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As Zug's local mountain, the Zugerberg is quickly reached and is a popular destination in summer and winter. The mountain scores with its view of the alpine and lake landscape all around.

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7 Highlights on the Zugerberg

  • In eight minutes the Zuger train goes up to the local mountain of Zug.
  • 80 km of hiking trails stretch along the Zugerberg.
  • The Zugiblubbi adventure trail is an attraction for families.
  • The 2.1 km long bike trail climbs 340 meters in altitude and is one of the most popular trails in the region.
  • The Schattwäldli adventure playground offers an eventful day for families all year round.
  • The 2.5 km long toboggan run from the Zugerberg mountain station to Schönegg is also available (unlit) in the evening.
  • 11 km of cross-country ski trails and 15 km of skating trails are ready at Zugerberg
Zugiblubbi adventure trail (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)Zugiblubbi adventure trail (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)
 Night sledding (Photo: Zugerbergbahn) Night sledding (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)

Location and arrival to the Zugerberg

The Zugerberg lies directly on the shores of Lake Zug and separates the city of Zug from the communities of Unter- and Oberägeri. The highest point reaches an altitude of 1039 meters above sea level, which is a difference of about 600 meters in altitude compared to the city of Zug.

Excursionists go to the Zugerberg by the Zugerberg railroad or by car. It is also easily accessible on foot in combination with a hike.

Getting to the Zugerberg by car

Zugerberg can be reached by car from the town of Zug in about 12 minutes, and from Baar and Walchwil in about 20 minutes

Three roads lead to the Zugerberg:

  • the Blasenbergstrasse
  • the Zugerbergstrasse and
  • the Ägeristrasse

The drive up the Blasenbergstrasse is a winding road. Thereby a beautiful view over the city of Zug and the Zugersee is certain. Alternatively, use the somewhat shorter route via Ägeristrasse, which leads over the back ridge of the mountain. The ride over the Zugerbergstrasse, on the other hand, winds through forest sections and also shows beautiful views of the panorama over Zug

All three routes finally end near the Vordergeissboden. A few hundred meters away there are about 60 parking spaces available. On nice days, however, these are mostly occupied. Whether the accesses to the Zugerberg via the individual roads are open and the parking spaces free is already signaled on signs in the town of Zug. They are posted at the entrances to the access roads

It is also possible to drive by car to the Schönegg valley station and from there take the Zugerberg cable car up to the Zugerberg. However, there is also a shortage of parking spaces at the valley station; they are usually already occupied.

Zugerberg Bahnen expressly recommends traveling by public transport, as parking spaces on the Zugerberg and also at the Schönegg valley station are very limited and also mostly occupied. Also the ecological aspect of a journey by public transport should not be ignored. Moreover, the travel time is not longer by public transport.

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Arrival by public transport

From Zug main station, the Zugerberg can be reached in a very short time by public transport. From the Metalli/Zug train station stop, bus number 11 runs every quarter hour from Monday to Saturday between 6 am and 10 pm, and every 30 minutes until midnight to the Schönegg valley station. On Sundays, the bus also runs every quarter hour between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and every 30 minutes until midnight. It takes only 11 minutes to reach Schönegg, where the funicular of the Zugerberg Bahnen goes directly up to the Zugerberg within 8 minutes

Tickets for the bus and the Zugerberg funicular can be purchased at any ticket office or ticket machine in Zug. Most ticket machines and ticket offices are available at the Zug train station

On foot up the Zugerberg

The Zugerberg can be easily reached by means of a hike. Especially from the Schönegg valley station, which is easily reached by bus number 11, various hiking trails lead up to the Zugerberg in about an hour. One of the routes goes along the railroad line for the first few hundred meters and branches off afterwards. Some steep stages and sections with stairs are to be expected on this hiking trail

If you want to walk up Zugerberg from the city of Zug, it is advisable to take the various access roads and from there follow the hiking trail signs in the direction of Zugerberg. Not only the forest sections through which certain paths lead, but also the asphalt roads can be easily hiked on foot and open up a wide view over the town, Lake Zug and the foothills of the Alps behind

The Zugerberg Railway

By means of the railroad, the high plateau can be reached quickly and easily. The mountain railroad starts at the Schönegg valley station and travels to the Zugerberg station within 8 minutes

The track between the stations of the Zugerberg Railway measures over 1280 meters. In 2022, a new construction of the route is on the agenda. This is to ensure a sustainable new construction and a more weather-resistant route. On the info page on the construction project, all information on the new construction in 2022 can be read.

The funicular has been reliably transporting locals and tourists up Zug's local mountain since 1907. Since the last renovation in 2009, at the latest, the ride up the Zugerberg can be enjoyed all the more. The funicular has a panoramic roof and generous windows. The view of the entire surrounding mountain world is thus guaranteed. In addition, the funicular is wheelchair accessible. Modern silver carriages can transport around 80 people at a time up the Zugerberg. The automated train guidance and the constant maintenance allow a year-round operation without a chauffeur

The Zugerberg Railway is also equipped so that bikers have enough space in the reserved compartments for bicycles in summer. Also in winter, the space in the carriage is designed for sledges, ski or cross-country equipment. The benches of the track can be adjusted. Thus, the wagons always offer adapted space

The steep funicular is part of the Zugerberg and is the most popular way to get to the high plateau. Tickets for the Zugerberg funicular can be purchased at any ticket office in Zug and directly at the Schönegg valley station.

