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Rope parks are mostly embedded in a beautiful natural landscape and offer fun and sports for all ages. Each of the 50 or so rope parks is special - each rope park is unique and individually designed.

Rope park

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When visiting a rope park in Switzerland, no special previous knowledge is necessary. The only equipment you need to take with you is sturdy, closed shoes, robust clothing and a bit of courage. Once you have mastered the tasks in a rope park in Switzerland, you will want to do it again. It's less about the right climbing technique and more about overcoming your own fears and doubts.

A rope park or rope course is an obstacle course constructed primarily of ropes stretched between poles and/or trees. As an additional element, rope parks often include bridges, ramps, platforms and tubes. Depending on where and at what height the ropes have been installed, it is called a forest park or a forest rope course, a high rope course, a low rope course, an adventure park or a climbing course. In Switzerland there is the association Schweizer Seilparks.

Every rope park in Switzerland is subject to strict tests and standards. These concern the safety precautions and safety-related requirements, the equipment used and the training of employees. They are regularly subjected to careful tests, checks and examinations by inspectors from approved certification bodies for leisure facilities.

So you'll be supervised at all times by experienced professionals who also use a variety of innovative safety systems. With belay runners, intercommunicating pulley carabiners and safety nets, the rope parks in Switzerland are state-of-the-art to prevent accidents. In addition, each visitor is instructed in the safety systems before using the obstacles.