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Mountain tour

Mountain tour

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Discover and book your next mountain adventure here. Switzerland's mountain hiking trails in the difficulty levels T2 and T3 are marked in white-red-white, while the alpine mountain hiking trails (T4) are marked in white-blue-white. On a guided mountain tour you can explore unknown terrain that would be too dangerous on your own. Mountain tours are offered in Switzerland wherever you encounter high alpine mountains.

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In Switzerland, according to the Civil Code, forests and pastures are in principle accessible to everyone. Nevertheless, the legal situation is not uniform. There may be restrictions depending on the municipality or canton. In protected areas, free camping is even expressly prohibited. These include the Swiss National Park, many nature reserves, all federal hunting bans and the game rest zones, especially during the protection period. If you keep this in mind, a single overnight stay above the forest line is usually unproblematic for a small group, as long as you behave considerately and also take your trash back with you

Yes. From about 2500 m.a.s.l. the air pressure and oxygen content decrease to such an extent that you may feel dizzy or get a headache. So it is best to ascend slowly and climb higher peaks in the form of a multi-day tour. This way the organism can slowly get used to the new altitude. It can only become really critical at altitudes above 4500 meters. If you do not feel well, you must take a break. If necessary, break off and descend back to the valley.

The alpine regions of Graubünden, Glarus, Bernese Oberland, Ticino and Valais are particularly popular for mountain tours. Everywhere, where you find high alpine mountains, you can make great one-day or multi-day mountain tours

A mountain tour is not the same as a hike and requires a bit more planning. So prepare well by planning the route in advance. The right equipment is very important. Also take enough food with you and study the weather forecast beforehand. It is best to join a guided tour for your first mountain tour. Even if you are more experienced, you should never go on a mountain tour alone