Zugerbergbahn (Photo Zugerbergbahn)Zugerbergbahn (Photo Zugerbergbahn)
Zugerbergbahn (Photo Zugerbergbahn)Zugerbergbahn (Photo Zugerbergbahn)

Sights at the Zugerberg

The Zugerberg is located on the eastern shore of Lake Zug. The mountain ridge reaches an altitude of 1039 m.a.s.l. at its highest point. The mountain scores with its great view of Lake Zug, the foothills of the Alps and the city of Zug. In spring and autumn, the mountain is usually above the sea of fog: Zug's relatively small local mountain can keep up with the really big ones in many respects. The views and landscapes on the Zugerberg are dreamlike

Sculpture trail - On the tracks of Swiss wildlife

In 1999, storm Lothar swept across the canton of Zug, leaving behind considerable damage and lots of storm-damaged timber. The forest warden Pascal Sturm set out to reuse the storm wood. In doing so, he wanted to make something positive out of the damage to nature. This is how the 4.5-kilometer-long Sculpture Trail on the Zugerberg came into being. Pascal Sturm carved a total of 19 sculptures of animals found in the native Swiss fauna with the help of a chainsaw and set them up along a circular path. From bear to hedgehog, from fox to deer - the 19 different animals made of wood are enthroned at various distances along the path

Resting benches along the path invite visitors to linger and enjoy. They were also made from the storm wood. Several fireplaces and restaurants offer refreshment options and the entire trail is wheelchair and stroller accessible. The sculpture trail can be walked in about 1.5 hours. It begins directly at the Zugerberg mountain station and is signposted along the entire route

Prices at Zugerberg

From Schönegg to Zugerberg three zones are valid, from Zug to Zugerberg there are 4 zones of the tariff association Zug.

Prices single cable cars Zugerberg (CHF) in 2021

2nd classadult singleadult day passadult with half-fare card, children under 16 traveling alone or dogs singleadult day pass with half-fare card, children under 16 traveling alone
3 zones5,80 (valid for one hour)11,603,50 (valid for one hour)7,00
4 zones7,80 (valid for two hours)15,603,90 (valid for two hours)7,80

Activities Zugerberg

On the Zugerberg it is possible to do various activities all year round. The Zugerbergbahn runs 365 days a year up to Zug's local mountain. This makes it possible to reach the high plateau at any time of the year. The mountain ridge directly on Lake Zug is regarded as a quickly accessible leisure oasis for Zug and the surrounding area. In winter, this is one of the few snow-covered places in Zug.

Zugerberg is home to one of the most popular bike trails in Central Switzerland, which runs from the Zugerberg mountain station almost all the way down to the Schönegg valley station. Via several stations, bikers can overcome difficult obstacles here or go around them

Hikers' hearts also beat faster on the Zugerberg: more than 80 km of hiking trails stretch along the mountain ridge, with magnificent views reaching as far as the foothills of the Alps. Rigi, Pilatus and in the distance the Mythen. Lake Zug, lying in the valley, crowns this panorama. Three circular hikes, eight short hikes (under 3 hours) and 6 day hikes, all of which are marked, can be undertaken individually in summer.

Toboggan run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)Toboggan run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)
Hiking on Lake Zug (Photo: MySwitzerland)Hiking on Lake Zug (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Hiking and walking on the Zugerberg

On more than 80 kilometers of hiking trails you will find hiking routes of various types and degrees of difficulty. The duration of the trails ranges from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 4 hours and 50 minutes. The starting point for all hikes is the Zugerberg mountain station. The destinations vary according to the wanderlust and the chosen route, but usually lead to the valley and back to Zug or to another Zug community

The three official circular hikes "Hare", "Fox" and "Stag" start and end at the Zugerberg mountain station. The King's Route leads from the Zugerberg station to the highest point in the canton of Zug, the Wildspitz at 1580 meters above sea level.

Besides the adventure trail, Zugerberg offers wonderful day trips for children and families. The adventure playground Schattwäldli trumps with its climbing possibilities made of wood and a zipline to sit on. Countless barbecue spots invite you to sit together and eat at every corner.

In addition to the classic hikes, there is also an adventure trail for children and the whole family.

On the hiking routes, the panorama over the foothills of the Alps can mostly be enjoyed. In addition, the Zugerberg trumps with beautiful moor landscapes and forests. The whole canton around the mountain is known for its moors, which are protected throughout Switzerland. The most valuable moorland in the whole canton can be found on the Zugerberg: the Eigenried. The various moor landscapes can be admired on every hiking tour.

Hike 2 "Fox" (circular hike)

Zugerberg, mountain station - Vordergeissboden - Hünggigütsch-Sätteli - Ewegstafel - Altenboden - Zugerberg, mountain station ZBB

This tour leads along the high plateau of the Zugerberg. Start as well as end point is the Zugerberg mountain station. It goes south to the Hünggigütsch, the highest point of the Zugerberg. This circular hike is suitable for the whole family or also for a Nordic Walking excursion. There are no severe gradients to overcome. The route passes not only the Schattwäldli adventure playground, but also a wealth of barbecue spots and the Vordergeissboden, Zugerberg and Pfaffenboden restaurants. The running time is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Hike 7 - View, forest and meadow (short hike)

Zugerberg, mountain station - Institut Montana/Schönfels - Blasenberg -Rägeten - Zug, SBB station

This short hike takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, passes particularly beautiful vantage points of the Zugerberg and through short forest stages. From the top station, the trail descends past the Blasenberg Restaurant, where there is the opportunity to enjoy the mountain restaurant's speciality "Kapaun" or other hearty dishes. Through short stretches of forest and past the viewpoint in Rägeten, the trail makes its way down from the Zugerberg to the beautiful old town of Zug. Optionally, the stage from St. Michael to the train station can also be walked along Lake Zug and the Lower Old Town.

Hike 15 - the royal stage (day trip)

Zugerberg, mountain station ZBB - Ewegstafel - Früebüel - Buschenchappeli - Alpli - Ober Rossberg - Gnipen - Wildspitz

A hike that leads over the most beautiful places of the Zugerberg to the Wildspitz. The Wildspitz rises with an altitude of 1580 m.a.s.l. in the east of the canton and is therefore the highest point in the canton of Zug. Across wide plateaus of the Zugerberg, past the popular mountain restaurants and through forest stages, the route goes uphill and downhill towards the Wildspitz, where a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the clear blue Zugersee awaits. The Wildspitz mountain inn will also spoil you with hearty and culinary catering with a wonderful view. The running time from the mountain station to the Wildspitz takes about 3h 40min, from where various options are open for the way back. With the way back to the mountain station Zugerberg you are on the way for a good 7 hours.

