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Splash and Spa Activities and tickets

6 Highlights at the Splash and Spa

  • The Splash and Spa is a modern adventure pool on more than 10'000 square meters in Rivera/Tamaro and open all year round.
  • 5 water slides guarantee excitement and fun
  • In the spa area you can choose from a wide range of massages and body treatments.
  • 5 different saunas and 2 steam baths offer you as much variety as 6 different pools and baths.
  • For the little ones there is a special children's area and under 5 years of age the entrance is free.
  • You can choose the entrance fee for the spa area flexibly according to your needs (2 hours, 4 hours, day ticket or evening)

The Splash and Spa is located in Ticino at the foot of Monte Tamaro. It is located directly on the A2 freeway. From Rivera train station, you can reach the adventure pool in less than fifteen minutes on foot. The bathing facility is open all year round and combines fun and action with rest and regeneration on more than 10,000 square meters.

Various saunas, massages and wellness treatments offer relaxation for adults. A special children's area, on the other hand, makes the little ones' hearts beat faster. Various slides, outdoor and indoor pools, two large gardens and a terrace with a fantastic view complete the offer for every age group. So no wish remains unfulfilled. In addition, subscribers can work out in the Splash and Spa Fit Center and take part in group courses.

Outdoor pool (Photo: MySwitzerland)Outdoor pool (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Outdoor pool (Photo: MySwitzerland)Outdoor pool (Photo: MySwitzerland)

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Splash and Spa offer

Get the ultimate adrenaline kick on various slides. Afterwards, let yourself be pampered with a massage or treatment to relax. If you prefer to sweat, then try out the various saunas or increase your muscle strength in the fitness center. Strengthen yourself at the buffet with cold and warm delicacies. You can end the eventful day with a delicious cocktail in the bubble bath at the integrated pool bar.

You have the choice between

Massages at Splash and Spa

Massages belong to the oldest remedies of mankind. They have been known from East Africa and Asia for 4500 years. In the meantime they have been developed further and further. Special trainings provide specific applications with different effects. Find the right massage for you here.

  • Relaxing massage and fango: Through the combination of the therapist's targeted hand movements and the warming properties of the mud, tensions are released and you gain new energy. 50 min, 120 CHF
  • Body wrap and drainage massage: Through specific handles of the therapist and the draining property of the body wrap, the tissues are improved and your legs are lightened. 50 min, 110 CHF
  • Hydrotherm Massage: A pleasant and gentle form of treatment on warming cushions filled with water. It is ideal for pregnant women, people with back problems. Also good for those who want to leave stress behind and experience deep relaxation. 50 min, 130 CHF or 75 min, 160 CHF
  • Massage with white clay: During this relaxing massage, the skin is renewed by the soft clay and receives additional moisture. 50 min, 115 CHF
  • Massage with cotton oil: This full body massage focuses on the face, neck and shoulders. The sweet scent of the cotton oil has a relaxing effect on the nerves. Therefore it is the perfect anti-stress therapy. 75 min, 148 CHF
  • Harmonic Massage: The treatment of face, neck, head and feet dispels thoughts and stress and helps you find new mental energy. 50 min, 100 CHF
  • Foot Massage: This massage helps your feet to find lightness and new energy. 25 min, 50 CHF
  • Back, shoulders and neck massage: The soothing and relaxing effects of this treatment will relieve tension from daily stress. 25 min, 60 CHF
  • Relaxing Massage: This treatment stimulates the circulation, relieves tension and has a relaxing effect on a psychophysical level. 50 min, 105 CHF
  • Sports massage: Strong hand movements of the therapist release blockages and tensions during this full body massage. It is recommended after physical exertion or sporting activity. 50 min, 115 CHF
  • Herb Stamp Massage: This feel-good massage with oil releases active ingredients and aromas when applied to the skin. The stamp bags are filled with mountain herbs and spices and are warmed up with steam beforehand. 50 min, 105 CHF
  • Aroma oil massage: This full body massage promises psychophysical relaxation as you are enveloped by the scent of an essence of your choice. 75 min, 148 CHF
  • Intensive Back Massage: Not only the back, but also the neck and head are treated with the help of silicone shells during this deep tissue massage. This leads to new freedom of movement. 50 min, 110 CHF
  • Massage Top Splash and Spa: East meets West at the sound of Tibetan bells and aromatherapy during the welcome ritual. After face and feet, the whole body follows until you feel the total relaxation through the use of basalt stones on your back. 75 min, 148 CHF
  • Hot Stone: This relaxation treatment will let you completely block out the stress of everyday life. 75 min, 148 CHF
 Massage room (Photo: Splash and Spa) Massage room (Photo: Splash and Spa)
Rest area (Photo: Splash and Spa)Rest area (Photo: Splash and Spa)

