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8 Highlights in Davos

  • Davos lies at 1560 m.a.s.l. and is thus the highest town in the Alps
  • Enthusiastic winter sports enthusiasts can look forward to 300 km of ski slopes, 100 km of cross-country ski trails and 150 km of snowshoe trails
  • Parsenn and the Weissfluhjoch, also known as the ski mecca of the region, connect Davos and Klosters
  • 45 mountain railroads and lifts connect the area of Davos and Klosters
  • 700 km of trails for hiking in the summer months; Davos offers gigantic hiking areas on the Jakobshorn, Rinerhorn and Schatzalp
  • 735 bicycle routes are available in Davos. For mountain bikers, the 40 km Alps Epic Trail is particularly exciting
  • The fabulous train rides with the Bernina and Glacier Express are easily accessible from Davos. After 25 min with the RhB from Davos to Filisur there are transfer possibilities to the Glacier and the Bernina Express.
  • At Lake Davos visitors can look forward to exciting leisure activities such as sailing, surfing, stand up paddling and wakeboarding

Destinations Davos

Davos is surrounded by the impressive mountain world of the Alps. Nature offers a wide range of exciting excursions and activities for young and old. Climb rocky mountain peaks or immerse yourself in the diversity of nature with your family. In Davos, everyone will find something suitable

Mountain peaks in Davos

In the immediate vicinity of Davos are majestic mountain peaks from which you can admire the impressive mountain panorama even better. In winter as well as in summer, the peaks offer a variety of fun, exciting, but also challenging sporting activities. You can look forward to fantastic summit hikes, varied ski slopes, freeride slopes, mountain bike trails, high-altitude hiking trails, hiking trails and much more

The following are the most famous mountain peaks in the area:

  • Rinerhorn: 2528 m.a.s.l
  • Jakobshorn: 2590 m.a.s.l.
  • Strela (Schatzalp): 2636 m.a.s.l.
  • Madrisa: 2770 m.a.s.l.
  • Weissfluhgipfel (Parsenn): 2844 m.a.s.l
  • Pischa: 2483 m.a.s.l.

These mountain peaks are easily and quickly accessible by mountain railroads from Davos and Klosters. A total of 45 mountain railroads and lifts operate in the area

Davos Sommer Stadt Sommer (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Marcel Giger)
Davos Winter Davos Winter (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Andrea Badrutt)

Mountain railroads and prices from Davos and Klosters

The most important mountain railroads can be found in the following overview including prices for an adult in the winter season. The prices and used sections differ slightly in the summer season.

Mountain railroad to the Rinerhorn

Valley station Mountain station number of sections type of cableway travel time (min) meter of altitude (m)
Davos Glaris Jatzmeder 1 Cable car 11 591

Mountain railroads to Jakobshorn

Valley station Mountain station Number of sections Type of lift Ride time (min) Meter of elevation (m)
Davos Platz Jakobshorn 2 Pendulum lift 9 1031
Davos Platz/Carjöl Fuxägufer 2 2-seater chairlift 7 610

Mountain railroad to Strela (Schatzalp)

Valley station Mountain station number of sections type of lift travel time (min) meter in altitude (m)
Davos Platz Schatzalp 1 cable car 4 304

Mountain railroad to Madrisa

Valley Station Mountain Station Number of Sections Type of Cableway Ride Time (min) Meter of Elevation (m)
Klosters Dorf Saaseralp 1 4-gondola 11 746

Cable cars to the Weissfluh summit (Parsenn)

Valley station Mountain station number of sections type of lift ride time (min) meter in altitude (m)
Davos Dorf Weissfluhgipfel 3 2x funicular and 1x aerial tramway 11 1259
Klosters Dorf Gotschnagrat 2 pendulum lift 10 1103
Parsennhütte Weissfluhjoch 1 pendulum lift 5 465
Schifer Weissfluhjoch 2 Gondola 18 1096

Mountain railroad to Pischa

Valley Station Mountain Station Number of Sections Type of Cableway Ride Time (min) Meter of Elevation (m)
Dörfji (above Davos village) Pischa 1 Cable car 8 680
Davos Parsennbahn Parsennbahn (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Stefan Schlumpf)
Davos Gondelbahn SchneeSchnee (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Christian Egelmair)

Squirrel trail Davos

The squirrel trail is a very special experience for the whole family. Here visitors can get closer to nature and squirrels in their natural habitat.

