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Dare a guided canyoning tour and book it here. In this adventurous trend sport you make your way through the deep gorges of mountainous regions in remote nature. From climbing to swimming, diving and sliding, to jumping and abseiling, it's all here. The still young adventure sport canyoning is gaining more and more popularity worldwide. Switzerland is ideal for it thanks to its numerous gorges and mountain streams.


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FAQ Canyoning

Canyoning can in principle be performed by any person. Decisive for the suitability is especially the selected canyon, which decides on the degree of difficulty and type of individual obstacles. In addition, there is the own physical fitness and from a certain level you should be able to swim. You must not be afraid of heights for this sport activity. It is recommended that you take a guided tour. Local canyon hikers will guide you to the most impressive and spectacular spots in the canyon.

The evaluation of the difficulty of canyoning tours is very complex. In principle, the more water a canyon has, the more difficult it is. However, the water level in the canyons varies greatly. Therefore, a canyon is rated based on its average water level. There are several models for evaluating the difficulty

Mostly these criteria are taken into account:

  • Physical demand: endurance, strength, condition, balance
  • Psychological demand: Is the river particularly narrow, what nerve-racking challenges must be overcome?
  • Possible consequences: What dangers lurk, what can happen?

Fortunately, the Swiss canyon landscape offers the perfect route for every level. Easier gorges make it possible for everyone to try the trend sport once, even without prior knowledge

Many places also offer tours for the whole family, although the minimum age for children sometimes varies somewhat. In most cases, however, children should be at least 12 years old in order to participate in the gorge adventure. More difficult routes in Swiss gorges (especially in the south) are especially popular with experienced climbers and gorge hikers. They offer spectacular and challenging pro-level excursions.

Sporting requirements depend on the level of difficulty: the more difficult the canyon, the more endurance and athletic you need to be. Physically fit, however, you should be in principle, because even on easier tours surefootedness, stamina and fitness are necessary. The weight limit is usually 125 kg

The exact requirements for canyoning are laid down in the General Guidelines Canyoning of the Swiss Outdoor Association.

On beginner tours, in most cases it is possible to bypass overly challenging elements or continue on alternative routes. The mountain guide will safely lead you out of the situation.

Normally, at the beginning of your adventure, you will be introduced by the guides to the various important elements of canyoning. You will be shown basic techniques for rappelling, jumping, sliding and much more. The experienced guides will help you with any questions or problems. They will make sure that your canyoning trip will be an absolutely unforgettable experience. Most of the bases are located near the canyons, which can be reached in short drives. Once you arrive at the canyon and before it really starts, final safety instructions and explanations will be given. From here the adventure begins: climbing, sliding, jumping, swimming and a full load of fun in nature!

In Switzerland, booked tours are always accompanied by very competent and experienced guides, which makes canyoning very safe. If you follow the instructions of the guides, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable and great canyon experience. Certified or approved providers can be found at BASPO (Swiss Federal Office for Sport). How the training of the guides is regulated and what has to be observed in terms of safety can also be found in the General Guidelines Canyoning of the Swiss Outdoor Association. As with all activities in the medium risk range, among which canyoning is mostly counted, there is of course a risk of injury. Of course, an extreme sport should never be underestimated. Sometimes stones can come loose or one can slip. But even these risks can be kept to a minimum by letting the guides guide you.

To be able to hike the canyons, you need some equipment. In addition to complete neoprene clothing, you need good shoes and an alpine helmet. In addition, you need a life jacket and special canyoning equipment. Most of the providers provide such equipment completely. You usually only need to bring swimwear, a towel and a small backpack. This differs depending on the provider. Your guide will clarify this with you in advance.