Fireplaces on the entire Zugerberg plateau

In order to be catered for on a hike, the Zugerberg offers ten different, officially built fireplaces. There are already four fireplaces near the mountain station: Hünggigütsch-Sätteli, Schattwäldli, Brand and Ewegstafel

Between 15 and 30 minutes walk lie between the individual fireplaces and the Zugerberg mountain station. Hünggigütsch-Sätteli and Ewegstafel offer idyllic peace and distant views, while Schattwäldli at the adventure playground comes up trumps with toilets, benches, a large playground and running water. The Brand fireplace does not have toilets, but it does offer loungers, a photo frame and a marble run

On the way down towards the town of Zug there are four different barbecue sites, each offering a beautiful view of Lake Zug or an idyllic spot in the middle of the forest: Schwanden, Blasenberg, Tschoupisweid and Lärchenbrüggli

A little further from the mountain station and situated on hiking trails, you will find two more fireplaces: Buschenchappeli on the somewhat remote and idyllic Walchwilerberg and Fiselstuden, which is located directly on the edge of the forest

Zugiblubbi adventure trail for the whole family

The absolute highlight for families with children is the so-called Zugiblubbi adventure trail, which promises a child-friendly adventure on the high plateau of the Zugerberg. The story of the moor spirit Zugiblubbi, who lives in the mystical high moors of the Hausberg, is told in a playful way and leads on an exciting treasure hunt across the plateau of the Zugerberg. Children and families search for the stolen gems of Zugiblubbi's diamond treasure on the exciting treasure hunt on the Zugerberg

A total of eight game posts and nine diamond posts, at which there is a solution letter, can be followed with the help of a treasure map and test skill and puzzle endurance. The completed card can then be dropped into a letterbox at the mountain station, which will allow you to take part in the next Zugiblubbi raffle.

The adventure trail starts at the Zugerberg mountain station and leads towards Schattwäldli, the adventure playground for young and old. A tour to Räbrüti, past the Hintergeissboden mountain restaurant and back to the mountain station offers nature experiences and puzzle fun for the whole family

The story of the Zugiblubbi can either be read on the adventure trail or listened to via QR code. The well-known storyteller Jolanda Steiner has set the legend of the Zugiblubbi and the moor spirits to music for this purpose. The adventure trail is stroller and wheelchair friendly and can therefore be visited with the whole family.

Hiking family (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)Hiking family (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)
Zugiblubbi adventure trail (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)Zugiblubbi adventure trail (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)

Biking on the Zugerberg Trail

The Zugerberg Trail is one of the most famous bike trails in the region. The freeride and downhill trail stretches between the Zugerberg mountain station and the associated valley station. The trail is 2.1 kilometers long and overcomes an altitude difference of 340 meters with an average gradient of 16%

In addition to the main line, which are suitable for average riders, the route can be extended to alternative routes. These alternative routes on the Zugerberg Trail are designed for expert riders and include drops and wallrides as well as root and stone passages. The route is well adapted to the surrounding nature, whereby approach curves and obstacles are perfectly integrated into the environment. Every obstacle can be avoided, which is why the Zugerberg Trail offers options for all bike levels.

Before visiting, it is recommended to check the trail website for weather and trail conditions and any closures. In addition, the general biking rules and signage should be read thoroughly. This info board gives more information about the route of the trail. The Zugerbergbahn offers bike transport to the top station by funicular, where compartments 2 and 3 are reserved for bikers by default. At the bottom station there is also the V-Zug Bikewash, where bikes and equipment can be washed.

Day tickets as well as single rides for bikers and the bike can also be purchased at the valley station. The number of parking spaces at the Schönegg valley station is limited. Therefore, it is recommended to park in the city (Frauensteinmatt parking garage, casino or post office) and take public transport or directly by bike to the Schönegg valley station.

The Zugerberg Trail offers an exciting and well-developed bike route for all bike enthusiasts. The view of Lake Zug and the surrounding mountain panoramas perfectly round off this attractive and action-packed experience

Zugerberg Trail Bike Experience (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)Zugerberg Trail Bike Experience (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)
Zugerberg Trail Bike Experience (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)Zugerberg Trail Bike Experience (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)

Schattwäldli adventure playground

The Schattwäldli adventure playground is located about a 15-minute walk from the Zugerberg mountain station. It leads along the panoramic view from Zugerberg over Lake Zug and the foothills of the Alps. The playground offers various wooden playground equipment. Swings, a ropeway and a wooden castle can be conquered by the children

Around the playground there are several barbecue areas directly at the edge of the forest. Tables and benches are also available. Playing in the forest is a first-class option here, as the edge of the forest is littered with roots and dotted with barbecue areas. The barbecue areas are also equipped with grills and wood. On the other side, the famous moorland of the Zugerberg already stretches out. A toilet facility is freely available to all visitors

Especially on days when the city is covered in fog, an excursion to the Zugerberg and the Schattwäldli adventure playground is worthwhile. Above the clouds and above the fog, children can discover the playground with the whole family. So they will easily spend a whole day in nature. The playground is easily accessible with strollers or wheelchairs.

Schattwäldli (Photo: Zugerberg)Schattwäldli (Photo: Zugerberg)
Schattwäldli (Photo: Zugerberg)Schattwäldli (Photo: Zugerberg)

Scooter ride on the Zugerberg

If you don't want to leave the Zugerberg by train or car, you can opt for a scooter ride to Zug or to the Höllgrotten (Baar). On the Zugerberg, 5 min walk from the Zugerberg station, several scooters are deposited exactly for this purpose. The event company Rother Events rents them out and makes them available at Felsenegg 20 on the Zugerberg.

Zugerberg - Blasenberg - Zug

There is a choice of three different routes. One leads over the Blasenberg down to the city of Zug, where the scooters can be returned. This route leads for 30 minutes over 8.1 kilometers to the vicinity of the main station in Zug and offers a panoramic view with Lake Zug, Zug and the surrounding mountains

Zugerberg - Lorzentobel - Baar

The second route leads over the north side of the Zugerberg through the Lorzentobel, down to Baar, from where the ride continues to Zug to the drop-off point. This 1.5-2 hour route takes you past the Brunegg Alpine farm and the Höllgrotten caves, which are very popular and well-known in Zug

The stalactite caves, which contain small lakes, differently colored stalagmites and stalactites, are located in the Lorzentobel. The caves differed from all other stalactite caves in the world in the way they were formed, as they were formed in a comparatively short time and, moreover, on the surface. A visit to the Höllgrotten can be included in this Trotti tour and is suitable for young and old.