Saunas, steam baths and aroma showers in Splash and Spa

In addition to the traditional saunas, at Splash and Spa you will find various saunas with special treatments. Well-being and relaxation are the main goals in this area as well

  • Salt Sauna: At a temperature of 65 degrees, this sauna, equipped with Himalayan salt stones, promotes stress relief and relaxation. The ionized air also improves the respiratory system and skin.
  • Chestnut Sauna: This sauna, with a temperature of 85 degrees, offers you the unique aroma of chestnut wood, which is widespread in the forests of Ticino.
  • Lehmsauna: If a beneficial effect on muscles and skin and the prevention of allergies is important to you, this is the sauna for you. It is spacious, has walls made of clay and a temperature of 75 degrees.
  • Outdoor sauna: This typical Nordic sauna in the spa garden is a great place to sweat at 95 degrees, as there are also regular infusions.
  • Snow Sauna: A welcome change from the traditional saunas is this special sauna, where you definitely won't get hot. A temperature of -5 to -12 degrees improves your blood circulation and oxygen supply and also fights cellulite.
  • Ice fountain**: Use this refreshment after your sauna session to stimulate your blood circulation and strengthen your immune system.
  • Bucket Shower: Not only will it help you wake up properly, but it also relieves stress, boosts the immune system and activates circulation.
  • Kneipp: Alternating cold and hot water jets on your feet, ankles, and calves will strengthen your circulation.
  • Sicalick: Relax in the 38 degree pool with underwater music.
  • Bingül: This cleansing steam bath with added herbs has 100 percent humidity and a temperature of 45 degrees. Recommended duration: 10 to 15 min
  • Sogukluk: In this steam bath, with a humidity of 65 percent and a temperature of 30 degrees, you can prepare the body well for heat and humidity. Recommended duration: 10 to 15 min
  • Suono di sole: Sound of the Sun is an installation created by artist Franco Mussida that combines the three elements of sound, images and words, through which you will experience a feeling of well-being and relaxation.
  • Aroma Showers: Try the Chromo Aromatherapy and you will notice the positive effect on your physical and mental well-being and feel better right away.
  • Relax Room: Relax in one of the two relaxation rooms with large, comfortable wicker couches.
Sauna Argilla (Photo: Splash and Spa)Sauna Argilla (Photo: Splash and Spa)
 Sauna (Photo: Splash and Spa) Sauna (Photo: Splash and Spa)

Cosmetic treatments in Splash and Spa

Would you like to be pampered all over your body, face or with a manicure? At Splash and Spa you will find exactly what you need.

