Boat tour

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There are plenty of opportunities for boating on the more than 1,500 Swiss lakes and rivers. The experience on the water is very intense and relaxing. The view of the surrounding landscape and the mountain panorama makes the boat tour perfect.

Boat tour

FAQ Boat tour

If you want to drive yourself, you need a boat driver's license for the desired type of sport boat. The skipper's license is valid in Switzerland as proof of qualification and authorization to drive pleasure boats. It is mandatory from an engine power of 6 kW (8 hp). On Lake Constance, it is required from 4.4 kW (6 hp). For sailboats it is required from a 15 m² sail area (on Lake Constance from 12 m² sail area).

You can get this at motorboat schools after theoretical and practical exams. An eye sight test is also required.

There is a possibility to drive yourself even without a boat license. You will get a detailed briefing about the safety rules, the driving behavior and the right of way rules when driving a motorboat. After this instruction you can - under professional observation - drive the boat yourself. However, you cannot acquire a boat license in this way.