30 bad weather ideas for Switzerland

When the weather is bad, there are many things you can do in Switzerland. Regardless of whether you want to be more active or take it easy. Here you will find tips for excursions and activities in the rain, which you can do indoors and outdoors. So you can enjoy the day despite bad weather.

Even though there's a saying that there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes, sometimes you can't possibly deny the persistent rain and thick fog

If you are looking for something to do with your children, something fun to do with your family or friends, or something to do with your loved one, this guide will inspire you

It gives you 30 ideas for activities you can do in bad weather.

Outdoor activities in bad weather

Outdoor? Yes, outdoor!

While everyone is heading to the safe and dry, you can take a chance and venture outside on an adventure. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad preparation. Therefore our recommendation: Bring the right equipment

With warm and rainproof clothes, some spare dry clothes, waterproof shoes and an umbrella, you'll be ready for anything. To estimate how waterproof you need to equip yourself, it helps to take a last look at the weather forecast before you go.

1. go to the Europapark

Have you ever been to Europapark and had to wait in line for over an hour at your favorite ride? If the weather is bad, that won't happen to you. Unless the weather is absolutely hideous or it's pouring rain, a day at Europapark can be a good bad weather option. Dress warmly and waterproofly, take a layer of spare clothes and you will hardly think about the bad weather because of the joy of the short waiting times

If it does get too cold or wet, you can watch one of the many high-quality shows, visit an indoor roller coaster or take a break in one of the many restaurants.

Suitable for families, friends, couples and Euromaus fans

(Photo: Europapark)(Photo: Europapark)
(Photo: Europapark)(Photo: Europapark)

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2. take a kayak tour

At first glance, kayaking seems to be something you do only when the weather is nice. But the lake is shrouded in a particularly mystical atmosphere when the sky is overcast and the raindrops hit the water beside you. Well dressed, a few hours in a kayak - on a guided tour or on your own - is an impressive experience.

Suitable for families, friends, couples and waterproof sports friends

(Photo: Hightide Kayak School)(Photo: Hightide Kayak School)
(Photo: Hightide Kayak School)(Photo: Hightide Kayak School)

3. walk in a cave

Caves have one advantage. They are mostly waterproof, except for a few leaks, and have more or less the same temperature all year round. So you will definitely be spared from rain and the fog will not be able to penetrate inside the cave. The Beatus Caves on Lake Thun, the Hölloch in the canton of Glarus, the Bärenhöhle on Montegeneroso or the Nidlenloch in the canton of Solothurn are just a few caves that you can visit even in bad weather.

Suitable for families and bats

(Photo: Trekking Team)(Photo: Trekking Team)
(Photo: Trekking Team)(Photo: Trekking Team)

4. Admire a waterfall

Waterfalls also depend on rain. So if it doesn't want to stop raining for several days, a visit to a waterfall can be very impressive. The Rhine Falls, by the way, are particularly impressive when the water masses have been accumulating for several days and are tumbling down the Rhine. But also the Trümmelbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen or the Reichenbach Falls in Meiringen are very impressive during or after the rainfall.

Suitable for families and couples

5. go puddle hunting

When the weather is bad, puddles are in high season. If you're a kid or want to release your inner child once again, slip on your rubber boots and jump into any puddle you can find. With a warm shower, dry clothes and a hot cup of cocoa waiting for you at home, it doesn't matter if you're dripping wet afterwards.

Suitable for family and the young at heart

6. take a boat trip

Even on a ship, bright blue skies are not mandatory. In cloudy weather a boat trip can be a mystical and impressive experience, if the view is not completely blocked by the fog. Round trips are best if you want to stay completely dry. There is also the possibility to combine your ride with a brunch or a delicious lunch. With the right wind and weather protection you can venture out on the outside deck in between to warm up again afterwards in the inside area of the ship

Suitable for families, couples and hobby sailors

(Photo: Swiss Lake Constance Navigation Company)(Photo: Swiss Lake Constance Navigation Company)

Indoor activities away from home in case of bad weather

7. visit an Escape Room

While you are doing one exciting, tricky puzzle after another with your friends or family to escape from the room you are locked in, you won't be able to pay any attention to the weather. This way, time will fly by and maybe the sun will be shining again by the time you complete your mission.

