The 34 best ideas for Valentine’s Day in Switzerland

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Valentine's Day is an annual celebration of love around the world on February 14. A day on which romance is lived out so beautifully. However, Valentine's Day is also the perfect day to once again say THANK YOU to your partner from the bottom of your heart..

Maybe you want to surprise your sweetheart this year on Valentine's Day or pamper him or her in every way? But you are still missing the right idea?

Of course, physical gifts are great. But let's be honest; what could be better than doing something together? Spending precious time together, experiencing something unforgettable and thus creating shared memories, welds together like hardly anything else.

That's why you'll find lots of ideas here for unforgettable moments for two. From relaxed and cozy to adventurous and exciting - Switzerland has something for everyone. And of course we also have the right voucher if you want to let your partner decide what to do this year

1. wellness for couples

Valentine's Day is in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere. That's when the cold sometimes really sticks in your bones for several days. Why don't you take your sweetheart to a spa for a few hours? You can really unwind and let yourself float weightlessly in the water. And maybe you'll treat yourself to a massage or a soothing facial treatment? After your spa day, you're guaranteed to be floating on cloud nine for quite a while. Cold winter or not.

Swiss Activities Offers

  • With the ship over Lake Lucerne and then with the mountain railroad up to the Wellnessen im Mineralbad & Spa Rigi Kaltbad: this combination offer really leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to the entrance to the wellness oasis, the Rigi day ticket for all mountain railroads and a boat trip are also included - and a varied, relaxed Valentine's Day is thus guaranteed. A wellness day incl. Rigi day ticket can also be booked without a boat trip.

  • You like water and warmth, but you'd like a little more action? Then a trip to Splash & Spa Rivera in Ticino is just right for you. This ticket is best suited for a Valentine's Day with the family. Here you can expect an entrance to the adventure pool with attraction pools and fast water slides

  • Of course, there is also a more relaxed option with admission to the Splash & Spa. Here you will find a wonderful spa with various saunas and even an integrated pool bar

Suitable for: Valentine's Day with the family, water rats and heat seekers

Valentinstag Rigi KaltbadRigi Kaltbad (Foto: Rigi Bergbahnen)
Valentinstag Rigi KaltbadRigi Kaltbad (Foto: Rigi Bergbahnen)

2. Romantic carriage ride

Imagine how nice it would be to swing through snowy landscapes in a carriage together with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Pulled by elegant horses, you'll have the chance to discover a region from a whole new perspective. And in some places in Switzerland, you can even enjoy a delicious meal during the carriage ride. A culinary carriage ride is really hard to beat in terms of romance.

Swiss Activities Offer

  • Look forward to a carriage ride of a special kind. Starting in Maienfeld, you will be treated to a delicious Bad Ragaz fondue, Swiss music and the best wine from the region during a 2-hour ride. All this in the cozy interior of a heated carriage as you travel through beautiful Graubünden landscapes. This excursion to Heidiland will certainly remain in your best memories for a long time.

Suitable for: Romantics and connoisseurs

Valentinstag Kutschenfahrt FondueplauschKutschenfahrt Fondueplausch (Foto Heidiland Tourismus)
Valentinstag Kutschenfahrt FondueplauschKutschenfahrt Fondueplausch (Foto Heidiland Tourismus)

3. Fondue fun in the Tuk Tuk

You like fondue, but prefer not to have the cheesy smell in your own living room? In Zurich you can now enjoy fondue in the fresh air and in a very special way; namely in the E-Tuk Tuk. This will take you two lovebirds for 90 minutes past the most beautiful sights of the city. Enjoy fondue and wine and then return home overjoyed - without the smell of cheese

Suitable for: Cheese lovers and all those who want to experience Zurich from a new perspective

Valentinstag E Tuk Tuk NachtE Tuk Tuk Nacht (Foto: E Tuk Tuk GmbH)
Valentinstag E Tuk Tuk FondueplauschE Tuk Tuk Fondueplausch (Foto: E Tuk Tuk GmbH)

4. Brunch

It is said that brunch is the absolute favorite meal of many Swiss people. And let's be honest; sleeping in and feasting for hours afterwards is really something grandiose. Unfortunately, brunch is usually reserved for the weekend. But a brunch during the week would be even more special. How good that Valentine's Day falls on a Monday this year.

