10 typical swiss drinks you have to try

When it comes to Swiss drinks, there are some typical ones that you should definitely try. These range from fruity and fresh to chocolatey and hearty. In our article about Swiss drinks, you'll find some thirst quenchers that are cult throughout the country.

You've probably seen a cow on postcards, vacation photos or commercials from Switzerland. Along with chocolate, cheese and the mountains, the cow is a characteristic trademark of Switzerland. Its valuable milk is an important ingredient in many typical dishes and specialties

But don't worry, we Swiss don't just drink milk. The shelves of our supermarkets are stocked with many other beverages.

You can read about how diverse our culinary culture is in this article about 38 typical Swiss specialties. As a counterpart, here are ten typical Swiss drinks

Apart from some real classics, you will also find some new and innovative thirst quenchers that are currently on everyone's lips


We wish you a refreshing and delicious experience.


What is Rivella?

In 1952, Robert Barth founded Rivella AG with his first drink, the original Rivella Red. Since then, Rivella has been one of the strongest brands in Switzerland and is known throughout the country. This typical Swiss drink is consumed for the most part within the country's borders. Only 25% is exported

Rivella is composed of milk serum and a secret mixture of herbal and fruit extracts. Probably the most popular thirst quencher in our country, it is especially refreshing on a strenuous hike.

What other variants of Rivella are there?

Apart from Rivella Red, there are now other varieties in the fixed range: Rivella Blue (low calorie), Rivella Refresh (less sugar) and Rivella Green (with green tea extracts). The brand regularly launches limited editions, such as Rivella Grapefruit or Rivella Mango

Schweizer Getränke Rivella Rivella (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)
Schweizer Getränke Rivella Rivella (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus)

Sweeet cider

What is sweet cider?

In Switzerland, sweet cider is a non-alcoholic juice pressed from apples. The apples are crushed after washing. The juice is then extracted by pressing. Sweet cider should not be confused with the related sour cider, which contains alcohol.

Sweet must can be consumed everywhere in Switzerland. Well-known brands that you will often come across are Ramseier and Möhl. The juice tastes best fresh and cool on a warm summer day.

What other varieties of sweet cider are there?

You can get sweet cider in different variations. It is available naturally cloudy, filtered, fresh, pasteurized or mixed with pears. Spritzer is the name of the sweet cider when it is mixed with mineral water and therefore carbonated.

Schweizer Getränke SüssmostShorley Migros (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)
Schweizer Getränke SüssmostShorley Süssmost (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)


** What is Flauder?**

Flauder is a refreshing drink from the Appenzellerland. It takes its name from "Flickflauder", which means butterfly in the Appenzell dialect.

The Goba company has been producing the carbonated mineral water with elderflower and lemon balm flavors since 2002. Like Rivella, Flauder is a very refreshing drink on warm summer days or on strenuous hikes

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the foothills of the Alps were known as a health resort as far away as the Swiss border. The Schmidiger couple took advantage of the beneficial springs to establish their simple beverage bottling company in the old spa house in 1933. Since then, the company has been producing various beverages to this day. In addition to Flauder, these include syrup, tea and various liqueurs.

What other variants of Flauder are there?

Apart from the Flauder Original, there are currently four other varieties such as Flauder iisfee, Flauder Minz, Flauder Holder and Flauder Yolo.

Elmer Citro

What is Elmer Citro?

Elmer Citro, like Flauder, is also a former spa resort beverage invention. In 1927, the Swiss drink was invented by the then spa owner Oskar Schärli in Elm. He mixed fresh Elm spring water with an all-natural flavored lemon syrup.

To this day, the mountain region of Elm in the canton of Glarus is nationally known for Elmer Citro, the Swiss lemonade. Today, instead of syrup, they use natural essences for the lemon flavor. This citrus refreshment is not to be missed.

What other variants of Elmer Citro are available?

Besides Elmer Citro there is also Elmer Mineral. It comes from the mineral spring St. Martin in Elm and is especially suitable for a low-sodium diet.

Schweizer Getränke FlauderFlauder (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)
Schweizer Getränke Elmer CitroElmer Citro (Foto: MySwitzerland)

Vivi Kola

What is Vivi Kola?

Vivi Kola is our version of Coca Cola and is 100% produced in Switzerland. It was launched in 1938 in Eglisau by the directors of Mineralquelle. Vivi Kola contains the caffeinated Kola nut from Cameroon, fair trade vanilla from Madagascar, Swiss sugar and only natural flavors.

