Water park Switzerland - the 13 most exciting parks for the whole family

The water parks in Switzerland offer one thing above all: lots of water fun for the whole family. There are exciting and diverse water slides, each water park has its own concept for this. Several saunas, wellness facilities and entire family areas offer both excitement and relaxation

Water park Switzerland - the 13 most exciting parks for the whole family

Switzerland offers a large number of gigantic water parks. Here you will find our top 13 in the category water park Switzerland. Most parks include multiple water slides, outdoor and indoor pools, kids and family areas, and relaxing wellness and spa areas

Many water parks also offer sports and games, as well as great food options with various restaurants, bars or picnic and barbecue areas

A trip to a water park is a great experience year-round, whether you're looking for a fun or relaxing factor. All year round you can immerse yourself in the water and wellness oases and leave your everyday life behind

Alpamare Pfäffikon

The Alpamare is the largest water park in Switzerland. There are special offers for every taste. No matter if you are looking for relaxation or if you are in the mood for a real water adventure. A large wellness area, twelve water slides and many different pools offer the perfect all-round package for everyone.

  • Location: Pfäffikon in the canton of Schwyz
  • Water park offer: 12 slides, wave pool, thermal bath, brine pool, children's paradise
  • Spa offer: wellness area with sauna, steam bath, treatments, massages and fitness area
  • Catering: two restaurants
  • Opening hours: Whole week
  • Special: **The Alpamare is the largest water park in Switzerland, the total length of the 12 slides covers a total of 2100 meters
  • Tip: The Alpamare offers from Sunday to Thursday a discounted evening admission from 17:00.
Wasserparks AlpamareAlpamare (Foto: MySwitzerland)
Wasserparks AlpamareAlpamare (Foto: MySwitzerland)

Säntispark Abtwil

The Säntispark is a spectacular experience with recreation and fun factor. You can expect a great outdoor area with bubble pools, brine pools and other great baths as well as a super indoor area with different baths and an overwhelming spa and wellness area. An adrenaline kick is guaranteed on the eight different water slides

  • Location: Abtwil in the canton of St. Gallen
  • Water park offer: 8 water slides, wave pool, outdoor pool, brine pool, children's pool world, whirlpools
  • Spa offer: indoor area with four saunas, steam bath, cold water pool, ice fountain, relaxation area, heated loungers, solarium and foot pool, outdoor area with three saunas, natural bathing pond, cold water pool and relaxation loungers in the garden, ladies area with two saunas, cold water pool and relaxation loungers, wellness area with Roman-Irish bath, private spa and massages
  • Sport offer: badminton, squash, table tennis, billiards, bowling, darts, fitness, rope park
  • Catering: Five restaurants and picnic area
  • Special: **One of the slides is the 110-meter canyon. This is the longest whitewater canyon in Switzerland
  • Tip: In the Säntispark there are special Early Bird and Late Night offers. You will also find great group and parent-child rates.

You can find more information in our water park Switzerland article about the Säntispark.

Wasserparks SäntisparkSäntispark (Foto: MySwitzerland)
Wasserparks SäntisparkSäntispark (Foto: MySwitzerland)

Aquabasilea Pratteln

The Aquabasilea offers a very special water park Switzerland experience for young and old. Here you will experience fast water slides and white water streams as well as a swimming lake with a waterfall. There are also relaxing steam baths, saunas, aroma grottos and a hamam. You can also look forward to a wide range of spa treatments and massages.

