Chillon Castle - everything you need to know for your visit

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Chillon Castle Activities and tickets

6 Highlights in Chillon Castle

  • The rooms of Chillon Castle tell you the varied history of the castle. A visit to Lake Geneva is like a journey back in time!
  • The collection of 300 objects can be admired during the visitor's tour. Some objects were found during the excavations from 1896 to 1903.
  • You can explore Chillon Castle all year round on your own or with a guide.
  • There are 40 events a year with creative workshops for children in the moated castle.
  • Chillon Castle is a showcase of good conservation and restoration. The castle's contemporary style is still very much in evidence in the 21st century
  • The medieval moated castle is located on the edge of Lake Geneva in a beautiful region not far from Montreux.
View between trees Chateau Chillon (Photo: Chillon Castle)View between trees Chateau Chillon (Photo: Chillon Castle)
Chillon Castle (Photo: Chillon Castle)Chillon Castle (Photo: Chillon Castle)

The offer at Chillon Castle

You have different possibilities to visit the castle. Either you join a guided tour or you go alone.

The museum

You can explore Chillon Castle on your own. For this purpose, you will receive a brochure at the ticket office that will help you find your way around. If you just want to go exploring, you can also go without a brochure. The visit to the moated castle takes about two hours

A permanent exhibition takes you through 36 rooms of the castle, from St. George's Chapel to the Aula Magna, the so-called Torture Chamber, the Room of Models, the Treasury and the Keep

In addition to the permanent exhibition, one or two special exhibitions are held each year. These always revolve around the castle and its history. For the special exhibition you will receive an additional map at the cash desk

In the rooms of the well-preserved castle you can see collections, some of which were found during the excavations from 1896 to 1903. On the tour you can see historical paintings, weapons and armor, furniture and archaeological findings

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Chillon Castle (Photo: Chillon Castle)Chillon Castle (Photo: Chillon Castle)
Chillon Castle (Photo: Chillon Castle)Chillon Castle (Photo: Chillon Castle)

The history of the Chillon Castle

The oldest parts of the Chillon Castle were built about 1000 years ago. That was at the time of the Burgundian kingdom under the bishop of Sion. The present shape of the moated castle was formed in the 13th and 14th centuries under the rule of the Counts of Savoy. From 1536 to 1798 the fortress was used as an administrative center. Since 1803, the castle on Lake Geneva has been owned by the Canton of Vaud.

Chillon Castle has been a cantonal monument for over 130 years and is considered a cultural asset of national importance. The Chillon Castle Foundation has been managing the structure since 2002 by researching and maintaining the medieval moated castle. This enables the public to have access to Chillon Castle

Swiss Activities Tips Chillon Castle


Check the Calendar of Events of Chillon Castle to combine your visit with a suitable event


Want to take home a souvenir or gift from Chillon Castle? Then visit the museum store, which sells handmade and castle-owned items.

Kayak Tour

Want to make your journey even more special? Then rent a small boat and get across Lake Geneva to Chillon Castle. You can dock your boat right in front of it. Use for example a 4-hour kayak tour on Lake Geneva

Postcard photo

You can take a great photo of the castle at the boat landing. Wait for a ship to arrive or depart and take the perfect souvenir photo with the castle and the ship.

Café Byron (Photo: Chillon Castle)Café Byron (Photo: Chillon Castle)
Chantiers (Photo: Chillon Castle)Chantiers (Photo: Chillon Castle)

Catering at Chillon Castle

At Café Byron you can enjoy seasonal and local specialties. It is located right next to Chillon Castle and offers a wonderful view of it. For refreshments, we recommend the Buvette in the Savoy garden of the castle. It is open in good weather. Here you can enjoy drinks, snacks and the view of the castle

Outside the castle, the view of Lake Geneva invites you to bring your own picnic

Opening hours and prices at Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle is open from April to October from 09:00 to 18:00. From November to March it opens at 10:00 and closes at 17:00. The last admission is always granted one hour before closing. Only on December 25 and January 1 the medieval moated castle is closed.

Entrance fees (CHF) Chillon Castle 2022

PeoplePrice (CHF)
students, apprentices, seniors11.50
children (6-15 years)7.00
Families (2 adults and up to 5 children)35.00

Other prices may apply on special events and theme days. Discounts are available for groups of 15 or more. We also recommend that you book your tickets online to avoid waiting times

Offer at Swiss Activities:

Chillon Castle interior (Photo: Chillon Castle)Chillon Castle interior (Photo: Chillon Castle)
Chillon Castle (Photo: Chillon Castle)Chillon Castle (Photo: Chillon Castle)

How to get to Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle is located in the canton of Vaud in the village of Veytaux. The historical building is located only 5 km southeast of Montreux.

by car

The best way to reach Chillon Castle by car is via the A9. You can choose the exit Montreux or Villeneuve. The castle is located directly on the lake between these two places. From Zurich the journey takes about 2:50 hours, from Basel and Lucerne about 2:25 hours and from Bern just over an hour. There is a large parking lot directly in front of Chillon Castle

by public transport

You can take the direct train to Montreux and from there a 45-minute walk along Lake Geneva will take you to Chillon Castle. If you prefer it faster, you can take the bus number 201. It goes from Vevey, Montreux and Villeneuve to the bus stop "Chillon", which is just in front of the castle

by boat

Chillon Castle can also be reached comfortably by boat. In the high season there are regular trips from Lausanne, Vevey and Montreux. The disembarkation is again "Chillon" and is only 100 m away from the castle

Swiss Activities offers

Schloss Chillon (Foto: Schloss Chillon)Schloss Chillon (Foto: Schloss Chillon)
Schloss Chillon (Foto: Schloss Chillon)Schloss Chillon (Foto: Schloss Chillon)

Practical information

What you should look out for

Dogs are not allowed in the castle People in bathing suits or without shoes are not allowed in the castle The castle is not wheelchair accessible.

What you should bring

Bring cash, as the nearest ATM is 2 km away in Villeneuve. If you have small children, we recommend that you bring baby carriers. Strollers are prohibited on the visitor tour Wear appropriate clothing, as this is required by the visitor regulations

More practical information

The castle has lock boxes inside the castle A mooring is located in front of the castle for small boats

Chillon Castle is a very popular destination for excursions. You can wonderfully combine the visit here for half or full day excursions with hikes or boat trips.

Chillon Castle at sunset (Photo: Chillon Castle)Chillon Castle at sunset (Photo: Chillon Castle)
Chillon Castle at sunset (Photo: Chillon Castle)Chillon Castle at sunset (Photo: Chillon Castle)