Outdoor activities
Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities

There are over 24 activities in the Outdoor activities category.

Outdoor activities include active sports such as canyoning, skiing or mountain hiking. Adrenaline-increasing activities such as rafting, climbing or skydiving are becoming more and more popular. In addition to the experience and the magnificent landscape, you can enjoy getting fit. There are also outdoor activities that are less active experiences such as sledding, summer tobogganing or a trip by inflatable boat.


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FAQ Outdoor activities

Among the winter activities without prior training is sledding. It is uncomplicated and most of the time you can decide to do it spontaneously. You rent a toboggan or sled at one of the mountain stations in your area and you are ready to go. In summer there are summer toboggan runs, which you can also visit spontaneously. In addition, there are activities such as visiting a rope park, tyrolienne traversing (ziplining) or you can rent a boat for a boat trip. Shorter mountain and winter hikes, which do not require any organizational preparation, are also possible spontaneously. The only requirement is the appropriate clothing and hiking equipment.

Via ferratas are becoming increasingly popular in the Alps. Here you can decide for yourself how demanding the tour should be. It's similar to canyoning. The most challenging canyons tend to be in the south of Switzerland. River rafting, paragliding and skydiving also generate a lot of adrenaline. All these activities require special preparation including intensive weather observations.

The increasingly popular inflatable boat trips (Böötle) is an activity that people like to do together. The only effort you have to make here is to carry the rubber boat around a weir. Also very popular in groups are shorter llama and alpaca treks, which very often include a meal together around the campfire. In winter, groups like to get together for night sledding followed by a meal or drinks.