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There are over 10 activities in the Rafting category.

The perfect mix between refreshing relaxation and sporting activity. You cross idyllic alpine landscapes and experience the wild and unspoilt nature up close.

FAQ Rafting

Rafting is suitable for anyone who wants to ride down the wild waves of Swiss rivers while enjoying the view of the beautiful surroundings. Rafting is a sporting activity that can be done by children and adults. The minimum age required depends on the river and the tour and varies from 6 to 14 years, depending on the difficulty and conditions. The respective spots mostly offer different levels of difficulty. This guarantees that the rafting tour matches the experience of the participants.

It is not necessary to know how to swim. Nevertheless, there are offers that require it, as they involve more difficult water conditions or rapids. Rafting Lütschine, for example, offers rafting tours of class IV and higher, which are only suitable for good swimmers. However, vests are mandatory on any rafting tour in Switzerland. In any case, it is important to inform the guide about swimming abilities and any health problems (back, neck, joints, muscles) so that the trip and safety precautions can be adjusted if necessary. Anyone who meets the requirements for age, weight and health can therefore take part in this exciting experience through Swiss nature.

Statistically, rafting is one of the safest sports, as even swimming lists more accidents than white water rafting. If you choose a reputable and certified provider and follow the safety rules that are shown and explained to you at the beginning, rafting is a safe and breathtaking adventure. Various organizations, such as Safety in Adventures and Swiss Lifesaving Society regularly check and standardize the safety standards of the providers. The provider's safety certification can be verified by the blue "S", which stands for certification by SGS and SQS. In addition, the provider should be a partner of Rega.

In a so-called raft, a relatively large, very stable inflatable boat, you navigate wild rivers and cross rapids. A raft can be between 3.6 and 5.8 meters long, carry two to twelve people and is made of very robust rubber material.

At the beginning of each tour, you will meet your companions and guides. They will explain the safety instructions you need to know for safe white water rafting, as well as techniques for holding the paddle, steering and behavior in the boat. They will also help you find and put on the right equipment and clothes for your adventure. After the instructions and certain exercises, you get in the boat and on the river accompanied by your tour guide.

The safety training you go through before each trip prepares you for this eventuality. You have several options available to you if you do fall out of the raft. First, you should stay calm and try to grab the safety rope hanging on the outside of each raft to get back into the boat with the help of the guide. If this is not possible, stretch your legs, lean on your back and let the vest and the river float you.

Do not try to stand up or swim. There is no danger of sinking because of the vest. One of the guides on the water will have a chance to pull you out of the water. Of course, there is a minimal chance of getting hurt while rafting. Statistically, there are 2.1 injuries out of 100,000 trips.

Safety precautions are very high, so a rafting adventure is a memorable and safe experience for the vast majority of participants!

The price depends mostly on the route, the river and the level of difficulty. Generally, a rafting tour can cost between 50 and 300 CHF.

There are five rafting hotspots in Switzerland. The most popular place for water sports is Interlaken, which is known for windy rapids and wild water rides.

The route from Ilanz takes you through the breathtaking nature of the Vorderrhein Valley. On this route, fast streams alternate with calm waters, while you can experience the fascination of the "Swiss Grand Canyon".

In Basel, in addition to whitewater, you can also expect rather calm and leisurely rafting routes, but they are always worthwhile. Here you will float past hidden gravel beaches and natural shores.

A rafting tour from Scuol in the Engadine is particularly suitable for families. All kinds of different tours await you on the Inn.

For adrenaline junkies, the Vispa, a river in the beautiful Swiss canton of Valais, is the perfect opportunity to cross fast streams and adventurous rapids.