Zugerberg - Badi Lättich

A third tour leads to the Badi Lättich. The indoor and outdoor swimming pool is located in Baar. From here Zug is reached via bus line 3 and S24 in less than half an hour.

The scooters can be reserved and rented. Children from 8-14 years ride at a reduced price. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to take the scooter tours. Also, two people per scooter are prohibited for safety reasons. In addition, you must be able to ride a bike and brake independently. Otherwise, the scooter pass is suitable for everyone, whether sporty or not and for young and old alike. Payment is to be made in cash at the handover point in Zug (envelope system).

For larger groups of 14 people or more, it is even possible to plan scooter tours with a guide. Included is a barbecue or an aperitif at different locations. Conceivable are Huwilerturm Zug, swimming pool Lättich Baar, brewery Baar or Distillerie Etter Zug.

Segway tours on the Zugerberg mountain

In the summer months, a ride on electric Segways on the Zugerberg is a good idea

The organized Segway tours start in Zug and last around 3.5 hours. Included is a driving training, which takes place at the valley station of the Zugerberg cable car, as well as helmets and safety vests for safety. After the training, the Zugerberg cable car takes you from Schönegg up to the Zugerberg station within ten minutes. This is the starting point for the excursion on the Zug plateau (1000 m above sea level)

From Institut Montana the instructor starts with the group in the direction of Walchwilerberg. This route offers a panoramic view of the Rigi, the Pilatus and other foothills of the Alps. The trail leads past the nature-protected moorlands to the Pfaffenboden restaurant, where a stop on the panorama terrace is possible

On the high plateau the trail leads north again, past the Vordergeissboden and Hintergeissboden and on until the descent towards the valley begins. Schindellegi, Blasenberg and the Verena Chapel cross the path here, while the Segway group can always see the view of the town of Zug and the surrounding mountains in the background. The end point of the Segway tour is again the Schönegg valley station.

The Segway tours are conducted for groups of four or more, and between 14- and 16-year-olds need a moped driver's license. From 16 years no driving license is necessary. The tours are conducted by experienced guides who are familiar with the area and trained on tested equipment.

Segway riding not only offers an enjoyable and leisurely way to get out and about, but also comes with zero noise and emissions. The electric vehicles are an elegant way to explore the Zugerberg.

Scooter (Photo MySwitzerland)Scooter (Photo MySwitzerland)
Scooter (Photo MySwitzerland)Scooter (Photo MySwitzerland)

In summer, hundreds of paragliders cavort on the horizon above the Zugerberg. Whether delta or paraglider, the Zugerberg is a popular paragliding spot despite its rather flat conditions. Especially the views and sunsets that Zug is known for can be wonderfully observed from the air.

Zug's local mountain is known for its low views of the city and good thermal conditions. Thermal pilots and pleasure flyers will find a little paradise here on hot summer or warm spring days. Depending on the altitude, not only Lake Zug and Lake Lucerne, but even Lake Sempach can be seen. The Zugerberg also offers shorter cross-country flights into the lowlands.

The launch site is located at 947 m.a.s.l., in the immediate vicinity of the Zugerberg station. From the Schönegg valley station, the Zugerberg cable car takes you to this station within ten minutes, from where a short walk leads to the site. However, the launch site can also be reached by car

A difference in altitude of almost 500 meters is overcome during the flight to the landing site Bröchli. This is located in the area near Oberwil, where parking spaces are also available. It should not be parked directly at the landing site.

The take-off and landing site on the Zugerberg are in operation all year round. The takeoff site is ideal for inexperienced flyers in westerly winds because takeoff is considered easy, especially in these wind conditions. Landing at the landing site near Oberwil is also considered easy.
Many flight schools offer tandem flights with professional paraglider pilots on the Zugerberg.

If you are interested in paragliding or deltagliding around the Zugerberg in more detail, the Paradeltaclub Zug can serve as a contact point. Here paragliders from the surrounding regions have joined together to form an association. They represent the interests of the pilots and are significantly involved in the intact cooperation between pilots and farmers. Also weather stations and news about paragliding are worked up by the association.

Book a paragliding flight at Zugerberg

Paragliding Tandem (Photo: Mountain O'Clock)Paragliding Tandem (Photo: Mountain O'Clock)
Paragliding Tandem (Photo: Mountain O'Clock)Paragliding Tandem (Photo: Mountain O'Clock)

Winter sports on the Zugerberg

In the winter months, the Zugerberg is particularly attractive. It is accessible 365 days a year by the Zugerberg Railway and can therefore be reached from the city in no more than 30 minutes. Even though it snows less and less in the lowlands, the Zugerberg is the place where you are most likely to find a snow-covered winter landscape - and that in the immediate vicinity

The Zugerberg is a particularly popular destination in winter, as the snow on Zug's local mountain lasts by far the longest in comparison to the city. The Zugerberg Railway runs 365 days a year up to the Zugerberg station.

On the Zugerberg there is a 2.5 kilometer long toboggan run, which in winter and when there is enough snow leads directly from the Zugerberg station to the Schönegg valley station

To check the weather and snow conditions in advance, the Zugerbergbahn website shows daily updated situation reports

Also in winter there are many hiking trails available on Zugerberg, leading through the magical atmosphere of snow-covered meadows and forests. In winter, long walks or even longer winter hikes can be undertaken, either as circular routes to and from the mountain station or as routes up to Walchwilerberg. In the evening hours, the specially laid-out path of lights in winter also offers the opportunity to enjoy a walk through the winter wonderland of the Zugerberg.

