Things to Do in Lenzerheide 2024

7 Highlights in Lenzerheide

  • At 2865 m above sea level is the Parpaner Rothorn, from where 1000 other peaks can be seen.
  • The 7.2 km long Globi hiking trail is unique in Switzerland and includes 13 interesting stations.
  • The Bike Kingdom Park attracts mountain bikers from all over Switzerland with five trails of varying difficulty.
  • 225 kilometers of slopes and 7 snowpark areas await you at the Arosa Lenzerheide ski resort.
  • The Squirrel Forest connects Lenzerheide with the Heidsee with a 1 km long Squirrel Trail.
  • With a length of 250 m, the largest Murmelibahn in Switzerland is located in Lenzerheide and is guaranteed to provide a high fun factor for visitors young and old.
  • 3.8 km of "Light Rider" slope in Lenzerheide entice you to night sledding with a combination of sledding, light art and games. Multisensory light installations provide a whole new night sledding experience.

Lenzerheide is a versatile and eventful vacation resort in summer as well as in winter. In summer, active visitors love to go biking and hiking. Afterwards, they cool off by swimming in the refreshing Heidsee lake. In winter, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding and cross-country skiing are very popular.

With the Globi hiking trail, the largest Murmeli railroad in Switzerland, playgrounds and a pirate ship, there are also numerous attractive entertainment options for children.

Lenzerheide SommerLenzerheide Sommer (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)
Lenzerheide Winter Lenzerheide Winter (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)

Sights of Lenzerheide

The sights of Lenzerheide are closely related to nature. Squirrel Forest and Heidsee are part of Lenzerheide and are also popular with visitors from surrounding villages.

Squirrel Forest

In the Squirrel Forest there is an approximately 1 km long path that connects the Heidsee with Lenzerheide. The start of the "Eichhörnliweg" is at the Catholic church in Lenzerheide. This path is suitable for leisurely walks and the children can enjoy the small playground.

The squirrels are fascinating animals that you can watch and feed with pleasure. Time passes very quickly. If you want to get really close to the animals, bring hazelnuts. The squirrel trail is accessible all year round and is suitable for strollers.

The squirrel forest is easily accessible by public transport and by car. The trip by post bus from Chur to the stop Lenzerheide/Lai, Post takes about 40 min. For travelers by car, parking spaces are available directly in front of the village entrance Lenzerheide. For the journey from Chur and the walk in the squirrel forest, about two to three hours should be planned.


Lake Heidsee lies between the villages of Valbella and Lenzerheide. Despite its altitude, the lake often warms up to 20 degrees in summer. The younger guests can enjoy a pirate ship or a paddling pool. In addition, there are 12 islands on the Heidsee, which are publicly accessible by boat, pedalo or surfboard.

Moreover, fishing is possible on the mountain lake between June and October. Information about fishing permits can be obtained from the municipal administration or from the fishery warden.

Lenzerheide Heidsee Heidsee (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)
Lenzerheide Eichhörnliweg Eichhörnliweg (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)

Excursion destinations Lenzerheide

Lenzerheide offers with the Parpaner Rothorn and the Bike Kingdom Park two excellent excursion destinations. In addition, there are other excursion destinations such as the Murmelibahn, the Lido at the Heidsee, the wellness pool H2Lai and the mini-golf course of the sports center

Parpaner Rothorn

The Parpaner Rothorn is situated at 2865 m above sea level and is accessible by cable cars from Lenzerheide. The trip from Lenzerheide to the Parpaner Rothorn takes about 20 min. The way up to the Rothorn summit is worthwhile, because on the lookout point a view with over 1000 mountain peaks from Switzerland, Austria and Italy awaits you.

On the Parpaner Rothorn there is a sun terrace and a panorama restaurant, where you can strengthen and recover. You can return to Lenzerheide-Valbella via the well-maintained hiking trails. You should plan at least half a day for this excursion.

Bike Kingdom

Mountain bike fans can really let off steam in the Bike Kingdom Park. The park offers the right track for every level. On the five tracks with different levels of difficulty and characters, every person will definitely find what they are looking for

You can find the Bike Kingdom between the middle station Scharmoin and the valley station Rothorn. Season is from June to October. Children are also allowed to have fun at the Bike Kingdom Park. A minimum age of six years applies for participation. So the fun factor is guaranteed for the whole family!

