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It is a popular sport in Switzerland, almost every third Swiss goes skiing. Here everything from cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skibob and alpine skiing is referred to as skiing. Swiss ski resorts belong to the international top ten.


FAQ Skiing

Skiing equipment includes:

  • Skis with bindings
  • Suitable ski boots
  • Ski poles for balance
  • Ski goggles for clear vision while skiing
  • Ski helmet for better protection in case of a fall
  • A GoPro action cam if necessary

With classic alpine skis, you can choose between pure carving skis and all-mountain skis. Carving skis are best for well-prepared slopes. All-mountain skis also allow you to undertake excursions into deep snow. A current trend here is to use rocker technology ( There are also freeride skis, touring skis and cross-country skis.

The International Ski Federation FIS has published safety rules.

  1. Be considerate of other skiers and snowboarders
  2. Control your speed and skiing style (ski on sight!)
  3. Choose your lane (the skier coming from behind must not endanger the skier in front of him)
  4. Overtaking with sufficient distance
  5. entering and starting and riding uphill without danger (make sure to look up and down beforehand)
  6. not stopping in narrow or behind bends (clear quickly after an accident)
  7. ascending and descending at the edge of the slope
  8. respecting the signs (markings and signalization)
  9. everyone is obliged to help
  10. duty of identification (everyone must give personal data)

If you have only had a few days of skiing, it is not recommended that you buy your own skis. Especially in the first days or weeks of skiing you usually make great progress. So you will soon have "outgrown" your beginner's skis. You will soon no longer need the short all-round carver that you need at the beginning that are very forgiving. So it makes sense to rent beginner skis. Overall, the trend is more towards renting skis every time anyway. There are several reasons for this. First, skis are expensive and you often only need them for a few days or weeks a year when you actually have time to ski. On the other hand, new models are added every year and it would be very expensive to keep up with the trend.

The regions with the largest ski areas include the canton of Vaud and the Valais, the Bernese Oberland, Central Switzerland, the Grisons and Eastern Switzerland. Ski resorts with more than 200 kilometers of slopes are:

  • Les portes du soleil (426 km) - Vaud and Valais
  • Matterhorn ski paradise (252 km) - Vaud and Valais
  • Gstaad and surroundings (250 km) - Bernese Oberland
  • Jungfrauregion (213 km) - Bernese Oberland
  • Adelboden-Lenk (205 km) - Bernese Oberland