Winter sports enthusiasts do not miss out on the Zugerberg. On the local mountain there are many possibilities to practice various winter sports. For adults, not only the 2.5-kilometer-long toboggan run invites for a racy downhill run, but also a varied network of cross-country skiing trails. Trails for skating or classic cross-country skiing, as well as a route that is illuminated at night, offer cross-country skiers perfect conditions. Children will enjoy a practice slope for skiing and snowboarding in the immediate vicinity of the mountain station, which even boasts a drag lift

Toboggan run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)Toboggan run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)
Snow paradise (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)Snow paradise (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)

Sledding on the Zugerberg toboggan run

In just 8 minutes, the Zugerberg Railway takes you up to the Zugerberg station, even in winter. If the snow conditions are good, the tobogganing experience is just around the corner: the starting point of the 2.5-kilometer-long toboggan run is located directly in front of the mountain station. The toboggan run can be reached in a short time from the town The snow conditions can be checked here in advance. The Zugerbergbahn updates the situation reports daily and shows which activities can be carried out under the given circumstances

The toboggan run is free of charge, only the rides on the Zugerbergbahn have to be paid. Tickets for the funicular can be purchased at any ticket machine, at the counter of the Zug main station or directly at the valley station. It is also possible to buy a day ticket, which also includes the ride from the city to the valley station. Further information on tickets and how to get there can be found under the item "Zugerberg: location and how to get there by Zugerbergbahn or by car"

The toboggan run stretches from the top station down to the bottom station, where the Zugerbergbahn can be used again directly for another round. The toboggan run is open from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. each day. The entire route is equipped with safety pads and nets and the slope is regularly prepared and checked

The toboggan run winds its way down the Zugerberg next to the funicular over an altitude difference of 365 meters. The winding route is suitable for adults as well as for children. There can be icy patches in places, but sledging on the Zugerberg is still very safe and is often used by Zug school classes and families as a fun winter activity. Over wide curves it goes past farms, over panoramic routes and through forest sections

When conditions are good, the route is also open for night sledging. It is not illuminated, but is considered one of the most popular experiences on the wintry Zugerberg. It is possible, for example, to enjoy dinner on the Zugerberg in one of the restaurants (see below) and then leisurely take the evening sledge run to the valley station.

 Toboggan run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr) Toboggan run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)
Toboggan run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)Toboggan run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)

Winter hiking on the Zugerberg

In winter, the Zugerberg offers a variety of winter hiking trails. Among them are short hiking routes as well as extended walks. The four most popular winter hikes last between 1 hour and 50 minutes and 3 hours and 40 minutes. All four variants start directly at the Zugerberg mountain station and can therefore be reached from the town of Zug via the Schönegg valley station in a very short time. The hiking trails are tracked and signposted and also end again at the Zugerberg mountain station. Two standard hikes lead across the high plateau. The winter hike, which leads via Buschenchappeli, can also be extended from there.

Winter hike 1 - the small round (circular hike)

ZBB mountain station Zugerberg - Altenboden - Ewegstafel - Hintergeissboden - Räbrüti - Schattwäldli - ZBB mountain station Zugerberg

This winter hike takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes and starts as well as ends at the Zugerberg mountain station. Passing the Montana Institute and a short panoramic stretch, the trail leads via Altenboden in the direction of Ewegstafel. Wooded sections alternate here with open and panoramic stretches on slightly hilly roads and paths. At Ewegstafel the route heads east and continues to Hintergeissboden. If you feel hungry or thirsty here, you can take a short detour to visit the Hintergeissboden restaurant. The path leads back from Hintergeissboden via Räbrüti and Schattwäldli. At the adventure playground Schattwäldli there is the possibility to use the sanitary facilities free of charge. On the way back from Schattwäldli, the Restaurant Vordergeissboden can be used for a stop before the circular hike ends at the nearby Zugerberg mountain station.

Winter hike 2 - extended panoramic tour (circular hike)

ZBB Zugerberg mountain station - Altenboden - Ewegstafel - Früebüel - Buschenchappeli - Räbrüti - Schattwäldli - ZBB Zugerberg mountain station

The second winter hike also starts at the Zugerberg station and leads first over the hilly landscapes of Altenboden and Ewegstafel. This route takes about 2.5 hours and leads on prepared hiking trails via Früebüel to Buschenchappeli, which is already on the so-called Walchwilerberg. A short detour from Buschenchappeli offers the possibility to stop at the Pfaffenboden restaurant or to enjoy the view from there over the Rigi, the Pilatus and other mountains of the Pre-Alps. The way back goes via Räbrüti to Schattwäldli, where sanitary facilities can be used free of charge on the snow-covered adventure playground. From Schattwäldli, the last stage leads back over snow-covered tracks to the Zugerberg mountain station. On the way, it is also possible to visit the Vordergeissboden restaurant. The winter hike ends at the Zugerberg station, from where the return journey to the valley is possible within a few minutes.

Additions to the winter hike 2

The winter hike 2 can be extended in different ways. The hiking time can thus be extended up to 3 hours and 40 minutes. The views from Walchwilerberg or Stafel are captivating with a panoramic view of the city of Zug, Lake Zug and all the surrounding mountains.

Addition 1 - On the Walchwilerberg

Buschenchappeli - Pfaffenboden - Stafel - Balisbrugg - Früebüel - Buschenchappeli

Winter hike 2 leads via Buschenchappeli, where the additional route over the Walchwilerberg begins. The path first climbs a bit and passes the restaurant Pfaffenboden before it descends again via Stafel to Balisberg. Thus you walk a loop around the Walchwilerberg and after a good hour you arrive back at Buschenchappeli, where the route of winter hike 2 can be used again as a way back. In total, the hike (winter hike 2 + addition 1) takes 3 hours and 40 minutes. Here, too, the trails are groomed and offer beautiful snow routes for winter hikers.

Addition 2 - The additional loop

Buschenchappeli - Früebüel - Fiselstuden - Buschenchappeli

A somewhat shorter extension of winter hike 2 is offered by the additional loop via Früebüel. It only extends the hike by 30 minutes, which increases the total duration of the winter hike to about 3 hours. From Buschenchappeli, the snow-covered intermediate route leads to Früebüel and from there in the direction of Fiselstuden. The trails of this additional loop offer not only groomed trails, but also wide snow fields and a tree-lined avenue in the middle of the snowy landscape.

View sledge run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)View sledge run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)
Start toboggan run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)Start toboggan run (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)

Cross-country skiing

The Zugerberg is a little paradise for cross-country skiers. Since the high plateau can be reached quickly, nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous cross-country excursion.

