Ticino Canyoning in the Iragna Valley
Ticino Canyoning in the Iragna Valley

Ticino - activities and experiences for the whole year

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Ticino Canyoning in the Iragna Valley

In Ticino, very diverse activities can be practiced all year round. Wide valleys and gorges provide the backdrop for adventurous activities such as canyoning or bungee jumping. In the southern lake landscape, stand up paddle, kayak or canoe are tempting.


Supplementary information is provided by: the guide to Ticino as well as Ticino - the ultimate guide mountain railroads.


  • 2000 kilometers of marked hiking trails are in Ticino.
  • 121 km of cross-country ski trails and 33 ski lifts await skiers in winter
  • Ticino is considered a mecca for canyoning. Countless gorges and canyons want to be experienced.
  • Besides via ferratas, there are also artificial climbing routes at the dams.
  • The rope parks in Ticino are big adventure parks and also offer tyroliennes.
  • The large lakes in southern Ticino offer a variety of activities such as SUP, canoeing and windsurfing at Lake Lugano or sailing at Lake Maggiore
  • Swing the World - the popular giant panoramic swings are becoming more and more in Ticino.

Activities and experiences in Ticino

With its beautiful valleys, lakes and mountains, Ticino is ideal for a wide range of activities. Hiking in nature is in the first place, but also bikers, horseback riders and climbers get their money's worth. For those who are looking for a special adventure, there are possibilities for canyoning, paragliding or skydiving. Tandem flights and jumps are offered in many places. The absolute thrill can be found at the Golden Eye Bungee Jump


Hiking is possible in Ticino all year round because of the mild temperatures. Whether mountain hikes in the northern Alps or more leisurely walks along Lake Maggiore: there is something for everyone. Along the way, you can experience historical villages, vineyards or waterfalls and caves in the wild and romantic valleys of Ticino. About 2000 km of hiking trails are officially marked

Hiking on Monte San Salvatore

At the summit (912 m above sea level), Monte San Salvatore has, in addition to the observation tower, a panoramic path with seven panoramic views. Each of these views is provided with informative panels and comfortable benches. Several hiking trails lead up or down the mountain

A popular path to the summit village of San Salvatore starts in Paradiso (282 m a.s.l.) behind the station of the funicular railroad that goes to the top of Monte Salvatore. The path first leads through the woods, from Morchino it goes right next to the tracks of the funicular over a staircase to the middle station of Pazzallo (448 m a.s.l.). Up to the top of the mountain 630 meters of altitude are overcome. This hike takes about two hours

From Monte San Salvatore down there are two possibilities. Either you take the path to Ciona or the one to Carona. In Carona there is a botanical garden (San Grato) to visit. The village itself is an old and picturesque place with pretty stucco work on the facades. The interior of the three-nave parish church, dating from the 16th century, is also particularly splendid.

Some interesting hiking trails:

  • San Salvatore - Ciona - Carabbiaca (1:45 hrs.)
  • San Salvatore - Ciona - Caronaca (1:20 hrs.)
  • San Salvatore - Carona - Melideca (2:10 hrs.)
  • San Salvatore - Carona - Morcoteca (3:35 hrs.)
  • San Salvatore - Carona - Figinoca (2:45 hrs.)

The return to Paradiso can be done by post bus, train or boat.

Hiking from Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema

This hike is very popular. From Rivera you take the cable car to Alpe Foppa. The first intermediate destination is the Capanna Tamaro. The path leads over the saddle and is signposted. The hike is not difficult to walk for people with normal physical condition. At the end of the tour you take the Monte Lema cable car down to Miglieglia. A shuttle service connects the two valley stations Miglieglia and Rivera in the late afternoon. This way you can easily get back to the starting point of the hike.


  • 13.1 km
  • 5 hrs.
  • 830 meters of ascent
  • 800 meters of altitude in the descent

Hiking from Monte Lema via the Traversata to Monte Tamaro

One of the most beautiful high-altitude hikes in Switzerland begins at Monte Lema. Almost exclusively on the mountain ridge runs the so-called Traversata near the border to Italy. Two major ascents have to be mastered: to Monte Gradiccioli and to Monte Tamaro

From Monte Lema it takes a good five hours to reach Alpe Foppa (1,530 m. a.s.l.). From Alpe Foppa you can take the cable car to Rivera and from here the bus back to Miglieglia.

Facts: 13.1 km 5 hrs. 800 meters of ascent 830 vertical meters in descent

Hiking on Monte San Giorgio

There is no cable car at Monte San Giorgio. All destinations can be reached exclusively on foot.

