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Book your carving course here. Carving originated in skiing through a further development of the "cut turn". You don't drift through the turns like in classic skiing. The turns and curves are made entirely on the steel edges. There are clear tracks in the snow from the edges. A clear distinction from alpine skiing is that the athlete skis without poles and without a racing suit. In the turns, the upper body is not rotated, but the knees are tilted. The best posture is a steady squat with skis wide apart. Carving Cups are held mainly in Switzerland and Italy.

Popular places in Switzerland for Carving


  • Which skis do I need for carving?
  • What are the types of carving skis?
  • What is the length of carving skis?
  • Do I need special slopes for carving?
  • Which carving ski is suitable for beginners?