Suitable for families, friends, couples and Sherlock Holmes

(Photo: Escape Company GmbH)(Photo: Escape Company GmbH)
(Photo: Escape Company GmbH)(Photo: Escape Company GmbH)

8. go surf

Yes, you can actually surf in Switzerland. And you can do it indoors. If you don't mind the water except in the form of rain, and on the other hand you don't mind getting wet, indoor surfing could be a good option for you. Whether you are a professional surfer or a beginner is irrelevant. There are offerings for every level. With a surfboard under your arm and flip-flops on your feet, you're guaranteed to get that summer feeling, even if it doesn't look like it outside

Suitable for friends, couples and surfers

(Photo: Oana AG)(Photo: Oana AG)
(Photo: Oana AG)(Photo: Oana AG)

9. visit the Glasi Hergiswil

On the shores of beautiful Lake Lucerne, the "Glasi Hergiswil" glass factory has been producing its beautiful products by hand for over 200 years. On the museum tour you will learn everything about the history of this fascinating craft. Of course, there is also a window where you can watch the professionals at work and a factory store where the glass products are sold.

Suitable for families, couples and glass collectors

10. treat yourself to a wellness day

If homemade yogurt masks and salt-olive oil scrubs are too far for you, you can spend a few relaxing hours at a spa. Whether it's a sauna, a massage or a bubble bath, the bad weather will soon be forgotten

Suitable for couples, friends and people looking for relaxation

(Photo: Rigi Bergbahnen)(Photo: Rigi Bergbahnen)
(Photo: Rigi Bergbahnen)(Photo: Rigi Bergbahnen)

11. visit a chocolate factory

What brightens the mood more than a visit to a chocolate factory? In Switzerland, there are several chocolate manufacturers that have set up a visitor center. Here you can find our detailed article on chocolate factories in Switzerland

Suitable for families, friends, couples and sweet tooths

Chocolarium for children (Photo: Maestrani)Chocolarium for children (Photo: Maestrani)
Production of the chocolate (Photo: Maestrani)Production of the chocolate (Photo: Maestrani)

12. visit a show dairy

Chocolate and cheese go hand in hand in Switzerland. If you're more of a salty type, a visit to a show dairy might distract you from the bad weather. We have written a detailed article about show dairies in Switzerland for you. Maybe there is one near you?

Suitable for families, friends, couples and cheese lovers

13. spend a day at the museum of transport

The Museum of Transport in Lucerne is the most visited museum in Switzerland. And for good reason. There is so much on offer that you can easily spend a day in the exhibitions about the means of transport of the past and the future, in the planetarium with a journey into space, in the Swiss Chocolate Adventure or in the cinema with the largest screen in Switzerland. The weather is completely irrelevant

Suitable for families, friends and amateur astronauts

(Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)(Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)
(Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)(Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)

14. go to the museum

A visit to a museum is an absolute classic when the weather is bad and is always a good idea. Whether it's raining, snowing, foggy or just cold. If you have a museum pass - for example in the form of a Raiffeisenbank bank card - you can enjoy free admission to over 500 museums.

In our article about 15 extraordinary museums in Switzerland you will find even more inspiration for a museum visit of a special kind.

Suitable for families, friends, couples and all-rounders

15. let off steam in the swimming pool or in a water park

Swimming pools and water parks are a popular option when the weather isn't behaving the way you'd like it to. Pack your swimsuit and plunge into the waters.

Suitable for families and water rats

16. visit a zoo

Even though zoos don't only have indoor areas, they are a good opportunity to escape the weather to some extent. You can see how the animals behave in bad weather. Do they hide in a hole, brave the conditions, or take a nap inside under a cozy tree?

Suitable for families and animal lovers

17. watch a movie in the theater

Fixated on the screen, a portion of popcorn in hand and a good company next door will quickly make you forget that the sun decided not to show itself today. Plan a spontaneous visit to the cinema and watch a good movie to escape the weather. At the Museum of Transport in Lucerne, for example, you have an exciting 3D evening program of feature films or an afternoon screening of documentaries.

Suitable for families, friends and couples

(Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)(Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)
(Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)(Photo: Museum of Transport Lucerne)

18. become professional in making coffee

If you like coffee and have always wanted to know how baristas master their craft so perfectly, you'll love a barista course. There are providers all over Switzerland who will be happy to show you how to become a pro. During a taster course, you'll get an insight into the world of coffee and learn all about the origin, handling and preparation of this popular drink.

Suitable for friends, couples and hobby baristas

19. play a round of paintball

With bad weather and many resulting hours on the sofa, some energy can pile up. An ideal outlet for this energy is a visit to a paintball arena, where you shoot paintballs at your opponent. There are different providers in Switzerland that offer indoor and outdoor paintball. Invite your friends and plunge into the colorful fun. But be careful! You should bring a certain pain tolerance and a readiness for bruises.