The trail takes 2 to 4 hours and leads past ten informative picture book panels. These illustrate the history of the squirrels. Along the way, the squirrels may be fed. This allows visitors to get especially close to the cute and nimble little animals. A bit shy at first, they become more and more curious over time. With a little luck, one will quickly sit on your shoulder or climb up your trouser leg. This excursion offers a lot of fun in nature for the whole family.

Botanical Garden Alpinum Davos Schatzalp

The Alpinum contains about 5000 plant species from the mountains of the world. In addition to the Alps, they come, for example, from the Himalayas, the Caucasus, the Pyrenees, the South African Drakensberg Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains or the New Zealand Alps. The Alpinum is on the way during hikes such as the waterfall circuit. Dogs are not allowed in the garden.

Open: daily from mid-May to the end of October

Sertig Valley Davos

Sertig is a romantic hamlet at 1860 m above sea level. It lies in a side valley of the Landwasser Valley, which bears the same name. In this valley there are still the traditional farm settlements of the Walsers. The stream Sertig flows through this glacial valley, which contains many old steps and bars. The small church of the hamlet (from 1699) is often visited and photographed Every year in August the "Sertig Schwinget" takes place here. Nature lovers will find marmots on the hike to the Ducantatal. Eagles nest above a waterfall in the farthest part of the Sertig valley. In spring the meadows around the Sertig Dörfli turn white with a sea of white crocuses. Larch and pine forests stretch along the mountains. The Sertig valley has been recognized as particularly worthy of protection in Switzerland.

Davos Sertig Walserhaus Kirche Alpenrosen SommerSertig Walserhaus Kirche Alpenrosen (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Marcel Giger)
Davos Sertig Sertig Bach (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Marcel Giger)

Viaducts in the Landwasser Valley in Davos

In the middle of the Landwasser Valley flows the 30.5 km long Landwasser River, an important source river of the Alpine Rhine. The Landwasser Valley is also known for the Rhaetian Railway, which follows the river along its entire length. The Landwasser Viaduct stands near Filisur in the south of the valley and is a 65 m high and 136 m long railroad bridge. Three viewing platforms (north, pier and south) provide a wonderful view of the six arches. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. On foot, you can reach the foundation of the viaduct from the Alvaneu-Filisur road in 10 minutes via a path that branches off at the bridge. Another viaduct worth seeing is the Wiesener Viaduct, about 5 km northeast near Davos Wiesen. Here, too, you can enjoy the view from two viewing platforms (north and south)

Further excursion destinations

  • Frauenkirche: The Frauenkirche is so fantastically situated that it makes an ideal postcard picture
  • Dischma: The longest side valley of Davos enchants with a great scenery, a crystal clear glacier-fed stream and a rustic mountain hut
  • Laret: Laret is a small typical mountain village in Switzerland, in summer the Schwarzsee is a popular destination.
  • Parc Ela: Parc Ela is the largest nature park in Switzerland and concentrated with fairytale villages, majestic mountains and picturesque nature
  • Lake Davos: Lake Davos offers many recreational activities such as sailing, stand up paddling and wakeboarding
Davos Landwasserviaduct Landwasserviaduct (Foto: MySwitzerland)
Davos WiesenviaductWiesenviaduct Rhätische Bahn Zügenschlucht (Foto: MySwitzerland)

Swiss Activities tips about Davos

During our research we found some interesting tips that we would like to share with you.

Picnic on the Äbirügg

From the Rinerhorn mountain station, take a 30 minute walk to Äbirügg. Here you will find a great picnic area with barbecue station and barbecue wood. With a view of Davos and the surrounding mountains, you can really enjoy the freshly grilled bratwurst.

