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Mountain bike

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Rent your mountain bike here or book a guided tour with a professional guide. Ride up the mountain on one side and down the other: Why toil in a stuffy gym? You can accomplish the same thing much more pleasantly in wonderful natural surroundings in the fresh air. Whether you prefer a more strenuous tour in the mountains with a conventional mountain bike or a more relaxed outing with the support of an e-mountain bike is entirely up to you.


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FAQ Mountain bike

Only a few mountain railroads take mountain bikes. Sometimes bikes are only taken on the very first and very last cable cars of the day. For example, on Corvatsch you can take the bike with the large gondola from Silvaplana-Surlej to the middle station Corvatsch in exceptional cases: On the very first as well as on the last two trips of the cable car. On Monte Tamaro you can also take a bike in the gondola.

In principle, there are few landscapes that would not be suitable for mountain biking. Monte Tamaro, for example, is particularly suitable for mountain biking. International cycling competitions even take place here. There are also beautiful tours for mountain biking at Corvatsch and in the Brunni area above Engelberg. In the Aletscharena you will find a real mammoth route. The Stoneman Glaciara covers 4,700 meters in altitude and a distance of 127 kilometers. The Stoneman route can be ridden in several days. Over three stages, the route leads up into the Aletsch region and back to Mörel.