Aareböötle from Thun - rent a boat with guide

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Up to 8 persons Aareböötle

Accompanied by an experienced guide - so you can enjoy the nice weather and a beer

Family and children friendly

Ablaut Aareböötle

Bernese locals all know it: the famous Aareböötle between Thun and Bern. On hot summer days the Aare invites you to make this great trip.

The special experience is your private boat with guide, so you can completely concentrate on the great ride. If you wish, the guide will also take his grill and jukebox with him.

The tour is very suitable for colleagues or families and is very well secured by a licensed guide.

Each participant receives a life jacket and a paddle. If you get cold quickly, you can rent a neoprene for a small extra charge. Whether this is necessary, you can read here http://www.aaremarzili.info/

The meeting point is either in the Interlaken area or directly at the Thun Schwäbis (Regiebrücke). The trip takes about 5 hours and the possible luggage will be transported from Thun to Bern. Important

Please bring your bathing suit as well as dry clothes for afterwards. You can also bring a waterproof camera

Important information Max. Weight 125kg Minimum age 8 years, accompanied by an adult Swimming skills are recommended but not necessary.


If necessary, a BBQ can be organized.

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