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In the Ticino you will find alpine mountains for freestyle skiing as well as sandy beaches covered with palm trees on the southern lakes. The Mediterranean lifestyle makes the Ticino unique. You will find large lakes, more than 130 mountain lakes and countless streams. Popular picnic spots are waterfalls like the Piumogna near Faido. If you like thrills, you will have fun canyoning on the Ticino or on a tandem paragliding flight from one of the seven mountains around Locarno, Lugano and Bellinzona.


FAQ Ticino

The Ticino is largely south of the Alps. There are palm trees on the beaches and Italian is spoken almost everywhere. This region is known for its Mediterranean climate and Italian flair. In addition to the tourist hotspots such as Lake Maggiore, there are still largely unspoiled mountains, valleys and hamlets. North of Mendrisio there is Foxtown, a shopping center that offers 250 brands in 160 stores and is open daily.

The top destinations include first and foremost Ascona, Bellinzona, Locarno and Lugano.

Ascona is located on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore and is known for southern-style boardwalks, sidewalk cafes and a mild climate. The old town, with a 16th-century columned basilica, branches directly to the car-free lakeside promenade. Above Ascona, Monte Verità was home to a lateral thinkers' colony for a long time; today a museum stands on the site.

Bellinzona is known for its strong fortifications. It consists of three of the best preserved medieval castles in Switzerland and is part of the a UNESCO World Heritage. The city connects the north with Italy lying in the south. From here you can also access the Alpine passes of San Bernardino, Gotthard and Lukmanier.

Locarno is also located on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore. It can be reached from Ascona by car in a few minutes. The Piazza Grande is world famous and is connected to the old town by several narrow streets. The Castello Visconteo, dating back to the 12th century, is only partially preserved. Better known is the sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso above the town. It is said to go back to an apparition of the Virgin Mary and has become the landmark of Locarno. Several art collections can be found in the city in old magnificent pallazi.

Lugano on Lake Lugano is the largest city in Ticino. The local mountains are Monte Brè and Monte San Salvatore. From the top you have a view of the entire lake landscape, all the way down to Italy. The city is known for its high level of art and architecture. The art museum Museo d'Arte della Svizzera Italiana MASI shows paintings by Renoir, Klee and other famous painters.

The less well-known Mendrisiotto extends as a narrow tip south to the Italian border. Here, extended hikes or bike excursions through the vast and hilly terrain on both sides of the transit highway are popular.