The geological-paleontological path is a circular route with information panels about the UNESCO World Heritage Site. With about 600 meters of altitude, it is moderately demanding, but can also be walked by children

The trail starts in Meride (575 m above sea level) at the baroque church of San Silvestro. It leads through small hamlets to Serpiano (659 m a.s.l.). Here ends the cable car (Funvia) Brusino-Serpiano, through which you can shorten the path if necessary

The circular path has been awarded by Unesco for its didactic value and presents the complex paleontological history of the mountain. The rest of the path goes up to Alpe di Brusino (673 m a.s.l.) In a historical grotto under chestnut trees there is some refreshment. In Pozzo the climb ends and the descent to Meride is via Riva San Vitale.


  • 13.5 km
  • 4:30 hrs.
  • 634 meters of ascent and descent

Hiking through the Vallemaggia

700 kilometers of hiking trails make up the hiking network in the most important valley of Ticino. Here 40 clear mountain lakes can be visited. A beautiful hike leads from Fusio to the Acquedotto di Canáa, an ancient irrigation system of the farmers in Ticino

Fusio to the Acquedotto di Canáa

In Fusio the path begins to climb through larch woods, along the mountain stream Ri di Mognòla. In a rocky hollow the Lago di Mognòla becomes visible. The path leads over stone slabs and round rocky humps to Córt da Canáa. From here you can see the reservoir Lago del Sambuco in the upper Val Lavizzara. The area is rich in springs. Therefore, the farmers directed the water through stone irrigation channels to the alpine pastures further down.


  • 7.6 km
  • 4 hours duration
  • 811 meters of altitude up and down

Hiking around Locarno

An easy hike leads from Locarno to the rope park Gordola. It can be walked by the whole family together. The path leads comfortably along the lake and over Tenero. It contains practically no meters of altitude that would have to be overcome


  • 6.6 km Length
  • 1:45 h Duration

Hiking in the Breggia Valley

The Breggia valley has very beautiful hiking trails. The path described here leads into an interesting natural park of the Breggia gorges. It is located near Morbio Inferiore and runs along the deeply buried riverbed of the Breggia River. There are two ways to visit the Breggia Gorges: a geological route and a historical route

The path to the Breggia Gorges begins at the Ghitello Mill, built in 1606, next to the old cement works. First the path passes a small lake and then follows the river Breggia. Later the river is crossed and the path goes up into the Magna Valley until Colle San Pietro. Here are the ruins of a medieval castle. In the nearby Red Church you can admire beautiful frescoes from the 14th century

Now continue down the marked path and cross the river over the canal bridge. The limestone pebbles visible here are about 190 million years old. Another bridge crosses a narrow and deep gorge. Continuing along the right bank, it is very easy to see the rock strata. In summer, the local tourist office also offers guided tours.

The so-called Cement Trail must not be walked without a local guide and helmet. The two-kilometer-long trail leads from the open pit to the old tunnel shafts. The stone crushers and kiln towers are also visited.

The valley can be reached by public transport to Balerna railroad station. By car, parking is available at the Ghitello Mill. There is also an information point.

Hiking in the Piora Valley

A very nice hike is the one along the path of the lakes of the Piora Valley. The circular path starts and ends in Piotta at the valley station of the funicular railroad.

After a twelve-minute ride, you arrive in an almost untouched alpine landscape. The trail begins with a climb to Pizzo Föisc, which lies at 2,208 meters above sea level. Here there is also a managed mountain hut. Via Scharte Föisc, the trail continues to Lake Ritom, the largest mountain lake in Ticino. From the left shore of the lake, the trail continues to a fork that leads to Lake Tom

The next lake you reach is Lake Cadagno. This lake is something very special. It consists of two lakes, one above the other, one of which is salty. They never mix and even attract researchers from all over the world. Then you cross the Alpe di Piora. It is one of the largest alpine pastures in Ticino and is a protected landscape area. Here, too, there is a mountain hut suitable for a rest, the Cadagno hut

Via the path on the left shore of the lake, the path goes back to Piora. At the junction for Fontanella, the path goes down to Lake Ritom and along the nature trail to the dam. The water of the Ritom lake is used to generate electricity.


  • medium difficulty hike, suitable for children and dogs
  • 15,55 km length
  • 5:30 h Duration
  • 870 meters of ascent and descent

Via Ferrata

Ticino has some beautiful via ferratas, also known as Via Ferrata. They are accessible between May and September/October and can be climbed under expert guidance. A special challenge is the Stairways to Heaven, a race that takes place in October along the 1.3 km of the historic staircase of the Piotta-Ritom funicular.

Via Ferrata on Monte San Salvatore

The via ferrata can be reached in about fifty minutes from the mid-station of the funicular (Pazzallo) along a steep footpath. It has an altitude difference of 150 meters over a length of 250 meters and is secured with climbing hooks, steel ropes and ladders. The via ferrata corresponds to the "Dolomite type" of a via ferrata. It uses only a minimal number of climbing aids. A tightly stretched steel rope can be used for belaying as well as an aid to locomotion. This via ferrata is considered difficult. Beginners should not do the via ferrata at all or only in the company of an experienced guide. From the end of the via ferrata, a footpath leads to the top station of the cable car in about twenty minutes. This via ferrata is promoted by the Associazione Amici di Delio Ossola.