If you want to be fast, take the train

Especially on weekends, traffic between Davos and Landquart often jams up for several kilometers after skiing. If you want to go home without traffic jams and completely relaxed after skiing, it's best to take the train.

Early Bird Skiing

In the Parsenn ski area you can experience the sunrise in the morning, even before the official opening of operations. On the freshly prepared slopes you ski in the morning peace and watch the fascinating natural spectacle.

Overnight stay in a self-built igloo

If you want to plan a very special winter experience, you have the possibility to spend the night in a self-built igloo in Davos. With a guide you go with the Pischabahn up to 2482 m above sea level. After a short hike the igloos are built

Davos Iglu bauenIglu bauen (Foto: My Switzerland)
Davos Iglu bauenIglu bauen (Foto: My Switzerland)

Activities and experiences in Davos

In Davos there are countless exciting and fun activities and experiences. In every season the area has something to offer. There are varied ski resorts, exciting mountain bike trails and summit hikes. In addition, there are water sports such as kite surfing and wakeboarding. Here really everyone can create his dream stay.

The most popular activities in Davos include:

Ski resorts in Davos Klosters

Whether you're a winter sports professional, a beginner or with the whole family; in the ski areas around Davos, everyone gets their money's worth. In a total of six ski areas, you can ski downhill both rapidly and leisurely. Lots of fun and adrenaline are guaranteed here for skiers, freeriders and snowboarders.

Jakobshorn is particularly popular with freestylers. Freeriders can let off steam to the full on the Pischa mountain. Madrisa and the Rinerhorn are ideal for the whole family.

Parsenn is considered a ski mecca and is the largest ski area in the Davos area. Here there is a wide range of slopes for beginners, advanced and professionals. The facilities in all areas are very modern and visitors can look forward to many cozy and authentic mountain huts.

Overview of the ski resorts in Davos Klosters

Ski area altitude (m a.s.l.) Slopes (km) of which blue (km) of which red (km) of which black (km) Ski routes (km) Lifts/lifts in winter (pieces)
Parsenn 810 - 2844 95.5 17.3 60.5 17.7 6.3 18
Jakobshorn 1540 - 2590 41.2 25.5 13.2 2.5 13.0 11
Madrisa 1142 - 2602 26.0 6.9 9.9 9.2 6.0 10
Rinerhorn 1454 - 2490 51.5 15.6 23.1 12.8 6.0 7
Schatzalp/Strela 1540 - 2400 9.7 5.0 4.7 none none 4
Pischa 1800 - 2483 none none none none 30.0 1
Davos SkigebietSnowboards (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Dominic Zimmermann)
Davos SkigebietGenerationenshooting (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Martin Bissig)

Cross country skiing Davos

Davos is an absolute paradise for cross-country skiers, even known worldwide. Here you can cross-country ski alongside cross-country stars on the famous FIS race trails, and completely free of charge. On a total of 100 km of classic trails and 75 km of skating trails, both experts and beginners can experience a lot of cross-country fun here

A special highlight for dog owners are the three dog trails totaling 18.5 km. Both cross-country skiers and their four-legged companions are welcome here

If you need a little more variety, then visit the 2.5 km long illuminated night trail. Here you can cross-country ski by moonlight and starry skies until 9:30 pm.

Sledding Davos

Tobogganing is great fun for the whole family. On well-prepared tracks you go downhill at a brisk pace. The very first official toboggan race took place in Davos in 1883 and the town is considered the birthplace of international tobogganing. Today, enthusiastic sledders can look forward to four toboggan runs in Davos

  • Rinerhorn: The toboggan run at Rinerhorn is 3.5 km long and has 33 curves. The run has many unique steep curves. An adrenaline kick is pre-programmed on this challenging run
  • Schatzalp: The toboggan run starts 300 m above Davos, is 2.8 km long and has 18 curves. The run is also very suitable for children and pleasure riders
  • Madrisa: The toboggan run is 8.5 km long and offers a lot of fun for the whole family. The track leads to Saas. From here a bus takes you back to Klosters village.
  • Gotschna to Klosters: The toboggan run starts at the Gotschnaboden middle station. It is 3.5 km long and goes rapidly downhill.