Legend has it that in the 1930s, the directors of Mineralquelle sent their employees on a kola nut quest to Cameroon. It has not been proven, but the result of the nut brought to Eglisau is ingenious. If you are interested in how this uniquely tangy Swiss cola tastes, we can only recommend it to you.

By the way, if you've ever come across the trendy coffee brand Vicafé in a major Swiss city, then you've met the coffee sister of the Swiss Kola.

What other variants of Vivi Kola are there?

Vivi Kola offers a calorie-free version without sugar, as well as a Kola made purely from organic ingredients. These are called Vivi Kola Zéro and Vivi Kola Bio. They also have new Vivi Kola Sodas, Vivi Bio Mate and Vivi Bio Tea in their range.


*## What is Gazosa?##

If you want to round off the romantic mood on a warm summer evening in Ticino, you can't miss Gazosa. Invented by Bartolomeo Monti of Ticino in 1897, this colorful Swiss lemonade is still a summer must-have.

Gazosa is made of fresh spring water, fruity flavors, sugar and a dash of carbonation. The trademark of the Ticino drink is the distinctive glass bottles with metal handles and the eye-catching color of the contents. But don't worry - the colors come from natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables.

What other variants of Gazosa are there?

There are a total of seven different varieties of Gazosa. The original is the Mirtillo traditional with blueberry flavor. Other variants carry the flavors tangerine, bergamot, lime, orange, raspberry and grapefruit.

Schweizer Getränke Vivi KolaVivi Kola (Foto: Lara Riesen)
Schweizer Getränke GazosaGazosa (Foto: Lara Riesen)


What is Ovaltine?

Perhaps you have already spotted the Ovomaltine can with its striking orange brand color on one or the other breakfast table. The malt-containing powder is mixed with cold or warm milk and is part of a successful start to the day for many people in Switzerland.

The pharmacist Dr. Albert Wander developed the mysterious chocolate powder in 1904. It was initially intended as a tonic. But athletes soon discovered the benefits of the 13 added vitamins, calcium, magnesium and iron.

If you need an energy boost during your stay in Switzerland, you now know which drink to reach for

What other variants of Ovaltine are there?

Ovomaltine is available as a classic in a can, just as it was more than 110 years ago. In the meantime, the drink is also available ready-mixed. In addition, the legendary "Ovi" is available in many other variations, such as chocolate bars, breakfast cereals, spreads or cookies.

Schweizer Getränke OvomaltineOvomaltine (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)
Schweizer Getränke OvomaltineOvomaltine (Foto: Schweiz Tourismus Wander)


What is Comella?

Comella is a Swiss cult cold chocolate drink in a tetra pack. Comella consists mainly of semi-skimmed milk, chocolate and cocoa powder.

The chocolate drink was launched in 1955 by Toni Molkerei in Zurich. Later, the large Swiss milk processing company Emmi took over Comella.

El Tony Mate

*## What is El Tony Mate?##

Before we introduce you to the new Swiss brand El Tony, let's briefly explain what mate is in the first place. Mate tea is a natural and caffeinated tea from South America. It is known as a healthy energy source and is consumed in large quantities, especially in Uruguay and Argentina

El Tony Mate is a real trend drink and Switzerland and was developed by the Lucerne company intelligentfood Schweiz AG. The freshly brewed - called "cold brew" - mate tea is mixed with organic cane sugar, lemon juice and carbon dioxide. Since El Tony Mate contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, it is a healthier alternative to conventional energy drinks with significantly fewer calories.

What other variations of El Tony Mate are available?

In addition to the classic El Tony Mate (blue packaging), it is also available mixed with ginger (orange packaging) or with mint (green packaging). All three varieties are available in cans or glass bottles.

In the club scene, young people drink it mixed with vodka. In this case, you drink several sips of the mate and the bartender fills up the rest with vodka

Focus Water

What is Focus Water?

Focus Water is our new vitamin water of Switzerland, which was launched in 2012. The founders wanted to offer a healthy alternative to the unhealthy, artificial and over-sugared drinks

The drink is a healthy blend of vitamins and minerals, making it a contemporary thirst quencher. It is also low in calories and free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners as well as preservatives

So if you need a light and refreshing energy kick, Focus Water is the right choice for you.

What other variants of Focus Water are available?

Focus Water is available in a total of eight different varieties. The team regularly adapts the range so that we vitamin drinkers never get bored.

Schweizer Getränke El Tony MateEl Tony Mate (Foto: Lara Riesen)
Schweizer Getränke Focus WaterFocus Water (Foto: Seraina Zellweger)

With this list you are now perfectly prepared for your culinary journey through Switzerland. When you look at the drinks menu in the mountain restaurant on your next hike, you will know which are the typical Swiss classics


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