  • Location: Pratteln in the canton of Basel-Landschaft
  • Water park offer: indoor adventure pool with wave pool, baby pool and active pool, outdoor adventure pool with bathing lake and waterfall, grotto, whirlpool, children's pool, sunbathing lawn and playgrounds, 7 water slides, 2 wild water streams, vitality pool with vitality pool, regeneration pool, 140 m mountain stream, children's pool, textile steam bath, rest areas
  • Spa offer: sauna area with steam baths, aroma and brine grotto, six saunas, hamam and many spa treatments, fitness area
  • Catering: 3 restaurants, 1 café, 1 pool bar
  • Opening hours: Whole week
  • Special: **The Aquabasilea is considered the most diverse water and wellness world in Switzerland
  • Tip: The Aquabasilea offers great family discounts and free admission to the entire bathing worlds for every birthday child, regardless of age.
Wasserparks AquabasileaBad Verzascatal - Rutsche (Foto: Aquabasilea)
Wasserparks AquabasileaFamilie (Foto: Aquabasilea)

Bernaqua Bern

The Bernaqua is the largest adventure pool in the Bern region. Here you will encounter three gigantic water slides, a white-water canyon and a total of 18 different pools. The wellness area is an oasis for pure enjoyment and relaxation. Here you will find many saunas, steam baths and various treatments.

  • Location: City of Bern
  • Water park offer: adventure pool with river pool, attraction pool, adventure pool, fresh water pool, brine pool, steam grotto, cold water pot, bubble pool, children's pool, wild water canyon, 3 water slides
  • Spa offer: wellness area with various massage, beauty and spa offers, Roman-Irish bath, 5 saunas, fog sea steam bath and fitness area
  • Catering: Bistro
  • Opening hours: All week, 09:00 to 22:00
  • Special: **The Bernaqua was designed by the famous architect Daniel Libeskind and includes almost 2000 m2 of water surface
  • Tip: Bernaqua has special rates for adults with one or two children.
Wasserparks BernaquaBernaqua (Foto: MySwitzerland)
Wasserparks BernaquaBernaqua (Foto: ©Bern Welcome)

Splash and Spa Tamaro

The Splash and Spa is a varied adventure pool with an attraction pool, integrated pool bar, fast water slides and an especially large wave pool. In the spa area there are a great number of different spa and wellness offers, special saunas, a hamam, steam baths and brine baths.

  • Location: Rivera in the canton of Ticino
  • Water park offer: outdoor pool, 30 m wave pool, children's pool with water games, bubble pool, garden, terrace and four water slides
  • Spa offer: four saunas, foot baths, ice fountain, outdoor sauna, aroma showers, iodine brine bath, steam baths, hammam, relaxation pools, relaxation rooms and various massages, treatments and treatments
  • Catering: Pool bar, Terrazza bar and 2 restaurants
  • Opening hours: Whole week
  • Special: **You can really get your circulation going once in the ice-cold snow sauna
  • Tip: In the Splash and Spa there is a discounted evening entrance from 17:00.

You can find more information in our article about the Splash and Spa in Ticino.

Wasserparks Splash & SPASplash & SPA (Foto: Splash & SPA)
Wasserparks Splash & SPASplash & SPA (Foto: Splash & SPA)

California Acquapark Balerna

The California Acquapark literally takes you to California. Experience azure water, summer temperatures and a wide range of bathing fun and recreational opportunities. A special highlight is the 25 m long wave pool and the various water slides. In the wellness area you will find great saunas and special treatments.

  • Location: Balerna in the canton of Ticino
  • Water park offer: wave pool, children's pool, whirlpool, 3 water slides and thermal pool
  • Offer Spa: Finnish sauna, bio sauna, Turkish bath, cold room, relaxation room, massage and beauty treatments, solarium and fitness area
  • Opening hours: All week
  • Special: **California Acquapark has an exciting and varied offer for events such as children's and adult birthday parties, bachelor parties and other events
Wasserparks California Aquapark California Aquapark (Foto: Tessiner Tourismusagentur ATT SA)
Wasserparks California AquaparkCalifornia Aquapark (Foto: Tessiner Tourismusagentur ATT SA)

AquaSplash Renens

The AquaSplash offers the perfect experience for that very special adrenaline and fun factor. For young and old there are exciting water slides, wave pools and special children's and baby oases. The adventure pool is especially known for the different water slides.

