Meiringen und Hasliberg (Foto: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourismus)

The 3 best attractions and things to do in Meiringen Hasliberg 2022

Meiringen and Hasliberg (1082 m above sea level) are situated on the upper reaches of the Aare in the eastern Bernese Oberland. The Haslital vacation region is located between Interlaken and Lucerne. It is surrounded by the passes Grosse Scheidegg, Brünig, Susten and Grimsel. The hiking trails become 60 km of ski slopes in winter. 13 lifts and mountain railroads take visitors to the top.

What Meiringen Hasliberg has to offer

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12 Highlights in Meiringen and Hasliberg

  • The Hasliberg is located in the Bernese Oberland between the Brünig Pass (1008 m above sea level) and Reuti (1082 m above sea level).
  • Between 600 and 3190 m above sea level Meiringen runs along the Hasliberg.
  • The melt water of the glacier flows through the Rosenlaui gorge with the Reichenbach Falls.
  • The Willigerbad in Schattenhalb operates the only thermal bath in Bern
  • Several pass roads lead from Meiringen over the imposing mountain ranges that enclose the Haslital:
    • Sustenpass (from the canton of Bern to the canton of Uri)
    • Brünigpass (from the canton of Berne to Lucerne in the canton of Obwalden)
    • Grimselpass (from the canton of Berne to the canton of Valais)
    • Grosse Scheidegg (to Grindelwald)
  • Meiringen stretches along the entire upper reaches of the Aare River and is located away from the major tourist centers of Interlaken and Thun
  • The Grimsel and Susten area includes the dreamy villages of Innertkirchen, Gadmen and Guttannen
  • Sherlock Holmes seems to be present everywhere: as a statue, museum, mystery pass, fondue, e-bike or vacation home.
  • The Grimselwelt is an adventure world of the Oberhasli power stations and mountain railroads.
  • The turquoise Lake Brienz is only a few kilometers away from Meiringen
  • The Meiringen Méringue is a local specialty that tastes best here.
  • The view goes on one side to the Finsteraarhorn, the Grimsel region and the Sustenhorn. On the other side you can see the Rothorn, Lake Brienz and far into the Jura.
Lake in the Haslital (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Lake in the Haslital (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)
Guttannen Haslital (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Guttannen Haslital (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)

Sights in Meiringen and Hasliberg

Meiringen itself is worth seeing with its traditional houses nestled on the Hasliberg. In addition, you can visit some museums in the village and the tower of a castle ruin.

Meiringen Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes is honored in Meiringen. He sits in Canon Doyle Square as a bronze statue on a rock. The statue is life-size and contains 60 mystery characters. Not far from there is the Sherlock Holmes Museum in the basement of the English Church. This church is part of the cultural assets worth protecting in Meiringen. It was built at the end of the 19th century in the neo-Gothic style. The Sherlock Holmes Museum displays authentic exhibits from the time of Arthur Canon Doyle and his character Sherlock Holmes. The centerpiece of the museum is the carefully recreated living room. It shows the room used by Holmes and Watson on London's Baker Street. In the last Holmes novel, the latter falls to his death together with his adversary in the Reichenbach Falls. The museum is open on weekends, holidays and several Thursdays

  • 5 CHF admission adults
  • 3 CHF admission children (6-15 years)

Model railroad layout in Meiringen

On 125 square meters you can see the layout of a model railroad. It is always open on Sundays between mid-March and the end of May from 14.15 - 17.00 hrs.

  • 10 CHF admission adults
  • 5 CHF admission children
  • 25 CHF families

Restiturm east of Meiringen

The Restiturm is a remnant of a castle built in the 13th century. It stands on a hill at 662 m above sea level above the Hasli Valley. From here the knights controlled the trade routes of the surrounding passes. Today the tower serves as an observation tower and is open to the public. A staircase inside was built especially for this purpose

  • Viewing platform at 23m height
  • 8.6m x 8.25m side lengths
  • geographic position: 46.726836°, 8.196262° at the Restiweg
  • parking lot available
  • suitable for baby carriages and wheelchairs

Museum of the Hasli Valley in Meiringen

The Museum der Talschaft Hasli is located in Kapellen 1 and is part of the cultural heritage of Meiringen that is worthy of protection. It displays an extensive collection of cultural artefacts originating from the valleys of the Oberhasli. In addition to customs, trade in Meiringen and Haslital is also comprehensively illuminated