Maybe you feel like declaring an ordinary Monday a Sunday without further ado?

Swiss Activities Offer

  • Look forward to an exciting brunch in the mountains - James Bond style. With the James Bond Brunch you take the cable car up to the Schilthorn. At the summit, you will enjoy a rich buffet in the revolving restaurant with a spectacular view. Afterwards, you can really immerse yourself in the world of the 007 agent with a visit to Bond World

Suitable for: Epicures, Bond fans and all who want to go high

Valentinstag Schilthorn BrunchSchilthorn Brunch (Foto: Schilthornbahnen)
Valentinstag Schilthorn Piz GloriaSchilthorn Piz Gloria (Foto: Schilthornbahnen)

5. Cooking class

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Or as the cooking school "La Cuisine" says: "Love is when one cooks for the other."

Do you have two left hands in the kitchen? No problem - the cooking school in Zurich, which is run by professional chefs Peter Bechter and Sämi Räss, is offering a cooking course for Valentine's Day. Here the partner is invited first to the common meal. So nothing can go wrong. Bon appetit!

Suitable for: Cooking novices, gourmets

6. Candlelight dinner at home

Admittedly, nowhere is it cozier than within your own four walls. If you still like a bit of a restaurant ambience, you'll have transformed your living room into one in no time with romantic music, fresh flowers and candles. You can find inspiration for a delicious menu on FOOBY, for example.

Here you can enter what you have on hand at home and the website will suggest what you could conjure up from it. And while you're shopping, don't forget the wine! Or because it's Valentine's Day maybe even a champagne?

Swiss Activities Tip

  • If you both just want to sit back and enjoy, you can of course have something delicious delivered. Many restaurants offer take-away. Or you can order directly through a courier service and have the food delivered to your door

Suitable for: Cozy gourmets

Valentinstag  Candle Light Dinner Candle Light Dinner (Foto: Pexels).
Valentinstag Candle Light Dinner Candle Light Dinner (Foto: Pexels)

7. Paragliding for two

You like thrills and are ready to take off together? Then a tandem flight with the paraglider is suitable for you. For this flight you don't need any previous experience. An experienced pilot will ensure that you float safely and securely into the valley - and your hearts will still beat up to your chest.

Swiss Activities offers

  • A special experience for lovers is the paragliding tandem flight with fondue in Davos. On the summit of the Jakobshorn you will first enjoy a romantic fondue with a view of the breathtaking mountain scenery of Graubünden. Afterwards you float with one paraglider pilot at a time over dreamlike snow-covered landscapes back to the valley, where you can embrace each other again overjoyed. The flight is of course also possible "only" as a paragliding flight without fondue.

  • Another great paragliding adventure for couples awaits you in Klosters. Here you float down into the valley in a tandem flight from the Gotschnagrat and experience the region around Klosters from a bird's eye view. Videos and photos of your excursion are even included in the offer - so that you can remember this unique Valentine's Day forever.

Suitable for: Adventurous people

8. Paragliding flight Ski & Fly

You both like adrenaline, speed and lots of fresh air? Did you know that skiing and paragliding can be combined? In the snowy mountains around Davos Klosters this is possible on Valentine's Day

Experience the wicked mix of skiing and paragliding by taking off on your skis at Parsenn or Jakobshorn. Shortly after, you will take off and glide for about 35 minutes over fantastic mountain landscapes. Of course accompanied by an experienced pilot in a tandem flight. This experience is by far the craziest thing you can do in this region. And to hold your loved one in your arms again afterwards has never felt better.

Suitable for: Ski bunnies & adrenaline junkies

Valentinstag Ski Gleitschirmflug Tandem Davos Ski Gleitschirmflug Tandem Davos (Foto: Air Davos)
Valentinstag Ski Gleitschirmflug Tandem DavosSki Gleitschirmflug Tandem Davos (Foto: Air Davos)

9. Sledding

Sledding together is sure to make you shout for joy. In Switzerland there are countless great opportunities for the ultimate sledding fun. You can either take a nice hike up a mountain or hill with your sled or go up by train, gondola or chairlift. You don't necessarily need your own sled. In most ski resorts you can rent them by the hour or day

Swiss Activities Offer

  • Night sledding with fondue fun - that sounds like a lot of fun. This great combination on the Niederhorn can only be booked for Friday and Saturday, but your sweetheart will certainly be very happy about a voucher for the weekend after Valentine's Day. Here you sled through the night on about 3 km of varied and lantern-lit route. Before the tobogganing there is a delicious cheese fondue in the mountain restaurant and after the toboggan ride a mulled wine is waiting for you at the middle station. And because it's the weekend, you can sleep in the next day So celebrating Valentine's Day a few days later has its appeal.