Ice skating

Davos is considered an ice sports paradise and maintains a long tradition with the ancient winter sport. In the ice room, opened in 2016, you will find five different ice fields. For young skaters there is the "Kids Corner" for their first attempts. In the "Ice Circle" you can do many brisk or relaxed laps. If you want a little more excitement, go to the "Ice Cross Rink". On the "Pond-Hockey Field" it's high time for sporty skaters. The fifth adventure field is used for curling

Davos Eislaufen Eislauf (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Martin Bissig)
Davos SchlittelnSchlitteln (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Martin Bissig)

Golf Davos

The golf tradition in Davos started with a golf ball on an alpine meadow in 1893. The first golf course was then built in 1972. Davos has always been considered a Swiss golf paradise. In Davos there are 2 courses with 27 holes. These are beautifully embedded in the mountain nature and promise a great game of golf. In addition, there are nine other courses in the immediate vicinity of Davos. If you have never played golf before or would like to brush up or improve your skills, you can take lessons at the Golf Club Davos

Hiking in Davos

When hiking in Davos, you will encounter fabulous mountain lakes, wild waterfalls, gigantic panoramic views, rugged peaks and sunny valleys. The trails are always well signposted and cover almost 700 km. The following five routes are just a small glimpse of the variety of Davos hiking trails

  • 4-Lakes Hike Klosters: 18.3 km, 06:46 hours, 1083 m up, 1591 m down, from Alp Sardasca via Schlappin to Klosters village
  • Glacier nature trail Silvretta: 10.1 km, 05:45 hours, 993 m up, 993 m down, from Klosters / Alp Sardasca to the Silvretta hut, back via Galtürtälli
  • On the tracks of Kirchner: 13.4 km, 03:30 hours, 510 m up, 525 m down, start Davos Platz, bus stop Alberti, via Davos Frauenkirch back
  • Dürrboden - Davos Dorf (Way of St. James): 12.6 km, 03:30 hours, 92 m up, 535 m down through the Dischma Valley Jöriseen circular route: 11 km, 05:00 hours, 825 m up, 819 m down, from/to post bus stop "Wägerhus
Davos Joeriseen Wandern Joeriseen Wandern (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus MySwitzerland)
Davos WandernWandern (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Martin Bissig)

Mountain biking Davos

On 700 km of bike trails through the area can ride mountain bikers around Davos. Whether racy downhill or steep uphill, the trails around Davos offer a lot of variety, adrenaline and fun. No matter if you are brand new in the mountain bike world or already a real pro on two wheels. In Davos there are trails for every level of difficulty. If you don't have your own bike or don't want to bring it, you can rent a suitable mountain bike or e-bike in Davos.

A very special highlight is the approximately 40 km long Alps Epic Trail Davos. It was awarded as an IMBA Epic Trail and is therefore considered one of the best mountain bike trails worldwide. On pumptracks and in skills parks you can train your skills and let off steam as you please

Here you will find a small selection of easy, medium and very challenging tours:

  • Viaduct-Route: Round trip from/to Wiesen with view on Wiesner- and Landwasserviadukt, 11.8 km, 02:00 h, 916 m up, 2401 m down, easy
  • Family-Trail Klosters: Round trip Arena Klosters to Alp Garfiun and back on the other side of the river Landquart, 13.2 km, 01:20 h, 209 hm, easy
  • Panoramaweg Davos: One way from Weissfluhjoch down to the valley station, 25.5 km, 02:15 h, 120 m up, 1227 m down, medium
  • Tritt-Durannapass: One way from Weissfluhjoch to Küblis, 33.8 km, 03:50 h, 889 m up, 2736 m down, medium
  • Secret-Trail Madrisa: Round trip from Klosters Dorf to Madrisa and back, 22.3 km, 04:00 h, 1251 hm, difficult
  • Swiss Epic 2020 stage 5: round trip from/to Davos, 61.2 km, 08:30 h, 2550 hm, difficult Alps Epic Trail: One-way from Jakobshorn (top station) to Filisur, 40.1km, 4:15 h, 916 hm up, 2401 hm down, difficult

An insider tip for families is the 4.5 km long scooter track on the Rinerhorn.