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Sherlock Holmes Museum (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Sherlock Holmes Museum (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)
Sherlock Holmes Museum Living Space (Photo: Switzerland Tourism MySwitzerland)Sherlock Holmes Museum Living Space (Photo: Switzerland Tourism MySwitzerland)

Excursion destinations Meiringen and Hasliberg

The wild and romantic mountain world of Meiringen and Hasliberg is located in the east of the Bernese Oberland. The excursion destinations around Meiringen and Hasliberg also include the four glaciers and eight reservoirs of the Grimselwelt

The Ballenberg open-air museum displays 100 historic farmhouses. It can be visited on Lake Brienz all year round. For the children here are especially interesting the animals.

Reichenbach Falls

The Reichenbach Falls is a 330 m high cascade from which a total of seven waterfalls tumble. This impressive natural spectacle is located on the edge of the village of Schattenhalb

Above the highest waterfall, 12 m high, a viewing terrace has been built. A nostalgic funicular railroad takes you to the platform. You can reach the platform on foot from the Hotel Zwirgi. The best time to visit is between May and October, as the waterfall has little water in winter.

The Reichenbach Falls became internationally famous through Arthur Conan Doyle's novel character Sherlock Holmes. He is said to have fallen here while fighting the criminal genius Professor Moriarty. The place is marked with a star and there is even a memorial plaque for this fictional event

A bus runs from Meiringen to the Reichenbach Falls Railway. The nostalgic train runs from May until the beginning of October.

Rosenlaui Glacier and Glacier Gorge

The Rosenlaui Glacier is located south of Meiringen and covers an area of six square kilometers.

The Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge is bordered by rock faces up to 80 meters high. The meltwater roars through the narrow gorge, especially in the summer months. A secured footpath leads visitors through the gorge. A visit is suitable for children from the age of ten.

Reichenbach Falls (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourismus AG by David Birri)Reichenbach Falls (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourismus AG by David Birri)
Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourismus AG by David Birri)Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourismus AG by David Birri)

Aare Gorge

The impressive Aare Gorge opens up just a few kilometers west of Meiringen. The limestone gorge, which is about 200 meters long, has been carved into the mountain by the Aare River over thousands of years. The popular excursion destination in Meiringen has been made accessible with boardwalks and spectacular bypass tunnels

  • 1.4 km path length through the gorge
  • 40 min walking time
  • May until beginning of October
  • suitable from 6 years
  • Access with Meiringen-Innertkirchen-Bahn (MIB) to west and east entrance of the gorge

Wheelchairs and strollers can be used from the west entrance to the middle of the gorge. If you want to take a different route on the way back, you can use a hiking trail through the Lammi. It takes about one hour.

As soon as the sun sets in the evening, the natural wonder is bathed in an atmospheric evening illumination. Maybe then you will meet the legendary mythical creature of the Aare Gorge. The Tatzelwurm is said to be a relative of dragons and lime worms.

Alpbach Gorge

The Alpbach Gorge is located above Meiringen. It is also very impressive. At an altitude of 200 m, the Alpbach has created several cascades, from which a waterfall emerges at the bottom. Directly above the waterfall you cross a red bridge

This trail requires surefootedness and hiking boots. Belaying is recommended for the ascending path. From Meiringen you walk through the gorge until Haselholz. The half-hour return trip is via a hiking trail either to Reuti or to Meiringen.

  • 30 min through the gorge (in total about 1.50 hrs.)
  • May until beginning of October
  • suitable from 14 years
  • 15 min walk from the valley station of the Meiringen Hasliberg cable cars (in the direction of Schrändli Reuti)
Alpbach Gorge (Photo: MySwitzerland)Alpbach Gorge (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Aare Gorge (Photo: MySwitzerland diRenzo)Aare Gorge (Photo: MySwitzerland diRenzo)

Grimsel World

In a barren mountain landscape lies Grimselwelt, where the precious water is collected in several reservoirs. Every day you can take part in guided tours through the partly underground power plant facilities - you rarely get to see something so grandiose in your lifetime.