  • Location: Renens in the canton of Vaud
  • Water park offer: 50 m Olympic pool, pool with current canal, wave pool, teaching pool, 10 m diving tower with 1-, 3- and 5-meter jumps, children's pool, 8 water slides (some with extra charge)
  • Offer sports: trampolines, table tennis, beach volleyball, badminton, climbing wall and fitness room
  • Opening hours: May to September, all week
  • Special: **For a very special adrenaline kick, the Kamikaze water slide has an integrated freefall from a height of 18 meters. Here you can reach a speed of up to 60 km/h
  • Tip: The Aquasplash offers great group discounts, student discounts and subscriptions.

Aquaparc Le Bouveret

In the Aquaparc a very special tropical bathing landscape is waiting for you. The different pools and water slides are connected with many caves, grottos and waterfalls. In the different areas there is a lot of fun and a special thrill for the whole family.

  • Location: Le Bouveret in the canton of Valais
  • Water park offer: wave pool, current canal, pirate ship and other children's attractions, Sharkyland with pool, slides, water games, whirlpool and playground for families with small children, family world with 3 water slides, outdoor area and water slides area with 6 water slides
  • Opening hours: Wednesday through Sunday
  • Special: **The water slide "Black Hole" is 177 m long and is one of the longest black tube slides in Europe
  • Tip: The Aquapark offers a special evening rate, student discounts and family discounts as well as great birthday events.
Wasserparks Aquapark Le BouveretAquapark Le Bouveret (Foto: MySwitzerland)
Wasserparks Aquapark Le BouveretAquapark Le Bouveret (Foto: MySwitzerland)

Swiss Holiday Park Morschach

The Swiss Holiday Park is located above Lake Lucerne and is the largest vacation and leisure park in the whole of Switzerland. Here young and old, adrenaline and recreation seekers get their money's worth. You can expect a wide range of water slides, pools, saunas and spa.

  • Location: Morschach in the canton of Schwyz
  • Water park offer: adventure pool with indoor and outdoor pool, whitewater canal, waterfall, water slide, spride loungers, massage jets, whirlpool and sunbathing lawn
  • Spa offer: Roman-Irish thermal bath, Finnish sauna, infusion sauna, sweat bath, steam bath, experience showers, cold water pool, reclining room, fresh air room and massage treatments
  • Catering: 4 restaurants, 3 bars
  • Opening hours: Whole week,
  • Special: **The Swiss Holiday Park is the largest vacation and leisure park in Switzerland. A huge range of leisure activities awaits you
  • Tip: Birthday guests may use the entire bathing area incl. adventure pool, sauna area and the Roman-Irish thermal baths for free.
Wasserparks Swiss Holiday ParkSwiss Holiday Park (Foto: MySwitzerland)
Wasserparks Swiss Holiday ParkSwiss Holiday Park (Foto: MySwitzerland)

Eau-là-là Davos

The Eau-la-la wellness and adventure pool invites you to feel good and relax. You can look forward to a fun water landscape with a special "Black Hole" water slide, as well as a fantastic wellness area. A special fun park on the first floor makes children's hearts beat faster.

  • Location: Davos in the canton of Grisons
  • Water park offer: 25 meter swimmer pool, diving area with a 1-meter and a 3-meter diving board, multi-purpose pool, children's area, heated outdoor pool, relax zone, solariums, 80 meter black hole water slide, fun park for kids
  • Spa offer: bio-sauna, Finnish sauna, Kneipp pool, cold water area, foot pool, silent room and massage treatments
  • Opening hours: All week, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Special: **The spa area features a rooftop bubble pool with lounging terrace and great views. From the relax zone you can enjoy a fantastic view towards the Landwasser valley
  • Tip: For groups of 8 people or more, there is a CHF 2 discount per person.
Wasserparks Eau-là-làEau-là-là (Foto: MySwitzerland)
Wasserparks Eau-là-làEau-là-là (Foto: MySwitzerland)

Bellavita Pontresina

The Bellavita adventure pool offers a relaxing and exciting experience for young and old. For children there is a special paddling pool, diving board and a 75 m long water slide. In the wellness area you can look forward to great saunas, wellness pools, steam baths and a sunbathing terrace with a gigantic view of the mountain panorama.