There are over 27 kilometers of trails for classic cross-country skiing or skating on the Zugerberg. 15 kilometers are reserved for skaters, 11 kilometers for classic cross-country skiers. The last kilometer is made up by a night trail, which is open from dusk until 10 p.m. when snow conditions are good, and is continuously illuminated at these times. The multi-purpose building Vordergeissboden, directly at the start of the cross-country trail on the Zugerberg, also offers checkrooms, WC facilities and showers. There is a charge for the showers (2 francs/4 minutes showering) and the entire facilities are open 24 hours a day.

The trails are groomed by machine. The Zugerberg cross-country skiing association regularly checks the cross-country skiing trails, always shows up-to-date reports on the passability of the cross-country skiing trail network and maintains the infrastructure at the start of the trails. For the cross-country skiing trails on the Zugerberg, either a cross-country skiing pass, a day pass or a season pass can be obtained season ticket. The tickets and passes can also be purchased at the valley and mountain stations of the Zugerberg cable car, at Zug Tourism or, from time to time, directly at the trailhead.

The Loipe Zugerberg Association does not offer cross-country skis for hire or cross-country skiing courses

Rental of cross-country skis offer Phoenix Bike in the nearby community of Baar Intersport in the city of Zug

Cross-country skiing courses on Zugerberg are offered by a wide variety of instructors. The closest provider to Zugerberg for such courses is Nordic Coach, located in Ägeri.

The cross-country skiing network of the Zugerberg is large and offers a variety of excursion possibilities

Zugerberg Vordergeissboden - Pfaffenboden - Zugerberg Vordergeissboden

This Zugerberg cross-country skiing trail is designed for experienced cross-country skiers who appreciate a picturesque environment while cross-country skiing and know advanced routes. It is suitable for classic cross-country skiing as well as for skating and is 11 kilometers long The Zugerberg cable car takes you from the Schönegg valley station to the Zugerberg station. A short walk from the top station leads to Vordergeissboden. There, in addition to checkrooms, shower facilities and lockers await you, as well as the starting point of the large cross-country ski trail on the Zugerberg

Starting at Vordergeissboden, the trail leads over Schäftboden and past the high moors. Shortly after, at Hintergeissboden, the toughest ascent of the trail begins up to the Ewegstafel. At the top, a view over Rigi and the Uri-Rotstock as well as other pre-Alpine peaks awaits you. The Früebüel is soon reached. Afterwards, the trail continues to Buschenchappeli with another distant view over mountains and peaks. The mountain restaurant Pfaffenboden is reached shortly after. Here is the highest point of the trail, with 240 meters of altitude difference overcome up to here

From Pfaffenboden, a loop takes you back over Buschenchappeli and Früebüel to the beautiful and notorious downhill section. This time over the high plateau and Neuweidschür it goes down to Hintergeissboden and finally back to the starting point Vordergeissboden

Buschenchappeli - Nollengatter - Fiselstuden - Hanengütschli

The Nollen cross-country skiing trail is a pure skating route. It branches off from the Zugerberg trail at Buschenchappeli in the direction of Ahoren and the Nollen ski lift. The route offers a fast and challenging descent from the ski lift and should only be used by advanced cross-country skiers. After the descent, the trail leads through the forest via Fiselstuden to Hanengütschli, where it rejoins the free Zugerberg trail for skaters and classic cross-country skiers. The Nollen trail is 4 kilometers long and is a good addition for skaters who want to ski the Zugerberg trail and are looking for a racy additional descent. It is marked on the map in the form of dashed green lines.

Schäftboden - loop trail

Also for late night cross-country skiing, the Zugerberg cable car can be used to reach the top station from Schönegg and, after a short walk, the changing rooms and lockers of the Loipe Zugerberg. The way to the night trail is short from there

The night cross-country ski run on the Zugerberg is designed as a circular run and is located between the Vordergeissboden and the Hintergeissboden near the Schäftboden. It is a total of 1.1 kilometers long and, in good snow conditions, is lit and open daily from dusk until 10:00 pm. The checkrooms are open throughout the day, so it is also possible to take a shower and store everything in the evening. The night trail is simply laid out and also suitable for beginners

Cross-country ski trail (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)Cross-country ski trail (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)
Start cross-country skiing (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)Start cross-country skiing (Photo: Tamara Bojahr)


On Zug's local mountain, many different winter hiking trails wind their way through the snow during the winter months. The snow-covered high plateau is best hiked on snowshoes, especially if an extended snowshoe tour is planned.

Snowshoeing enjoys great popularity, especially because no real previous knowledge is necessary for it. Also on the Zugerberg there are routes that can be hiked with snowshoes and poles. The view and the fantastic winter landscape make the Zugerberg very attractive for snowshoe tours

Snowshoes and the appropriate equipment can be rented in the middle of Zug. For example, Berge Pur offers snowshoes and matching poles for rent. The store is located directly in the town of Zug, just a stone's throw from the bus station of bus number 11 in the direction of Schönegg valley station, where the Zugerbergbahn starts.

A wide variety of tours are possible with snowshoes on Zug's local mountain. The signposted hiking trails offer well prepared routes. A variety of nature and views can be discovered with the snowshoes on the Zugerberg. The snowsport map of the Zugerberg cross-country skiing trail shows the possible snowshoe routes on the Zugerberg

The partners of the Zugerberg Railways regularly organize guided snowshoe tours in winter, which are usually offered in combination with a fondue party, another meal or other activities

For example, such tours can be booked directly with Rother. The snowshoe combos on the Zugerberg are suitable for team events or other group meetings and have the advantage that other activities in the city are within a short distance of the Zugerberg and can be reached quickly by the Zugerberg train

Ice skating on Zugerberg on natural ice

A very special experience in winter on Zugerberg is skating on the natural pond near the Zugerberg mountain station. At very low temperatures it is possible to skate a few idyllic laps on the ice on the small pond with your own skates. A short walk in the direction of Vordergeissboden leads directly to the so-called Löschweiher (extinguishing pond), which freezes over during prolonged low temperatures and serves as a natural ice field on Zug's local mountain.