The panorama gondolas of the Meiringen-Hasliberg Reuti mountain railroad will take you to the summit of the 2534-meter-high Glogghüs within a few minutes. It belongs to the municipality of Hasliberg and forms the border between the cantons of Bern and Unterwalden. The Glogghüs is the highest point of the municipality of Hasliberg. Numerous hiking trails start here, also down to the Melchsee.

Swiss Activities Tips Meiringen and Hasliberg

** Tip 1**

The imposing Reichenbach Falls is particularly rich in water in summer. It drains the Rosenlaui glacier. In order not to be disappointed by small trickles in winter, you should definitely visit it between May and September. Only during this time the nostalgic Reichenbach train is running.

Tip 2

If you prefer a place away from the big tourist crowds, the Alpbach Gorge is for you. It is not as well known as the Reichenbach Falls and the Aare Gorge, but just as spectacular. From the red bridge you can take impressive pictures.

Tip 3

If you want to see both the Aare Gorge and the Reichenbach Falls, you can buy a cheap combination ticket for both destinations in Meiringen. Combi tickets are also available for the Reichenbach Falls and the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Tip 4

If you want to ski not only in the ski area in Meiringen-Hasliberg, you should get the Top4 ski pass. With it you can use all cable cars and lifts in the ski areas Adelboden-Lenk, Gstaad, Jungfrau Region and Meiringen-Hasliberg.

Activities and experiences in Meiringen and Hasliberg

Exciting outdoor activities await you all year round in Meiringen and Hasliberg. Streams and lakes, pastures and forests, rocks and glaciers form an incomparable panorama

For children, the area is perfect to get close to nature and experience adventurous activities at the same time. For bad weather days there is a creative indoor playground at Mägisalp

In Meiringen and Hasliberg you will experience a special family friendliness and a variety of leisure activities for children.

Hiking, mountain walking and climbing

Life in Meiringen takes place on the banks of the Aare and the picturesque Alpbach. It is not for nothing that the place is said to have a special magic and attraction. The impressive nature offers various possibilities for outdoor activities

Already at the valley station of the Gelmer cable car, a spectacular view awaits at the Handeckfall bridge, which was built 70 m above the gorge of a waterfall. Similarly adventurous is a crossing of the Triftbrücke Gadmertal in the area of the Trift glacier. It is one of the grandest pedestrian suspension rope bridges in the Alps.

Mountain hiking

On the Hasliberg and in the Haslital you will find a variety of beautiful hiking trails. The Horizon Trail runs directly on the summit ridge and provides breathtaking views.

  • Horizon trail from the mountain station Alpen Tower (2250 m above sea level) to Engstlenalp (1830 m above sea level) via Balmeregghorn, Tannensee and Tannalp: 10 km, 3.30 h, 219 hm ascent and 614 hm descent
  • Sonnenweg from Alpen Tower (2250 m above sea level) via Hääggen to Käserstatt (1840 m above sea level): 5.8 km, 2 h, 120 hm ascent and 80 hm descent
  • Gibelweg from and to mountain station Käserstatt (1840 m a.s.l.) via Gibel (2036 m a.s.l.): 6.7 km 2.50 h, 450 hm ascent and descent
  • Hochstollen from and to Käserstadt (1840 m a.s.l.) via Hochsträss mountain station (2182 m a.s.l.): 7.3 km, 4 h, 700 hm ascent and descent
  • Waterway from Bidmi middle station (1423 m a.s.l.) to Hasliberg Hohfluh (1043 m a.s.l.): 4 km, 70 min, 20 hm ascent, 390 hm descent (easy). You pass the Bidmisee and the bathing lake Hasliberg and cross several torrents
  • Drei Gipfel Tour from Alpen Tower (2250 m above sea level) to the mountain station Käserstatt (1840 m above sea level): 12 km, 5.30 h, 1030 hm ascent, 1040 m descent. This route starts from Planplatten in the direction of Hochsträss via the three peaks Läuber, Rothorn and Glogghüs.

Via ferrata in Meiringen and Hasliberg

The very brave take the Tälli-Pioniersteig - an alpine via ferrata in incomparable scenery. However, this should only be tackled in safe weather, with previous climbing experience and with the appropriate climbing equipment.