Davos Mountainbike Berge SingletrailsMountainbike Singletrails (Foto: My Switzerland)
Davos Mountainbike FamilieMountainbike Familie (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Martin Bissig)

Paragliding Davos

Towards the sky and mountains and valleys at your feet. Paragliding is a test of courage for many, a dream for others. Davos and paragliding go together like sand and sea, because the view could hardly be more beautiful.

Tandem jumps are offered from the Jakobshorn all year round. There are other launch sites on Gotschnagrat and on Parsenn Weissfluh. The Weissfluh summit is the highest launch site in Davos at 2820 m above sea level. The altitude difference can be up to 1790 meters, usually it is more than 1000 meters. The Delta und Gleitschirmclub Davos has described the take-off points.

Davos Gleitschirmfliegen(Foto: Air-DaGleitschirmfliegen Panoramaflug Klostevos)
Davos GleitschirmfliegenGleitschirmfliegen Thermikflug Klosters (Foto: Air-Davos)

Foxtrails Davos

Get ready for a scavenger hunt of a very special kind. The Foxtrail offers a lot of fun and excitement for family and friends in winter as well as in summer. The goal is to be able to follow the trail of the fox to the finish. To do this, you solve tricky codes and riddles and find hidden messages. The clues are well hidden along the way and challenge your acumen.

There are two Foxtrails in Davos. The "Foxolino Striunau" and the "Foxolino Cuolm" each take 1.5 to two hours and are recommended for ages eight and up. Both routes can easily be done independently, but can also be combined.

Other activities

Many more activities are possible in Davos. These include, for example:

  • Airboarding
  • Ice climbing Trail running
  • Escape Game Davos
  • Stand Up Paddling
  • Windsurfing and Kitesurfing
  • wakeboarding
  • Winter hiking and snowshoeing
  • Snowkiting
  • Snowbiking
  • fatbiking
  • carriage rides summer and winter
  • summer tobogganing
  • rope park
  • Climbing
Davos Fatbike Schnee WaldFatbike Wald (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Seya Eggler)
Davos Snowkite PischaSnowkite Pischa (Foto: Air-Davos)

Events in Davos

A wide variety of exciting events take place in Davos throughout the year. From sports to culture and music to politics. In the winter months there are regular skiing and cross-country skiing events, such as the Parsenn Derby. Here skiers from all over the world meet for an exciting downhill competition.

The most famous event is undoubtedly the World Economic Forum. Here, around 3000 renowned, international guests from politics, business and science come together to discuss the current issues and topics of the world.

Other events in Davos are:

  • January: the Ski and Cross-Country Week Davos takes place during four days on 66 different slopes with more than 100 kilometers of ski runs.
  • End of January: During the BRSV Cup on the Rinerhorn there is sledding, tobogganing and airboarding down the mountain with required registration at the Toboggan Club Davos.
  • End of January until end of March: At the Fatbike Spass Pischa every Monday and Saturday you can jet through the ski area Pischa on a fatbike. A fatbike or snowbike has extra wide tires 3.8 inches (97 mm) or larger and rims 2.16 inches (55 mm) or wider.
  • February: FIS Snowboard Europe Cup Davos
  • March: The Cover Festival Davos features international tribute bands performing the biggest hits from rock, pop and reggae for free.
  • July: The Davos X-Trails (Diamond Km68, Gold Km 43, Silver Km 23, Bronze Km10) are altogether the biggest high alpine mountain run in the Alps. An exciting event for trail runners and pleasure runners.
  • July: The Klosters Music offers a classical concert series with 9 nine concerts with an international star cast.
  • August: Klosters Music - Time Travel. Musical Journey is a spectacular classical concert series that delights not only experts.
  • August: The Davos Festival - young artists in concert takes place with about 80 young artists, 2022 under the motto "Flunkern"
  • August: The Swiss Epic is a multi-stage mountain bike race with over 300 teams.
  • August: Two courses during the Blick Outdoor Plausch include 4 nights each for hiking and walking groups
  • November: The Blick Langlauf Plausch offers courses with 4 overnight stays.
Davos Ski Alpin Klosters Madrisa Ski Alpin Klosters Madrisa (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Matthias Paintner)
Davos Spengler CupSpengler Cup (Foto: Destination Davos Klosters Marc Berendsen)