Suitable for friends and tough fighters

20. have fun in an indoor amusement park

Indoor amusement parks are the perfect place to keep your kids busy. Be it jumping on a trampoline, climbing on a climbing wall or in a parkour zone, no one will get bored here

Suitable for families and young at heart adults

(Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)(Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)
(Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)(Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)

21. go to a climbing gym

Climbing is a wonderful sport that can be done indoors or outdoors. If the weather doesn't permit a trip to the mountains, you have the option of going to a climbing gym to prove your skills at climbing or bouldering as Spiderman or Spiderwoman. If you don't have any equipment, you can rent it at the climbing gym and start your fight against gravity.

Suitable for families, friends and climbing monkeys

(Photo: Freiruum)(Photo: Freiruum)
(Photo: Freiruum)(Photo: Freiruum)

22. Look at the largest collection of gems in the world

In Uznach in the canton of St. Gallen you will find the largest gemstone collection in the world. The gemstone center is over 2400 m² in size. Here you can admire an incredible abundance of precious, glittering and shining stones. If you wish, you can buy a specimen that you particularly like as a souvenir. Since the Gemstone Center is not a museum, gallery or exhibition, you don't have to pay an entrance fee. You can just walk by and enjoy the bright colors. So the unpleasant weather outside is soon forgotten.

Suitable for: Treasure seekers and collectors

23. visit the tropical butterflies

In the Papiliorama in Kerzers, there are over 1000 butterflies to look at on an area of 1200 m². While it's raining cats and dogs outside, you can watch the tropical animals go about their daily business in the dry. The 120 plant species in the tropical climate under the spacious dome will immediately transport you into another world.

Afterwards, the Nocturama awaits you, where you can observe the nocturnal animals. Here, a bright full moon night is simulated during the day, when numerous animals such as bats, sloths and raccoons come out of their hiding places

Suitable for: Animal lovers and butterfly fans

Butterfly in the Papiliorama (Photo: MySwitzerland)Butterfly in the Papiliorama (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Bat (Photo: Pexels)Bat (Photo: Pexels)

Indoor activities in bad weather for home

24. bake a cake

When was the last time you baked a cake? Or dropped off some homemade cupcakes for your neighbors? If the weather is dampening your spirits, the delicious smell of a freshly baked cake or the sight of lovingly decorated cupcakes can brighten your day again

Suitable for families and sweet tooths

(Photo: Pexels)(Photo: Pexels)
(Photo: Pexels)(Photo: Pexels)

25. practice handlettering

Writing beautifully takes practice. If you created a folder on Pinterest a long time ago with all the beautiful lettering you'd like to try, now is the time. Create a beautiful card or write a saying to put on your fridge.

Suitable for all who enjoy beautiful writings and have plenty of patience

26. create a photo book

The photos from your second-to-last vacation are still lying around in a box or gathering unsorted in a folder on your computer? Then it's high time to revel in the beautiful memories and compile them into an album.

Suitable for children and adults who love to create

27. organize a mystery dinner

When it's raining, storming, snowing, foggy outside, or a tornado just blew by, the scene is set for an exciting evening with friends as you solve a murder mystery. Buy a playset, cook up something delicious and invite your friends over for a murder mystery dinner.

Suitable for friends, families and detectives

28. Enjoy a good movie

Annoying weather is perfect for continuing to watch your favorite show on Netflix or catching a good movie without a guilty conscience. With a bowl of popcorn and a comfy blanket, nothing can get in the way of your morning, afternoon or evening of movie entertainment.

Suitable for families, friends, couples and Pixar fans

(Photo: Pexels)(Photo: Pexels)
(Photo: Pexels)(Photo: Pexels)

29. Pamper yourself with a homemade spa

Recipes for homemade yogurt masks or scrubs abound. Check your pantries and fridge for spa-worthy ingredients, search the internet for your favorite recipe, and treat yourself to a pampering pack while the weather outside does its thing. For extra fine skin, by the way, make a face mask with Greek yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of cocoa powder.

Suitable for couples, friends and connoisseurs

30. Create a herb garden

A small herb garden for the balcony is surprisingly easy to make. All you need are some cardboard cups or other containers, some soil and some herb seeds that you can get at specialty stores. And since plants need water to grow, as we all know, maybe rain has its place today?

Suitable for families and amateur gardeners

(Photo: Pexels)(Photo: Pexels)
(Photo: Pexels)(Photo: Pexels)

As you can see, even in bad weather there are plenty of opportunities for you to keep yourself and your family busy. Choose your favorite activity and show the weather that you are not impressed

Because the sun will surely shine again.

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