Tälli via ferrata (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Tälli via ferrata (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)
Hikes Horizon Trail (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen-Hasliberg)Hikes Horizon Trail (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen-Hasliberg)

Theme Hiking Trails

Dwarf trails, butterfly trails and stroller hikes have been established for children The two Muggestutz Adventure Dwarf Trails are particularly popular

Hiking highlights for families in the Haslital include these themed trails:

  • Dwarf Trail 1 from Mägisalp to Bidmi
  • Zwergenweg 2 from Käserstatt to Lischen to the Bannwald forest
  • Sämi's Säumerpfad (mule trail), which offers interesting facts about the history of the mule trade in the Alps at 20 stations.
  • Kugelweg from Bidmi middle station (1423 m above sea level) to Reuti valley station (1053 m above sea level), 3 km, 1.30 h, 21 hm ascent, 390 hm descent. The trail is not suitable for baby carriages. 11 varied ball tracks, one ball costs 3 CHF
Muggestutzweg (Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Muggestutzweg (Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)
Dwarf paths (Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourismus AG by David Birri)Dwarf paths (Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourismus AG by David Birri)

Cycling, mountain biking and scooter biking

You can also get off at the intermediate stations of the Meiringen- Hasliberg Reuti mountain railroad. On Mägisalp, for example, there is a modern bike park and several adventurous mountain bike trails. Paragliders also start here. Trotti bikes can be rented at Mägisalp. With the fast Monster Trotti you ride from Zwirgi via Schwendi to Meiringen. But be careful! The cows on the alp like it leisurely and cross the road at their own pace. With the Sherlock e-bikes, the whole family goes on an exciting crime spree on the Sherlock Holmes trail in the Haslital.

 Monstertrotti Kaeserstatt Monstertrotti Kaeserstatt (Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism by David Birri) Monstertrotti Kaeserstatt Monstertrotti Kaeserstatt (Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism by David Birri)
Bike tour (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Bike tour (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)

Indoor skatepark

Meiringen is also a Dorado for skaters. One of the few indoor skate parks in Switzerland was built directly in the main town at the Meiringen leisure complex. It is located not far from the valley station of the mountain railroad. Regardless of the weather and season, you can let off steam on 400 m² of challenging London Gaps, several rails, curbs, ledges and much more. The Alpine Tennis Center as well as a climbing and bouldering hall also belong to the recreational facility.

Water sports

Bathing vacationers and water sports fans will also find a vacation to their liking in Meiringen. The fantastic Lake Brienz is only 14 km away from the main village of Meiringen and Lake Thun can also be reached in less than 30 minutes by car. There are several water sports centers that offer courses and equipment for all imaginable water sports.

For an extensive bathing day you have the choice between countless lido and adventure pools at Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. You can also cool off by jumping into the Hüsenberg quarry pond, which is located in the municipality of Meiringen. Otherwise, there is a swimming pool directly on the banks of the Aare and an additional indoor pool in the middle of the town center.

 Indoor swimming pool Meiringen (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg) Indoor swimming pool Meiringen (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg)
Indoor skate park (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg)Indoor skate park (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg)

Skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing in Meiringen Hasliberg

In winter, Meiringen is all about skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, winter hiking and sledding. Directly above Meiringen is the skiing area Meiringen-Hasliberg. Here 60 km of slopes, 25 km of winter hiking trails and the Skihäsliland await you

The Skihäsliland is a huge practice area for children of all ages and beginners. There is a ski school here where you can enroll your children. However, Skihäsliland is open to all visitors every day.

In the Balispark a combination of skicross and an obstacle course has been created. It is located on the Balisalp near Käserstatt. The Mägisalp-Bidmi slope is illuminated for night skiers after sunset

Skihäsliland Bidmi (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen-Hasliberg)Skihäsliland Bidmi (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen-Hasliberg)
Skiing (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism by David Birri)Skiing (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism by David Birri)

Sledding in Meiringen and Hasliberg

In Meiringen and Hasliberg you will find several beautiful sledding trails. The longest trail is 5.5 km long.