Other destinations

  • Murmelibahn: With a length of 250 m, Switzerland's largest marble run in Scharmoin offers fun with marbles for visitors young and old
  • Lido am Heidsee: The open-air swimming pool in the mountains offers not only refreshment, but also a climbing rock and a large playground
  • Wellnessbad H2Lai: The wellness bath has indoor and outdoor pools and a wellness area.
  • Minigolf course: At the sports center Lenzerheide there is a minigolf course where you can prove your precision.
  • Suspension bridge Val Meltger: The bridge is suspended twelve meters above the river Tobel and leads you, for example, on the circular hiking trail from Lantsch/Lenz dry to the other side.
  • Waterfall Sanaspans: accessible on a short hiking trail from Lenzerheide Post, also with children
Lenzerheide Hängebrücke Val MeltgerVal Meltger
Lenzerheide Murmelibahn Murmelibahn (Foto My Switzerland)

Swiss Activities Tips Lenzerheide

Magic Forest

In December, the Squirrel Forest is transformed into the Magic Forest. This winter festival combines light art, music, culinary delights and a Christmas market. Experience the magic forest in Lenzerheide

Celebrate New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve, there's quite a lot going on in Lenzerheide. It is the perfect alpine place to have a delicious meal and then party in a disco. In the Cinema Club you party until the early morning hours to the hottest music. But also other hotels turn their rooms into discos

ice curling

You want to try something new? Then try curling in Parpan. You can prove your precision. This team sport is great fun and suitable for beginners and groups

Wild animals watching

Numerous wild animals live in the Lenzerheide region. Ibex, chamois, foxes, red deer, bearded vultures, marmots and many other creatures have found their home in the Grisons mountains. If you are lucky, you can observe wild animals during your stay in Lenzerheide. But please pay attention to the game rest zones and game protection areas

Senda Cultura

Are you interested in culture? 21 information boards in Lenzerheide tell you the story "From the Maiensäss to the popular vacation region". The adventure trail "Senda Cultura" can be walked in one piece. However, the panels can also be visited individually, as they are not connected to the others.

Activities and experiences Lenzerheide

Skiing, snowboarding, sledging or cross-country skiing? Everything is possible in the hospitable skiing area of Lenzerheide. And in summer? A relaxing or eventful time awaits you, depending on your wishes. Experience the beautiful nature while hiking and mountain biking or have fun at the Heidsee with swimming and water sports

Among the most popular activities in Lenzerheide are:

  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • tobogganing
  • cross-country skiing
  • snowshoeing
  • hiking
  • mountain biking
  • SUP: Stand up paddling
  • windsurfing

Ski resort Arosa Lenzerheide

Arosa and Lenzerheide share the largest contiguous ski area in Graubünden, which extends up to 2865 meters above sea level. No less than 225 kilometers of prepared slopes are waiting for you in the ski resort of Arosa Lenzerheide. The winter season starts at the end of October and ends in April

Overview ski resort Arosa Lenzerheide

Ski area Distance (km) Altitude (m above sea level) Number of lifts and lifts Ski slopes (km)
Arosa - Lenzerheide 0.7 1229 - 2865 43 225

This service awaits you while skiing and snowboarding in the ski resort Arosa Lenzerheide:

  • 52 mountain restaurants
  • 7 snowpark areas
  • numerous parking facilities

There is also a wide range of ski and snowboard schools. For every level, whether beginner or intermediate, you will find the right course. Lessons are possible alone or in a group. In any case, the professional instructors will take you to the next level

Children's lands in Arosa Lenzerheide

In the children's lands Auarara, Fastasch and Heimberg skiing can be learned in a playful way. The children can practice their first turns between the figures and the fun factor is guaranteed. The terrain is only slightly sloping - ideal for learning to ski and snowboard safely. These children's lands are easy to reach and almost all can be used free of charge.

Lenzerheide SkifahrenSkifahren (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)
Lenzerheide WintersportSkifahren (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)

Sledding Lenzerheide

Experience the fantastic winter atmosphere in Lenzerheide on two runners. There are four toboggan runs in this vacation region:

Sledding in Lenzerheide

name/route length (km) altitude (m a.s.l.) accessibility difficulty
Scharmoin - Canols 3.8 1905 - 1489 Gondola Rothorn easy
Tgantieni - Val Sport 1.5 1750 - 1519 Tgantieni chairlift easy
Sporz - Lain - Zorten 2.0 1585 - 1204 Sport bus to Sporz easy
Tschugga - Parpan (illuminated at night) 1.5 1628 - 1502 on foot via winter hiking trail easy
Lenzerheide Light Ride Anfahrt Light Ride Anfahrt (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)
Lenzerheide Light Ride StartLight Ride Start (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)

If you're looking for a change from classic sledding, you'll find it on the "Light Ride" at night. This world novelty lets you experience sledding with different senses. On the toboggan run Scharmoin - Canols the "Light Ride" takes place three times a week. The piste is transformed into an exciting sledging challenge with multi-sensory light installations. You can find more information in our ultimate guide to night sledding in Switzerland.