Skating is free of charge, but there is no skate rental or other infrastructure. Skates and other refreshments must therefore be brought along by the guests themselves. The pond is left completely natural, which is why even the falling snow is not cleared. Whether the Löschweiher is open for skating can be found in the winter sports report or asked directly at the Zugerberg Bahnen

Skiing for the little ones

The Zugerberg is particularly attractive for children in winter, as ski courses for children are held here on a regular basis. . In addition to the many winter activities, a well-prepared practice slope is available for the little ones on the Zugerberg, where skiing can be easily learned. The slope is rather flat and is perfect for the first attempts on skis and for children's courses. Moreover, a drag lift and a kindergarten ski lift can be found on the small slope. Thus, ski lift riding can also be practiced precisely.

The practice slope is located near the Zugerberg mountain station, which can be reached in only 8 minutes from the Schönegg valley station. It only takes a few minutes on foot until the children's snow paradise appears just a few 100 meters next to the Vordergeissboden restaurant. If there is enough snow, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons are reserved for children's ski courses organized by the Zugerberg Ski School. Here, the children are divided into different groups, each of which deals with specific techniques and enables them to progress quickly in their skiing lessons.

During the courses, the adults can also relax and discover the Zugerberg on one of the winter hiking trails or through another exciting activity. Over the Christmas as well as sports vacations, the little ones can go to the ski school on the Zugerberg every day. Information about this can be found directly at the Zugerberg ski school. There you can also check snow conditions and courses taking place and book courses for the children. Outside of the course times, it is possible to purchase an afternoon ticket for 5 francs and thus practice independently on the practice slope for an afternoon. These cards can be obtained directly from the practice slope at the ski lift.

Skiing (Zugerbergbahn)Skiing (Zugerbergbahn)
Skiing (Zugerbergbahn)Skiing (Zugerbergbahn)

Annual Zugerberg

Various events take place regularly on the Zugerberg. Club events, special trails and sporting events are spread throughout the year.

Zugerberg Classic

The so-called Zugerberg Classic is a run up the Zugerberg that takes place every year in the early summer months. In the evening, more than 200 motivated runners run a laid-out course from the old town of Zug up to the Zugerberg. Anyone and everyone can register for this run. There are two different categories under which running enthusiasts can register. In the category "Rock the Hill" there is a distinction between the age groups 16-29 years, 30-49 years and 50+ years. This category is aimed at dedicated runners, with the time taken to complete the course being measured as well as a subsequent ranking. This will be done either at the Landsgemeindeplatz or at the finish on the Zugerberg. For hobby runners and beginners, the second category "Run for Fun" is recommended, where time is taken but there is no pressure to perform or rank. Registrations can either be made in advance via the Zugerberg Classics page, or requested directly at the start. An ID must be shown and the starting price depends on the number of registrations.

The start will be at the Landsgemeindeplatz directly at the Zugersee. The course winds through the old town of Zug over cobblestones and runs above the casino in the direction of the Zugerberg. The finish line is near the Zugerberg Station, right next to the Montana Institute. In total, more than 540 meters of altitude are climbed during the race and a total distance of 6.8 kilometers uphill is covered. On the Zugerberg, the runners of the Zugerberg Classic will find several refreshment stations. In addition, a finish line refreshment is prepared after the finish. After the race, the refreshments and a short break, all runners with a start number can use the Zugerberg train and the bus connection back to the center free of charge


The Zugerbergschwinget, organized by the Oberwil-Zug Wrestling Club, is an annual highlight and traditional festival. The Schwingfest takes place in the middle of the Zugerberg and offers young and old good entertainment, food, music and, of course, an insight into the popular and most traditional Swiss sport: wrestling

Traditionally, the Schwingenfest is celebrated around the 20th of July. Right next to the Vordergeissboden restaurant, the landscape is transformed into a wrestling ground every year. The festival is easy to reach thanks to the Zugerberg railroad and the only about 5-minute walk to the square.

The festival offers, in addition to the finest wrestling experience, namely wrestlers from all over the interior of Switzerland and even from Solothurn, also other very traditional program items. Flag-wavers, alphorn players, yodel clubs as well as a big field service on Sunday morning complete the sportive event with plenty of Swiss tradition. Catering will be provided by several sausage and barbecue stands as well as beverage vendors throughout the grounds and cake stands serving homemade coffee in the afternoon.

Guest wrestlers as well as personalities known in Central Switzerland offer exciting competitions at the Zugerbergschwinget. Year after year, the festival is made possible by sponsors and a rich temple of gifts rounds off this wrestling festival. The Oberwil-Zug Wrestling Club organizes the annual event on the Zugerberg and provides information about the Zugerbergschwinget on its website

Mushroom risotto and mushroom fun on the Zugerberg

The so-called Mushroom Hut is located on Zugerberg. It is run by the Society for Mushroom Lore of Zug and the surrounding area and organizes various events every year, including a public mushroom risotto meal for everyone. Traditionally, this risotto fun takes place on the Day of Prayer

This convivial event on the Zugerberg is accompanied by a very detailed and impressive exhibition on local mushrooms. Young and old can learn more about the mushroom occurrence in Switzerland and about mushroom identification while enjoying a delicious mushroom risotto prepared by the association itself. More information about the Verein für Pilzkunde Zug und Umgebung can be obtained on the website. The association also organizes lectures on mushroom occurrences and local flora and fauna, as well as regular internal events.

Path of lights on the Zugerberg

From the first Advent to Epiphany, the Lichterweg on the Zugerberg helps to bring the year to a reflective close.

Team event Trottiplausch (Zugerbergbahn)Team event Trottiplausch (Zugerbergbahn)
Path of lights (Zugerbergbahn)Path of lights (Zugerbergbahn)

Hotels Zugerberg

There are three places to stay near the Zugerberg: the Berggasthaus Wildspitz, the Hirschenhof and the Ferienhaus Hinterberg.

Mountain Inn Wildspitz

The Berggasthaus Wildspitz is situated at 1580 m above sea level at the highest point of the Rossberg south of the Zugerberg. It is reached on foot from the Zugerberg. It is not possible to drive up to the Wildspitz by car. It must stop (depending on the route) in Obheg, Älpli, Dürrenboden or Halsegg.For exceptional cases, a driving permit (30 CHF) can be arranged with the Wildspitz.