  • Grosse Scheidegg (1962 m above sea level) to Schwarzwaldalp (1454 m above sea level): 5.5 km, this route is also called the Rosenlaui-line. The post bus goes from Meiringen directly to Grosse Scheidegg.
  • Mägisalp top station (1705 m a.s.l.) - Bidmi middle station (1421 m a.s.l.): 3 km through spruce forests, on Wednesdays also as night sledding until 9 p.m.. The illuminated piste no. 14 (Neuenhag) leads from Mägisalp to Bidmi. There is also an unlit sledging trail Mägisalp-Bidmi. You have to bring your own headlamps, there is no rental service.
  • Käserstatt top station (1840 m above sea level) - Lischen middle station (1480 m above sea level): 4 km over Balisalp

For the two toboggan runs on the Hasliberg you can rent a toboggan at the mountain station for 12 CHF and return it at the middle station.

Sledding Hasliberg Reuti (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg)Sledding Hasliberg Reuti (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg)
Mägisalp Bidmi (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg)Mägisalp Bidmi (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg)

Other winter activities in Meiringen and on the Hasliberg

Other winter activities are for example:

  • Snowshoe trail between Mägisalp and Bidmi (4.5 km, 2 h)
  • Ice rink at the Casinoplatz in Meiringen

Events and activities in Meiringen and Hasliberg

Remarkable for Meiringen and Hasliberg is a deep-rooted awareness for the preservation of cultural characteristics and traditions. You can get to know a piece of Meiringen's culture in the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Old Year's Week and Ubersitz

The traditional Trychelzüge begin on the night of December 25-26. They end on the second last working day of the year. This day is called Ubersitz and the time until then is the Altjahrswoche

Masked groups parade through the streets of Meiringen with drums and cowbells of various sizes (trycheln means to ring a cowbell) to drive away the evil spirits of the old year

Other events during the year:

Old Year's Week and Ubersitz (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Old Year's Week and Ubersitz (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)
Old Year's Week and Ubersitz (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Old Year's Week and Ubersitz (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)

Restaurants in Meiringen and Hasliberg

Very popular is the panoramic restaurant Alpen Tower. It also counts as a landmark of the mountain. It is the starting point for magnificent high-altitude hiking trails in the direction of Käserstatt or Melchsee Frutt.

The traditional culinary delicacies of Meiringen, which are everywhere on the menu, tell an exciting story. One of them is about meringue, a sweet made of sugar and beaten egg whites (similar to the Salzburger Nockerln). It is said that an Italian confectioner once invented it in Meiringen and named it after the village.


Not far from the Rosenlaui Gorge stands the Schwarzwaldalp. The restaurant offers an outdoor terrace and a hall. Typical dishes during the day are fresh and seasonal dishes such as meat and cheese platters and raclette. In the evening it is recommended to make a reservation in advance. Between the end of the summer season (end of October) and the beginning of the winter season (mid-December) the alp is closed.


The Häxächessel is located at the Bidmi mountain station and caters to winter sports enthusiasts. Small meals and drinks are available. The Häxächessel is open in the winter season from mid-December to the beginning of April.

Häxächessel Bidmi (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg)Häxächessel Bidmi (Photo: Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg)
Black Forest alp (Photo: MySwitzerland)Black Forest alp (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Hotels in Meiringen and Hasliberg

In Meiringen and Hasliberg there are rustic vacation homes and cozy apartments to spend a vacation in nature. The few hotels are family run and rather small.

Hotel Victoria in Meiringen

The four-star hotel is located in the center of Meiringen on Bahnhofsplatz. The hotel has 18 rooms, a bistro and an alpine restaurant. There is a garden terrace, bicycle room and ski room. The valley station of the mountain railroads and the cable car leading to the Reichenbach waterfalls are a few minutes walk away.

Camping Aareschlucht

The campsite in Innertkirchen is one of 5 campsites near Meiringen and Hasliberg. It is located at the starting point of the four pass roads (Grimsel, Grosse Scheidegg, Susten and Engstlenalp). Therefore the camp is easily accessible. The Aare Gorge, a popular destination for excursions, offers not only good recreation but also natural spectacles. A caravan can be rented for a maximum of four people.

Victoria (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Victoria (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)
 Camping Aareschlucht (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism) Camping Aareschlucht (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)

Getting to Meiringen and Hasliberg

In the summer months Meiringen is very easy to reach from all parts of Switzerland via the winding pass roads, which especially motorcyclists love. From Bern the main road number 6 leads to Lake Thun and from there the main road number 8 leads to Meiringen, if you want to arrive with your own car or motorcycle.