Arrival Davos

Davos is located in the southeast of Switzerland in the canton of Graubünden. The region is very easy to reach both by car and by public transport.

by car

If you travel to Davos by car, take the A13 freeway via St. Gallen or the A3 via Zurich in the direction of Chur. In Landquart take the exit in the direction of Davos. It is important to note that there is a toll on the Swiss freeways. The so-called vignette costs 40 CHF and is valid for a whole calendar year. You can easily buy it at gas stations, post offices or TCS stores. If you travel in winter, it is possible that you will need snow chains from Klosters.

by public transport

Davos is very easy to reach by public transport. You can expect not only a congestion-free journey, but also a beautiful train ride through the mountains. You can take the SBB to Landquart. There you change to the Rhätische Bahn (RhB) and travel via Klosters to Davos.

Hotels in Davos

A relaxing stay in Davos naturally includes the right accommodation. Whether a luxurious hotel, a cozy accommodation or the youth hostel, here you will find something suitable for every budget.

Hard Rock Hotel Davos

The Hard Rock Hotel Davos is very centrally located, yet still in a quiet area. Within walking distance are the Schatzalpbahn, the ice stadium, the Davos Platz train station and also the Jakobshorn cable car. Lots of wood and stone conjure up a modern alpine style in all of the hotel's rooms. You can look forward to a cozy bar and a great restaurant. There is also a 1000 m2 wellness area with pool, steam bath, sauna and much more

Suitable for: Travelers on a budget

Hotel Grischa Davos

Hotel Grischa impresses with an elegant, alpine style and individually furnished rooms. Hotel guests have the gigantic choice of five great restaurants. Whether Chinese, Italian or regional cuisine - the culinary selection convinces everyone. In addition, the Hotel Grischa is very centrally located

Suitable for: Travelers with a medium budget

Davos Youthpalace

Davos Youth Hostel is located in the stylishly converted Kurhaus with a fabulous view. On the large sun terrace you can really enjoy yourself. Here you can enjoy a view over Davos and the surrounding mountains

Suitable for: Lower budget travelers, groups, families

Davos Hotel GrischaHotel Grischa (Foto: MySwitzerland)
Davos Hotel Hard Rock Hotel Hard Rock (Foto: My Switzerland)

Restaurants in Davos

There is no lack of culinary delights in Davos. You can look forward to a large and varied selection of great restaurants. Whether you're in the mood for regional or international cuisine, you'll find something in Davos

Davos Extra

At Davos Extrablatt, Belle Epoque meets upscale Swiss cuisine in a charming setting with warm service. You can look forward to incredibly creative cuisine and an excellent selection of regional as well as European wines. In summer, they let you enjoy delicacies on the summer terrace.

price range: upscale

Alpenhof Davos

In the Alpenhof Davos, a fireplace and rustic furnishings conjure up a cozy and absolute feel-good ambience. Here you can look forward to excellent Mediterranean cuisine. With many special delicacies, a great selection of wines and very warm and attentive hosts, the Alpenhof Davos really convinces everyone.

price range: medium

Bachi's lido

During the summer months you can try Swiss specialties at Bachi's lido. Located directly on the south shore of Lake Davos, you have an unrestricted view of the lake and the surrounding mountain panorama. Look forward to a cozy fireplace, idyllic decor, and great hospitality. Bachi's Strandbad is truly a perfect place to recharge your batteries and relax.

price range: low to medium

Davos, the highest town in the Alps, offers an incredible number of leisure and sports activities. Surrounded by an imposing and picturesque landscape, Davos is a dream destination for all nature lovers, recreation seekers and sports enthusiasts.

Source of cover photo:

  • Destination Davos Klosters Marcel Giger

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