Cross-country skiing Lenzerheide

In Lenzerheide there are suitable cross-country trails for leisurely and challenging tours. 56 kilometers of cross-country trails with different levels of difficulty await you.

Numerous routes like the following are waiting for you:

  • Lenzerheide - Valbella - Lenzerheide (classic)
  • Valbella - Parpan - Valbella (classic)
  • Gruoben Parpan (skating)
  • Parpan - Mittelberg - Parpan (skating)

For both skating and classic style, Lenzerheide has a versatile range of trails for you to choose from. Beginners, experts and professionals will find what they are looking for in this offer.

Don't you have time for cross-country skiing during the day or are you still motivated in the evening? In the Roland Arena there is a four-kilometer-long night trail. This is available to you daily from 17:00 to 21:00 with lighting

You can easily get to the starting point of your chosen cross-country skiing trail with the sports bus or the post bus

Snowshoeing Lenzerheide

Enjoy the tranquility of nature while snowshoeing in Lenzerheide. The pink signposts will show you the right way even in the deep snowy forest. About 20 km of snowshoe trails are available. There are five different trails:

  • Scharmoin snowshoe trail
  • 521 Era Vedra
  • 523 Val Sporz
  • 524 Val Meltger suspension bridge
  • Foppa Pass

Would you like to be accompanied by a guide while snowshoeing? The guides are experienced and know the region very well. They will guide you on unforgettable snowshoe tours

Lenzerheide SchneeschuhwandernSchneeschuhwandern (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)
Lenzerheide Langlauf frisch gespurte LoipenLanglauf frisch gespurte Loipen (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)

Hiking in Lenzerheide

In Lenzerheide you will find your perfect hike on up to 300 km of marked hiking trails. The vacation region of Lenzerheide offers panoramic routes, airy mountain peaks and entertaining themed trails. Neither hikers, nature lovers nor trail runners will miss out on the hiking trails in Lenzerheide.

Examples of great hikes in Lenzerheide are:

  • Lenzerheide - Vaz: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Panorama trail Scharmoin: approx. 6 hours
  • Nature trail Lantsch/ Lenz: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Globi hiking trail: approx. 2.5 hours

By the way, the Globi hiking trail is the only one of its kind in Switzerland and includes 13 posts. The children can go on a 7.2 km long journey of discovery. This hiking trail is free of charge and open from summer to autumn.

Mountain bike Lenzerheide

You will find numerous exciting tours in Lenzerheide. With 900 km of GPS tours, you probably won't get bored anytime soon. The Bike Kingdom Park is the center of mountain biking in Lenzerheide. There are five routes with different levels of difficulty that you can try out.

If you want to rent a mountain bike on site, then Activ Sport Baselgia AG and Allmountain Sports AG in Lenzerheide are the places to go. Get professional and individual advice to find the right mountain bike.

You can book a mountain bike tour from Davos to -Arosa-Lenzerheide directly with Swiss Activities in summer.

Here you can already be inspired by four possible bike tours:

MTB tours in Lenzerheide

name/route tour type length (km) duration (h) altitude difference (hm) difficulty
Bearbike Treasure Hunt Roundtrip BLUE 9.9 1:30 123 easy
Westside roundtrip 18.0 3:20 600 medium
Lenzerheide-Valley roundtrip 17.2 1:30 500 middle
Furcletta-Welschtobel-Ramozhütte Roundtrip 38.8 5:00 930 heavy
Lenzerheide WandernWandern Heidsee (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)
Lenzerheide MTK MountainbikeMountainbike (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)

Stand up Paddle

Enjoy the time on the water of the Heidsee with the Stand up Paddle. At the Wassersportcenter Lenzerheide you can rent your SUP quickly and easily. For one hour you pay CHF 20, but you can also buy a 10-person subscription for CHF 160

In addition, courses are offered for SUP beginners, which take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 10:00

Are you interested in yoga? Then the SUP yoga course is also the right thing for you.


Windsurfing is a trend sport that has established itself worldwide. It has also found its way to Heidsee in Lenzerheide. The Wassersportcenter Lenzerheide rents out beginner boards, fun boards, rigs, foil windsurfing and wetsuits.