  • Traditional Hammam Scrub: Enjoy a gentle exfoliation of the entire body, enveloped in a cloud of soap. 25 min, 55 CHF
  • Rasul Bath: Use the soft clay to cleanse and remineralize the skin of the face and body. 30 min, 15 CHF
  • Savonage in steam bath: Experience a body scrub with black soap extracted from eucalyptus-scented olive oil. 30 min, 15 CHF
  • Technologies for face and body: You can choose between radiofrequency body, radiofrequency face, hair removal with diode laser and M20XY oxygen treatment. 25 min to 45 min, 49 CHF to 105 CHF
  • Peeling: Pamper your body with a facial scrub, exfoliation and foot mask, bamboo salt scrub and apricot oil or honey scrub. 20 min to 50 min, 25 CHF to 100 CHF
  • Body treatments: Treat yourself to a cleansing treatment that improves your tissues and promotes remodeling. Choose between Detox Fango, Reduce Belly Circumference Fango, Heavy Leg Treatment, Anti-Adiposity Treatment, Anti-Cellulite Treatment and Tonifying Treatment. 40 min to 60 min, 110 CHF to 120 CHF
  • Facial treatments: With Revivre - Hydra Intensive, Revivre - Cleaning and Revivre - Queen, you have three treatments to choose from that have a moisturizing and revitalizing effect on your facial skin. 50 min to 85 min, 80 CHF to 130
  • Manicure and Pedicure: The wellness program for hands and feet, with semi-permanent nail polish if desired. 40 min to 75 min, 50 CHF to 90 CHF
  • Waxing: Whether armpits, eyebrows, upper lip, legs or arms partially, whole legs or bikini line - away with the annoying hair and here with the silky smooth skin is the motto. 10 min to 90 min, 10 CHF to 100 CHF
  • Eyelash lift: Using an innovative technique, your own eyelashes are beautified without artificial eyelashes, making them appear longer and thicker. 60/90 min, 130 CHF
  • Make-up: You have the choice between a flash day make-up or an evening make-up for special occasions. 20 min to 40 min, 30 CHF to 50 CHF
 Treatment (Photo: Splash and Spa) Treatment (Photo: Splash and Spa)
 Rest area (Photo: Splash and Spa) Rest area (Photo: Splash and Spa)

Slides and pools in Splash and Spa

You certainly won't get bored here. Not only adrenaline-filled descents on various slides await you, but also various pools. They offer everything from relaxation to action and regeneration.

  • Mania: Experience a fast-paced descent in a 2-seater inflatable boat. Minimum age: 6 years accompanied by an adult. Minimum height: 120 cm
  • Tunnel of Horror: The adrenaline kick is guaranteed, because here a free fall is waiting for you. Minimum age: 8 years. Minimum height: 130 cm
  • Wash Machine: The 2-seater inflatable boat takes you through dark, psychedelic sluices. Minimum age: 8 years accompanied by an adult. Minimum height: 130 cm
  • Black Night: On a mat, you'll plunge down a dark tunnel at top speed. Minimum age: 8 years. Minimum height: 130 cm
  • Gravity Killer: In a 4-seater inflatable boat, the descent that defies gravity is sure to be an unforgettable adventure for you and your friends. Minimum age: 12 years. Minimum height: 140 cm
  • Children's area: A playground with slides and splash fountains specially designed for toddlers.
  • Wave Pool: Action and fun are guaranteed here, as you'll encounter waves up to 1 m high in the 30-degree giant pool.
  • Bubble Pool with Pool Bar: Do you feel like some tropical feeling in winter? Then enjoy a delicious cocktail at the pool bar of this 34 degree warm spa, because you don't even have to leave the water. In addition, more than 80 fountains, massage jets and underwater loungers create the right vacation mood.
  • Iodine brine pool: After just a quarter of an hour, the beneficial effects of a bath in this 34-degree pool with a high mineral salt content and therapeutic properties to relax and strengthen the body become apparent. Afterwards, a shower and a short relaxation time are recommended.
  • Cold water plunge pool: At a temperature of about 12/14 degrees, you will feel more vital than ever. The cold water stimulates your circulation and tones the tissues. It also strengthens the blood vessel walls and the lymphatic system.
  • Outdoor pool: This 34 degree warm pool is open all year round. Massage jets and fountains as well as the fantastic view of Monte Tamaro invite you to relax and unwind.
 Spa (Photo: Splash and Spa) Spa (Photo: Splash and Spa)
Wave pool (Photo: Splash and Spa)Wave pool (Photo: Splash and Spa)

Fitness at the Splash and Spa

The modern and innovative Fit Center is open only to subscribers. Here you can train not only with the isotonic and aerobic equipment and the help of qualified instructors. You also have the opportunity to participate in various group classes.

 Fit Center (Photo: Splash and Spa) Fit Center (Photo: Splash and Spa)
 Fit Center (Photo: Splash and Spa) Fit Center (Photo: Splash and Spa)

Restaurants in the Splash & Spa

Splash Food and Drinks is located under the central dome and is open daily from 12:00pm to 3:30pm. There you will find a wide selection of cold and hot delicacies. Salads, desserts, gluten-free and vegetarian dishes, and children's menus are also available.