Suitable for: Snow bunnies, fondue lovers, speed junkies

Valentinstag Niederhorn NachtschlittelnNiederhorn Nachtschlitteln (Foto: Interlaken Tourismus)
Valentinstag Niederhorn NachtschlittelnNiederhorn Nachtschlitteln (Foto: Interlaken Tourismus)

10. Climbing Workshop

Hardly anywhere is mutual trust more important than in climbing. Do you dare to let your partner catch you from a lofty height? On Valentine's Day it is still a bit cold for climbing in the fresh air. But the timing couldn't be better for a training session in the climbing gym.

Swiss Activities Tip

  • Various climbing gyms offer private courses. For example, the Vertic Hall in Saxon in Valais. Under competent guidance you will learn the basics of climbing and enjoy a training adapted to your level. And when spring comes, you'll be ready for your climbing adventure in the great outdoors.

Suitable for: Couples who fully trust each other

11. Boat trip

What could be more beautiful than to marvel at the beautiful coasts, mountain panoramas and landscapes of Switzerland from the comfort of a ship? On most ships you can also enjoy delicious food. So treat yourself to a fine drop of wine and something delicious to nibble on to celebrate the day. This way you can enjoy a few romantic hours on the water

Swiss Activities Tip

  • Boat trips are possible in winter on numerous lakes in Switzerland. These include Lake Geneva, Lake Thun, Lake Lucerne, Lake Constance and many more.

Suitable for: Everyone who likes it cozy

Valentinstag Schifffahrt WinterSchifffahrt Winter (Foto: BLS)
Valentinstag Schifffahrt Thunersee WinterSchifffahrt Thunersee Winter (Foto: BLS)

12. Helicopter sightseeing flight

Do you know the feeling when in the gray winter sometimes the ceiling threatens to fall on your head? A change of perspective can work wonders. You can experience a change of perspective in a class of its own on a helicopter sightseeing flight

It goes vertically up into the airy heights, from where you can admire the world from a bird's eye view. Such sightseeing flights are offered all over Switzerland. The one through the Jungfrau region, where you can admire the Aletsch glacier as well as the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau at close range, is particularly spectacular.

Suitable for: Far-sighted, adventurous couples

Valentinstag HelikopterflugHelikopterflug (Foto: Airportheli)
Valentinstag HelikopterflugHelikopterflug (Foto: Airportheli)

13. Movie night

Give your sweetheart the gift of a trip to the movies. Watching movies is also possible from home. But there's no better place to enjoy popcorn than in the comfort of a movie theater. Will you go for something romantic or something scary and clinging to each other?

Swiss Activities Offer

  • The screen should be just as big as your love on Valentine's Day. So let's go to the cinema with the biggest screen in Switzerland. There is no better place to immerse yourself in other worlds than in the XXL cinema of the Museum of Transport Lucerne. On a gigantic screen with a resolution of over 4K, you can let yourself be completely transported into other worlds for a few hours.

Suitable for: Film lovers

Valentinstag PopcornPopcorn (Foto: Pexels)
Valentinstag KinoabendKinoabend (Foto: Pexels)

14. Laughing together

Laughter is healthy - and connects. So-called "impro theater" can be particularly funny. The audience is actively involved. You can really let off steam here, give your creativity free rein and, above all, laugh a lot.

Swiss Activities Tip

  • Zurich city connoisseur Ron Orp is organizing a Valentine's Day show on February 14 at Theater Zollhaus. How cheesy the whole thing will be, is not yet quite sure. But the evening will certainly be incredibly exciting and varied. Here, everyone interrupts each other, inspires the others and deals with the question of the great love in an amusing way.

Suitable for: Couples with a sense of humor

15. Visit to the museum

In Switzerland there are over 1100 different museums. And in many of them you will always come across works of art around the themes of love, romance and passion

But you don't know much about classical art? Then a visit to the Stapferhaus in Lenzburg might be the right thing for you. There, the focus is on the big questions of the present. And in February 2022, an exhibition will deal with the topic of "gender". How we love - and how we live together. That could make for quite an exciting Valentine's Day date.

