Grindelwald Alpine Playground Bort

Alpine playground Bort - The children's paradise in the middle of the Alps

For children of all ages, the Alpine playground Bort offers 700 square meters of space to play, let off steam and climb. The Bort Alpine Playground is located at an altitude of about 1,570 meters on a gentle slope. It is overlooked by the nearby Eiger, which towers imposingly at 3,967 meters above sea level. It forms a beautiful backdrop together with other giants of the Jungfrau region. These include Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn and Fiescherhorn.

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Highlights Alpine Playground Bort

  • Climbing and balancing landscape
  • large sandbox
  • Mountain stream to play and dam up

Description Alpine playground Bort

On the alpine playground children of every age group find various activity possibilities. The climbing and balancing landscapes specifically promote the motor skills of the children. Coordination and balance are trained in a playful way. The playgrounds are largely made of wood and other natural materials. Necessary metal parts such as the slide are made of stainless steel. The fall protection consists largely of wood chips, which also visually contribute to a pleasant ambience. Parents can watch or enjoy the scenery from the neighboring restaurant, tent bar or picnic area

The large sandbox is covered by a protective awning. The climbing towers are equipped with additional elements such as slides, ropes and nets. A small stream offers additional fun for children who like to dam up water or build bridges. Children can really let off steam on the gymnastics equipment, slides, swings, seesaws and trampolines. The balancing and climbing landscape forms a good basis for later mountain hikes with the whole family.

Alpine playground Bort (Photo: playground Bort (Photo:
Alpine playground Bort (Photo: playground Bort (Photo:

Place at the alpine playground

Bort (Grindelwald), at the middle station of the mountain railroad

Access to the Alpine Playground Bort

with the Grindelwald-First mountain railroad

Special feature

E-bike charging station


for children from 2 years

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Video Alpine Playground Bort

BEKB | BCBE for the family: Grindelwald, Alpenspielplatz Bort