for bike rides and hikes. The region is also rich in historical sites from Roman times and the Middle Ages.

Basel region
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Augusta Raurica]( is a Roman city founded in 44 BC. It is located about ten kilometers east of Basel. In its heyday, about 20,000 people lived here on the south bank of the Rhine. Today, the excavation site has become a place of encounter. In the archaeological park you can experience how people lived back then. You can participate in workshops to learn how ointments and oils were made in Roman times. Or you can learn how the Romans once baked their bread or pottered their dishes. The impressive amphitheater on the grounds once held 10,000 visitors. A huge Roman festival is held here every year at the end of August. Besides a museum, you can also visit a reconstructed city villa, the "Roman House".

The Basel region offers a lovely landscape with gentle elevations. In spring, cherry trees blossom in many parts. There are some hills here and even cable cars. From Reigoldswil, the panorama gondolas go up to the almost 1,000-meter high Jura heights to Wasserfallen all year round. From the top station, you can then ride down on a scooter in summer. In winter, the route becomes a toboggan run. Other vantage points

  • Schauenburgerfluh above Frenkendorf with a view of the Ergolz valley
  • Belchenfluh at approx. 1,100 meters above sea level (highest point of the Swiss Belchen)
  • Sissacherfluh at 700 meters above sea level with a view of the Ergolz and Diegter valleys
  • Chellenchöpfli, at 1,156 meters above sea level, is considered one of the most beautiful views, often over a sea of fog above the Mittelland. It can be reached on foot from the mountain station Wasserfallen
  • Hintere Egg at 1,169 m.a.s.l. as the highest vantage point in Baselland
  • Sonnenbergturm near Maisprach with 99 steps and a view of the Fricktal and the Black Forest
  • Forest observation tower Titterten (14 meters high)
  • Wisenbergturm near Häfelfingen (24.5 meters high), at 1001 meters above sea level with a view into the Homburgerta
  • Liestal observation tower on the Schleifenberg (30 meters high) at 606 meters above sea level with a view of Basel and the surrounding area
  • Remelturm near Kleinlützel on the French border (8 meters high) at 832 meters above sea level with a view of the Alpine chain from Glarnerland to the Jura Mountains
  • Gempenturm (28 meters high), a steel construction on 5 floors with a view of Baselbiet, the Vosges and Alsace.

In addition to a visit to Augusta Raurica, a visit to the Basel Zoo, the Zolli as it is called in Basel, or to a zoo is also a good idea. The zoo Lange Erlen shows for example red and fallow deer, lynxes and wild cats.