Suitable for: Curious couples

16. Acro-Yoga

Want to try something completely new with your partner? Acro-Yoga is a playful form of yoga and acrobatics that requires strength, coordination and confidence. In Acro-Yoga, you'll practice body tension and balance, and become familiar with inversion poses like handstands and shoulder stands. You also practice mindfulness with yourself and your partner.

Swiss Activities Tip

  • Many studios and teachers in Switzerland offer private lessons. This would be the perfect gift for a surprisingly different Valentine's Day! By the way, upside down the heart beats even more intensely.
Valentinstag YogaYoga (Foto: Pexels)
Valentinstag YogaYoga (Foto: Pexels)

17. Escape Room Double-Date

Why not do something with a friendly couple for Valentine's Day? For example, a trip to an Escape Room. Here you team up as couples and compete against each other in a duel. Who is faster in combining, who keeps calm longer, who manages to escape from the room faster? Who is the super couple here?

The winning team will of course be invited by the losing pair for drinks or dinner afterwards. Challenge accepted?

Swiss Activities Offer

  • The Escape Room "Top Secret" in Lucerne is specially designed for duels. In this game, you and your pair of friends take on the roles of activists trying to solve the mystery surrounding a mysterious laboratory. For this purpose, one escape room is set up identically twice and you can start puzzling at the same time.

Suitable for: Ambitious, puzzle lovers

Valentinstag Escape Game Escape Game (Foto: Pexels)
Valentinstag Escape Game Escape Game (Foto: Cake Escape)

18. Stargazing

You work all day and only have time to do something together in the evening? The dark, short days of February can also be an advantage. Namely, if you want to look at the stars together in the dark. Of course, it's too cold to spend the night outside in winter - but a visit to an observatory is the idea for a romantic Valentine's evening. In Switzerland there is a large selection of observatories and planetariums. There is sure to be one near you. And who knows, with a little luck you might even see a shooting star

Swiss Activities Tip

The "Jules Verne" in the Urania Observatory has been voted the "Most Romantic Restaurant in the City" by Zürich Tourism. Here you can enjoy before or after your visit to the observatory something to nibble on, a fine glass of wine or delicious cocktails. At the same time, you can let your gaze wander over the rooftops of Zurich at night.

Suitable for: Dreamers, stargazers

19. Urban Golf

Strolling through the city playing golf - is that possible? Of course it is. This fun pastime can already be booked in several Swiss cities. Urban Golf, or Crossgolf, is a variation of classic golf. However, it is not played on golf courses, but wherever a game is possible. For example, in urban surroundings, on green spaces, industrial wastelands, etc. So why not discover a city in a completely new way? Which of you will be more unerring?

Swiss Activities Offer

  • On this self-guided tour at Urban Golf in Chur you will walk through the old town while playing. Look forward to a romantic, sporty and super-fun excursion on nine urban golf courses through old alleys, the Chur city park and past great sights.

Suitable for: Hobby golfers, sporty people and everyone who likes to try new things

Valentinstag Urban Golf ChurUrban Golf Chur (Foto: Chur Tourismus)
Valentinstag Urban Golf ChurUrban Golf Chur (Foto: Chur Tourismus)

20. Surfing

Do you long for sun, waves and tropical temperatures? You don't have to miss out on the beach and vacation feeling in Switzerland, even in winter. Whisk your sweetheart away to Ebikon on Valentine's Day: Switzerland's only indoor surf wave with tropical water temperatures awaits you here. No matter if beginner or advanced; the Citywave can even be adjusted to different levels. So nothing stands in the way of the perfect surf trip.

Swiss Activities Tip

  • Treat yourself to a private session on the wave to celebrate the day; with the coaching, you're sure to achieve great results in no time and be ready for the waves in the ocean by summer.

Suitable for: Sporty couples and anyone who likes to get wet

Valentinstag Oana Surf CitywaveOana Surf Citywave (Foto: Oana Surf)
Valentinstag Oana Surf CitywaveOana Surf Citywave (Foto: Oana Surf)

We hope you were inspired enough to find a gift for your partner's birthday as well as for this year's Valentine's Day. Or for the next Christmas. And right on time on February 14, 2023, the next Valentine's Day is just around the corner

Long live love..