Indoor amusement park

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It offers a field of activity even in bad weather and in winter for all those who like to do sports. An indoor amusement park offers action-packed facilities with trampoline areas, ball sports, climbing opportunities or water sports.

Indoor amusement park

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There are indoor amusement parks such as the, which offers an artificial swell as a "Citywave" for exercising in the water. Indoor amusement parks also include indoor rope parks, climbing gyms and large sports areas such as the Skillspark or Freiruum with trampoline areas and other action-packed activities.

When visiting an indoor amusement park, no special previous knowledge is usually necessary. The equipment you need to take with you is sturdy, closed shoes, robust clothing and a bit of courage. For the trampoline areas, anti-slip socks or equipment shoes are mandatory. In other areas, special protective equipment such as a helmet might be required. You can usually buy or rent the necessary equipment on site. Sports equipment is also available for rent. For the you only need to bring swimwear and a towel

Once you have mastered the tasks in a rope park or climbing hall, it will not let you go and you will certainly want to do it again. It's less about the right technique and more about overcoming your own fears and doubts. Large trampoline areas offer a lot of fun in addition to the sporting activity

An indoor rope park is a rope park constructed in enclosed sports halls. Like the (outdoor) rope park, it is an obstacle course constructed mainly of ropes. They are stretched inside the hall and contain additional elements that are built in. In Switzerland, there is the Association of Swiss Rope Parks, which also includes indoor rope parks.

Every rope park in Switzerland is subject to strict inspections and standards. These concern safety precautions and safety requirements, the equipment used, and staff training. They are regularly subjected to careful tests, inspections and examinations by inspectors from approved certification bodies for recreational facilities. So, you will be supervised all the time by experienced professionals who additionally use various innovative safety systems. In order to increase safety for participants taking part in activities in Switzerland, the certification label "Safety in Adventures" was created. Every year, the safety management system is audited by professional certification bodies.

Citywave is an artificial wave that can be customized for surfers depending on their skills. The maximum height of the standing wave is 1.40 meters. The Citiwave is also offered for children at certain times.