The pool bar is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. and exudes a tropical feel all year round.Where else can you sip a tasty drink during an underwater massage without leaving the pool?

The Lounge Bar offers menus for a balanced and complete diet between activities or treatments.

The Terrazza Bar is perfect for enjoying a cocktail with friends on sunny days.

 Restaurant (Photo: Splash and Spa) Restaurant (Photo: Splash and Spa)
  Restaurant (Photo: Splash and Spa) Restaurant (Photo: Splash and Spa)

Opening hours Splash and Spa

The Splash and Spa is open daily between 11 :00 am and 9:00 pm. Individual areas vary slightly from the opening hours:

opening hoursfrom (clock)to (clock)
water slides12:0020:45
Fit Center weekdays07:0021:00
Fit Center holidays and weekends09:0018:00

Prices Splash and Spa

Prices vary according to working days, holidays and weekends. Children under 6 years of age are admitted free of charge. Children under 12 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult in the pool

Prices Splash and Spa (CHF) Pools and slides

pools & slides2 hours4 hoursday passevening pass from 5pm
working days
adults (>16 years)27354523
children (>6 to 16 years)17253518
holidays and weekends
adults (>16 years)31394927
children (>6 to 16 years)21293922
Water slides (Photo: Splash and Spa)Water slides (Photo: Splash and Spa)
Slide with tires (Photo: Splash and Spa)Slide with tires (Photo: Splash and Spa)

Prices Splash and Spa (CHF) SPA stay

SPA (Including Splash entrance)2 hours4 hoursday passevening pass from 5pm
working days
per person44526240
holidays and weekends
per person48566644

Splash admission is included.

Prices Splash and Spa (CHF) Family offers

families2x parents and 1 child2x parents and 2 children1 parent and 1 child1 parent and 2 children1 parent and 3 children
4 hours85100506580
holidays and weekends
4 hours93108546984

Arrival Splash and Spa

Splash and Spa Tamaro is located at Via Campagnole 1 in 6802 Rivera-Monteceneri, just off the A2 highway and a short walk from the Rivera-Bironico train station.

by car

Take the Rivera exit on the A2 Milano - S. Gottardo freeway and then drive 200 meters towards Rivera.

by public transport

Take the train to the Rivera-Bironico stop, then walk 300 meters along Via Cantonale and turn left into Via Alla Chiesa.

Practical information about the Splash and Spa

*## What you should look out for

Children under 7 years old may enter the pool only when accompanied by an adult and under their supervision. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a person of legal age.

What you should bring

Bath towel (can be rented for 4 CHF) Bathrobe (can be rented for 8 CHF) Swimsuit (can be rented for 4 CHF) Diving goggles (can be helpful when sliding)

More practical information

Parking is free from 07:00 to 12:00. From 12:00 on, 1 hour costs 1 CHF (max. 5 CHF). For children up to 5 years the entrance is free.

The Splash and Spa Tamaro offers something for every age group and is equally popular with families, couples and singles. A day full of fun, excitement, relaxation and variety is guaranteed.

Photos Splash and Spa

 Pool (Photo: Splash and Spa) Pool (Photo: Splash and Spa)
Pool (Photo: Splash and Spa)Pool (Photo: Splash and Spa)
Children's pool (Photo: Splash and Spa)Children's pool (Photo: Splash and Spa)
 Water slide (Photo: Splash and Spa) Water slide (Photo: Splash and Spa)
 Water slide (Photo: Splash and Spa) Water slide (Photo: Splash and Spa)
 Water slide (Photo: Splash and Spa) Water slide (Photo: Splash and Spa)
 Pool (Photo: Splash and Spa) Pool (Photo: Splash and Spa)
Outdoor area (Photo: Splash and Spa)Outdoor area (Photo: Splash and Spa)
Outdoor pool (Photo: Splash and Spa)Outdoor pool (Photo: Splash and Spa)

Videos Splash and Spa

Splash e SPA TAMARO | by 'LuxxiZ

Splash e Spa Tamaro