The Wassersportcenter Lenzerheide offers the following courses for windsurfing:

  • Children's course, Monday - Thursday, 10:30 - 12:30,
  • beginner course, Monday - Thursday, 10:30 - 13:00 hrs
  • beginner course, Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 - 13:00 hrs
  • advanced course, Monday - Thursday, 14:00 - 16:00 h
Lenzerheide WassersportcenterWassersportcenter Heidsee (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)
Lenzerheide Wassersportcenter heidseeWassersportcenter Heidsee (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)

Arrival Lenzerheide

The resort of Lenzerheide is located in the Albula region in the canton of Graubünden. It is only a short distance from Chur and can be reached by public transport, coach or car. In the region of Lenzerheide runs a sports bus in the winter season, which is free of charge.

by car

From most places in Switzerland you can reach Chur South via the A3 and A13 freeways. There you take the exit in the direction of Lenzerheide. From Chur South it takes only about 20 minutes and you are in the middle of Lenzerheide.

by public transport

From Geneva, Bern and Basel you travel by public transport via Zurich and Chur to Lenzerheide. From St. Gallen you travel via Rheintal and Sargans to Chur. As soon as you arrive in Chur by train, you continue your journey by post bus. If you arrive by train from Lugano, then you travel via Thusis and Tiefencastel to Lenzerheide.

Arrival Lenzerheide

The resort of Lenzerheide is located in the Albula region in the canton of Graubünden. It is only a short distance from Chur and can be reached by public transport, coach or car. In the region of Lenzerheide runs a sports bus in the winter season, which is free of charge.

by car

Via the A3 and A13 freeways you can reach Chur South from most places in Switzerland. There you take the exit in the direction of Lenzerheide. From Chur Süd it only takes about 20 minutes and you are in the middle of Lenzerheide.

by public transport

From Geneva, Bern and Basel you travel by public transport via Zurich and Chur to Lenzerheide. From St. Gallen you travel via Rheintal and Sargans to Chur. As soon as you arrive in Chur by train, you continue your journey by post bus. If you arrive by train from Lugano, then you travel via Thusis and Tiefencastel to Lenzerheide.

Hotels Lenzerheide

Lenzerheide offers numerous hotels in different price ranges. Below you will find a brief overview of the accommodations Hotel Schweizerhof Lenzerheide, Hotel Sunstar Lenzerheide and the youth hostel in Lenzerheide.

Schweizerhof Lenzerheide

For those who want for nothing, Hotel Schweizerhof Lenzerheide is a great place to stay. This accommodation receives excellent reviews. Hotel Schweizerhof has an excellent location and is close to ski lifts such as Dieschen, Crestas and Val Sporz. For relaxation, Hotel Schweizerhof Lenzerheide has a large wellness area and the largest hamam in the Alps

Suitable for: Families, couples and individuals on a budget who enjoy a large wellness area.

Sunstar Lenzerheide

The Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide is family friendly and enjoys a quiet and sunny location. Hiking trails and ski slopes pass by the hotel. The hotel's own restaurant cooks you with fresh and regional ingredients. The meeting point for the ski school is right next to the hotel. If you want to relax after a day of skiing, an indoor pool, a steam bath and a sauna are waiting for you

Suitable for: Families, couples and individuals with medium budget.

Lenzerheide Youth Hostel

The inexpensive youth hostel is characterized by the functional room layout and the varied offer. The youth hostel is the right accommodation for sports enthusiasts, groups and families. The winter sports facilities are nearby and the view from the youth hostel is beautiful

Suitable for: Uncomplicated travelers, families and groups with lower budget.

Lenzerheide SchweizerhofSchweizerhof (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)
Lenzerheide WinterLenzerheide Winter (Foto: Arosa Tourismus)

Restaurants Lenzerheide

In Lenzerheide you will surely find the right restaurant for your taste. Both in terms of cuisine and price, you will find a varied offer

Restaurant La Riva

For gourmets the restaurant La Riva is exactly the right place. The food has an excellent reputation and the service is also outstanding. The menu also includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes

Specials: gourmet cuisine, creatively arranged plates, high-quality products, classic and trendy dishes, monthly sushi festivals, daily recommendations from the chef

Restaurant La Patata

At Restaurant La Patata Lenzerheide, the ambience is cozy and the food is delicious. La Patata is known for meat specialties and wine. The guest with a medium budget will find what he is looking for at La Patata

specialties: meat specialties, large wine assortment, "s'gröschta in town" 300g beef fillet, daily recommendations, take away possible_

Restaurant Danis

The rustic Restaurant Danis offers reasonably priced dishes, which are seasonally adapted. The menu is quite large and includes something for every taste. The cuisine can be described as good home cooking

specials: rustic restaurant, good home cooking, seasonal ingredients, inexpensive dishes_

Lenzerheide offers you wonderful destinations and exciting activities in winter as well as in summer, which will make your vacation unforgettable. Experience an eventful and relaxing stay in Lenzerheide - the charming vacation resort in the Grisons mountains!