At the terminus of Meiringen the railroads meet. One is the Zentralbahn, which comes from Bern, Thun, Interlaken and Brienz. On the other hand, there is the cogwheel railroad, which travels over the Brünig Pass from Lucerne to the Haslital. From here, the regional Meiringen-Innertkirchen railroad continues, covering a distance of only 5 km and also calling at the Aare Gorge. The post bus connects the villages at regular intervals. Locally, you most often move around in the beautiful mountain world with the Meiringen-Hasliberg mountain railroads

Mountain railroads in Meiringen and Hasliberg

Nine mountain railroads go up from Meiringen and Hasliberg. The 80-cabin cable car goes from Meiringen up to Reuti. Then three gondola lifts continue to Bidmi, Mägisalp and the Alpen Tower (Planplatten).

Another gondola lift connects Twing with Lischen and Käserstatt. One chairlift each runs from Bidmi to Käserstatt and on to Hochsträss. Chairlifts also connect Mägisalp and Hääggen and on to Glogghüs.

  • 80-seater gondola lift Meiringen (628 m above sea level) - Reuti (1028 m above sea level)
  • 8-seater gondola lift Reuti - Bidmi (1433 m above sea level)
  • 8-seater gondola lift Bidmi - Mägisalp (1711 m a.s.l.)
  • 8-seater gondola lift Mägisalp - Alpen Tower (2239 m a.s.l.)
  • 6-seater gondola lift Twing (1169 m above sea level) - Lischen - Käserstatt (1832 m above sea level)
  • 6-seater chairlift Bidmi (1416 m a.s.l.) - Käserstatt (1864 m a.s.l.)
  • 6-seater chairlift Käserstatt (1826 m a.s.l.) - Hochsträss (2182 m a.s.l.)
  • 4-seater chairlift Mägisalp (1702 m a.s.l.) - Hääggen (2013 m a.s.l.)
  • 4-seater chairlift Hääggen (2006 m above sea level) - Glogghüs (2433 m above sea level)

Prices for individuals (without return journey) Bergbahnen Meiringen Hasliberg (CHF) 2022

AdultsHalf-Fare and children 6-16 y.o.GA
Meiringen - Hasliberg Reuti9.004.50free
Meiringen - Bidmi25.0012.508.00
Meiringen - Mägisalp37.0018.5014.00
Meiringen - Alpen Tower45.0022.5018.00
Hasliberg Reuti/Twing - Bidmi/Lischen16.008.008.00
Hasliberg Reuti/Twing - Mägisalp/Käserstatt28.0014.0014.00
Hasliberg Reuti/Twing - Alpen tower36.0018.0018.00
Bidmi/Lischen - Mägisalp/Käserstatt12.006.006.00
Bidmi/Lischen - Alpen tower20.0010.0010.00
Mägisalp - Alpen tower8.004.004.00
Meiringen - Reuti9.004.50free

Prices for individuals (round trip or combination) Reichenbach Falls historic railroad (CHF) 2022

adultschildren 6-15 y.
Railway Meiringen - Reichenbachfall12.008.00
Reichenbachfall Railway and Aare Gorge (Central Railway between Meiringen and Innertkirchen)18.0013.00
Reichenbachfall Railway and Holmes Museum (Central Railway between Meiringen and Innertkirchen)13.008.00
Reichenbachfall Bahn and Monster Trotti25.0022.00
Mägisalp (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourismus AG by David Birri)Mägisalp (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourismus AG by David Birri)
Railroad to the Reichenbach Falls (Photo: MySwitzerland)Railroad to the Reichenbach Falls (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Climate and weather in Meiringen and Hasliberg

In Meiringen and in the Hasli Valley there is a continental climate of the middle latitudes climate zone. The warmest month is July with an average of 23 degrees Celsius. The coldest month is January with an average of 2 degrees Celsius

The rainiest months are June, July and August with 12-13 rainy days each month. Throughout the area, the humidity is over 70% year-round. The sun shines between 6 and 8 hours a day from May to September.

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Platform Alpbach Gorge (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Platform Alpbach Gorge (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)
Landscape (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)Landscape (Photo: Jungfrau Region Haslital Tourism)