  • 2 double rooms with shared shower/WC
  • 4 five-bed rooms with shared shower/WC
  • breakfast buffet for overnight guests
  • multi-course dinner for overnight guests

The restaurant has a beautiful sun terrace.


The Hirschenhof is located on the Walchwil mountain. The organic farm specializes in company and family parties as well as farm vacations. WC and showers are available in the main house. Examples of the various overnight accommodations:

  • Stärnschnüppli (caravan with 2 bunk beds and double bed 4m2),
  • Hüehnerhüsli (1 bed)
  • 2 round tents (8-10 persons each)
  • Tugberg apartment (3 persons)
  • yurt (3-4 persons)
  • Group accommodation (4 persons)
  • Rapido caravan (2 persons)
  • Travel trailer caravan (2 persons)
  • Christli folding trailer (" persons)

Holiday home Hinterberg

The Ferienhaus Hinterberg is ideal for larger groups. It is also located on the Wachwil mountain and has space for 42 people in a dormitory. The equipment is designed for self-catering.

  • 2 bed room (leader room)
  • 2 rooms with 4 beds each (bunk beds)
  • 2 rooms with 10 beds each
  • 1 room with 12 beds
Wildspitz (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)Wildspitz (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)
Vacation home Hinterberg (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)Vacation home Hinterberg (Photo: Zugerbergbahn)

Restaurants Zugerberg

On the Zugerberg and in the immediate vicinity there are many different restaurants and places to stop for a bite to eat. The offer consists especially of rustic and local inns, where Swiss specialties as well as classics are served. If you visit the high plateau of the Zugerberg, you will find four inns: Restaurant Zugerberg, Vordergeissboden, Hintergeissboden and, a little further away, Pfaffenboden. These four restaurants are located on the high plateau

They are located directly on the hiking and walking routes and offer a warm stop for everyone in winter. In summer, refreshments are offered on the sun terrace. Down the Blasenbergstrasse, the Blasenberg farmhouse inn also awaits with its fine specialties and panoramic views.

Restaurant Zugerberg

The Restaurant Zugerberg is located directly at the Zugerberg station and is the hub for almost all tours and experiences on Zug's local mountain. The restaurant offers traditional dishes and tasty cuisine for young and old. In the large winter garden there is a special view of the city of Zug and Lake Zug. Here you can also enjoy the breathtaking sunsets that Zug is famous for. In summer, seating is also available around the main building and on the terrace. The Zugerberg Restaurant is also a popular location for corporate events and weddings.

Restaurant Vordergeissboden

If you walk a short five-minute distance from the Zugerberg station toward the interior of the plateau, you will reach the Vordergeissboden restaurant. The restaurant is located in the triangle to the parking lots of the Zugerberg, the mountain station and most of the hiking and walking trails. It is therefore one of the most classic places to stop on Zug's local mountain. Since checkrooms for winter sports enthusiasts and cross-country skiers are also located directly at the Vordergeissboden, this also applies to the winter season.

The Vordergeissboden consists of a rustic and lovingly furnished interior as well as a spacious terrace. Both in the summer and winter months, the Vordergeissboden offers traditional Swiss highlights. In summer, crisp salads as well as classics such as cordon bleu or schnitzel are on the menu. In the fall, visitors are spoiled with a regional game menu and in the winter, various fondue variations are on the menu


The Hintergeissboden can be reached with a leisurely 30-minute walk from the Zugerberg mountain station. The restaurant also charms with a rustic, loving atmosphere and serves a variety of home-style and seasonal cuisine. The inn offers indoor seating and also has a large terrace

There is a lot of emphasis on regionality and freshness, so the cuisine is always fresh and, by its own account, hearty but without frills. The restaurant can be reached by car and parking is available, but on Saturday and Sunday from 08:00-18:00 an official driving ban applies to the route. The Hintergeissboden can only be reached with a driving permit, a cab or on foot. However, it is recommended to walk the short and beautiful distance from the mountain railway station anyway. On this way you also pass the well-known playground Schattwäldli and the high moors.

Pfaffenboden Restaurant

The restaurant Pfaffenboden is the furthest from the Zugerberg mountain station and can be reached on foot within 1.5 hours. The traditional-rustic restaurant is located on the high plateau of the Walchwilerberg, so it can be visited very well on most somewhat longer hikes or extensive walks. In addition, the cross-country ski trail leads halfway directly to Pfaffenboden, which makes a short break in the restaurant with refreshments almost inevitable. The beautiful summer and winter hikes also have the high plateau of the Walchwilerberg as their destination, and therefore also lead to the Pfaffenboden restaurant.

The Pfaffenboden is especially known and loved for its large terrace and the view of Lake Zug. A panorama of the mountain ranges around Lake Zug can be viewed directly from the terrace

Restaurant Blasenberg

The Blasenberg Restaurant is located on the edge of the Blasenbergstrasse which leads up to the Zugerberg. This cozy farmhouse restaurant is famous for its specialty: Kapaun. Kapaun is a castrated rooster and has particularly fine, white meat. The animals grow up directly on the farm of the inn. With finely prepared side dishes, capon is served in the Blasenberg Restaurant as a specialty and delicacy. On the terrace or in the leisurely parlor you can also enjoy other typical Swiss dishes in the farmhouse inn

The family business has been running for 65 years and in the 3rd generation and attaches great importance to traditional cuisine as well as new ideas.

From Zugerberg, the restaurant can be reached on foot within 40 minutes. To do this, you either follow the Blasenbergstrasse down or walk the path via Schönfels. Already on the way down, a panoramic view opens up over the city of Zug and Lake Zug as well as the surrounding mountains. This walk leads from the high plateau down to the flat slope of the Zugerberg. If you want to reach the Blasenberg Restaurant from the city, you can drive up to the Blasenberg by car and find parking spaces directly in front of the house

The restaurant can theoretically also be reached on foot from Zug. However, the way leads mostly through the city and along various busy roads. For cyclists, the Blasenberg is particularly attractive, as the route leading past it is a popular mountain tour by bike

  • Timetable of the funicular railway

  • Current situation report of the Zugerberg. Here you can see the situation report of all the offers of the Zugerberg (hiking trails, routes, toboggan runs, cross-country skiing trails etc.)

  • Current events on the Zugerberg