  • Location: Pontresina in the canton of Grisons
  • Water park offer: indoor area with indoor pool, children's play zone with water play garden, 75 m Black Hole water slide, 1 m diving board, sunbathing area and relaxation room, outdoor area with outdoor pool and bubble jets, outdoor pool, children's play zone with paddling pool and sunbathing terraces and meadows
  • Spa offer: Finnish sauna, bio sauna, steam bath, experience showers, Kneipp pool, cold water pool with waterfall, warm water pool, Kelaxtone, relaxation room, sunbathing terrace and solarium
  • Opening hours: All week, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Special: **From the sunbathing terrace in the wellness area you have a gigantic view of the surrounding mountain panorama of the Engadine
  • Tip: When visiting the Bellavita, it is best to park in the Mulin parking garage 250 m away.
Wasserparks Bellavita Bellavita (Foto: MySwitzeland)
Wasserparks Bellavita Bellavita (Foto: MySwitzeland)

Aquarena Schinznach Bad

In the Aquarena you can leave everyday life behind you. In the wellness area you can look forward to special saunas, as well as the Orient and Steam Cocoon. In the water park area there are various pools and slides for the whole family. A special highlight is the use of warm thermal water in the baths.

  • Location: Schinznach-Bad in the canton of Aargau
  • Water park offer: indoor pool, outdoor river pool, hot whirl pool, swimming pool, grotto water slide, neck and floor bubbles, massage jets, waterfall, inhalatorium, relaxation zone, open-air terrace, children's play corner, drinking fountain with fresh and sulfur water
  • Spa offer: hot water pool with bubble loungers, whirlpool, cold pool with underwater music, hammam, plunge pool, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, earth clay sauna, indoor and outdoor rest area, heated stone loungers and various wellness offers such as massages, cosmetics, Ayurveda and couple rituals
  • Opening hours: Whole week
  • Special: **From October to April, there is a special moonlight bathing every 1st Friday of the month
  • Tip: Aquarena has special offers for birthdays, Mother's Day, families and seniors.
Wasserparks Aquarena Aquarena Schinznach (Foto: My Switzerland)
Wasserparks AquarenaAquarena Schinznach (Foto: My Switzerland)

Adventure and wellness pool KSS Schaffhausen

The adventure and wellness pool KSS is a gigantic leisure park facility and a pure oasis of recreation, sports and fun for the whole family. Many different pools, children's areas, slides and a special wellness area await you.

  • Location: Schaffhausen in the canton of the same name
  • Water park offer: outdoor area with 50 m swimming pool, teaching and adventure pool with current channel and water games, whirlpool channel, massage loungers, diving pool with diving tower (1 - 3 m), play and sunbathing area, paddling pool, indoor area with 25 m swimming pool, diving area, teaching pool, 50 m black hole water slide, paddling pool with small slide, whirlpool channel
  • Spa offer: Finnish sauna, bio sauna, log cabin sauna, barrel sauna, steam bath, bathing pond, plunge pool, relaxation room, sound and light room, sunbathing terrace, barefoot path, experience shower and Kneipp basin
  • Sports & games offer: beach volleyball, aquafit, yoga, table tennis, playground with bobby-car track, sandbox and playback
  • Catering: Restaurant and fireplaces incl. grill and wood
  • Opening hours: all week,
  • Special: **In winter, the outdoor area of the park becomes an ice park. Here you can skate and curl on different ice fields
Wasserparks Wellnessbad KSSWellnessbad KSS (Foto: My Switzerland)
Wasserparks Wellnessbad KSSWellnessbad KSS (Foto: My Switzerland)

We hope that we could give you a lot of inspiration about your next water park Switzerland in this article. We are sure that you will find the right water park for you and your family for a great and unique experience.

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