  • 250 m length
  • 150 meters of altitude
  • Start: Pazallo (middle station of the cable car)
  • End: San Salvatore (mountain station)
  • very difficult (K4)

Via Ferrata dei tre Signori

This via ferrata is located on the mountain Cima d'Erbea (2338 m a.s.l.) at Sasso Torrasco. Sasso Torrasco is a rock face between Mornera and Capanna Albagno. It is located above Monte Carasso and is very craggy. The hike to the via ferrata starts and ends at 1,347 meters above sea level at the top station of the Carasso - Mornera cable car. Including the hike, you should allow about 5.5 hours. The bottom station is in the district of Orenno-Gaggio in Bellinzona

There are three ways to walk the via ferrata: K3/K4-K5 (K5 = difficile). All three variants each connect a ridge rib with small peaks. A fifteen-meter suspension bridge is the highlight of the via ferrata at the end of the via difficile. The entire via ferrata is controlled by the CAS Bellinzona e Valli association. The Via difficile should only be used by very experienced climbers. Climbing tours under the guidance of experienced mountain guides are offered.


  • 600 -900 m length
  • 400 or 500 meters of altitude
  • K4, K5, K6

Artificial climbing routes at the dam of the Sambuco lake

These climbing routes overcome 165 meters of altitude and are freely accessible. The key will be given out at the Fusio lodgings. However, the presence of a climbing guide is strongly recommended by the organizer. Approximately from August 20 to September 10, the site will be closed for the breeding protection of swallows.

Lago di Sambuco is located in the municipality of Lavizzara in the Levontine Alps. Above the village of Fusio, it lies at 1,461 meters above sea level in the Lavizzara Valley


  • 5 routes
  • 100 meters of altitude
  • K4- K5

Sport climbing at Luzzone dam

Artificial climbing routes have been created at the Luzzone dam. The dam is located in the Blenio Valley and is 160 meters high. The access keys are deposited in the restaurant next to the dam. In order to be allowed to climb, CHF 20.00 per person must be paid and a deposit of CHF 100.- must be left at the Luzzone restaurant when the key is handed over

The approach is via the Biasca freeway exit. Via Malvaglia you get to Olivone and drive through a tunnel to Campo at 1,215 m above sea level. Now you get to the Luzzone dam, which has a parking lot

Kayaking, stand up paddle, sailing and windsurfing

Vacation at the lake is almost always associated with the desire to be active or passive on the water. Those who prefer to be active have a wide range of options here.

Kayak and canoe on Lake Lugano

Kayaks and canoes can be rented around Lake Lugano. For the inexperienced, guided kayak tours are offered by various kayak clubs. One is located at the Monte Generoso campground and another at TCS Camping Lugano-Muzzano.at the northern end of the left arm of Lake Lugano. The Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort in Cima di Porlezza also rents canoes and kayaks. There is a short briefing before launching from the 3000 square meter private beach

Stand up Paddle rents for example the big SUP school in Agno or the Centro Magliaso SUP in Magliaso. Courses and taster sessions as well as kids camps are also offered here. Boards for SUP are also rented at the lido in Riva San Vitale on the southeasternmost arm of Lake Lugano.

Windsurfing on Lake Lugano

In Riva San Vitale there is also - very close to Monte San Giorgio - a windsurfing club. It is located on a strip of land in the lake called Batüda Riva San Vitale

The Windsurfing Club Riva San Vitale offers training in windsurfing and rents out surfboards. It uses for this purpose the area of the river "La Valle", which flows into Lake Lugano directly at the Batüda. This place is considered ideal to learn the easy gliding on the lake, which is done only with the power of the wind. This club is the only one to offer this activity on Lake Lugano


Sailing is a popular pastime on Lake Maggiore. At least in spring and autumn there is a strong enough breeze for it. It is worth going out in the early morning. Then the Tramontana provides the necessary lift. This is a northerly wind that comes down from the mountains and passes over the lake. Near Verbania and Lavena the mountains rise particularly steeply. Therefore, here the winds are also particularly strong. In the afternoon, the Inverna blows from south to north across Lake Maggiore.

On Lake Lugano the best spots are in Lugano or west of it in Agno or Bioggio The sailing school Asconautica is located in Ascona.

Sailing schools on Lake Maggiore:

  • TSS watersports center on the Lido in Cannobio: rents sailboats and gives sailing courses for beginners as well as regatta sailors
  • lagomaggiore.cruises: skipper Martin Frauchiger takes visitors on interesting cruises (1/2 day to 3 days). He owns a 35-foot yacht.


Colorful houses behind beautiful sandy beaches, palm trees and a wonderful surrounding mountain landscape. What more beautiful scenery is there for a boat trip? On Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore, shipping companies offer trips across the lakes. They and their ships are briefly presented below.

Lake Lugano Navigation Company (Ceresio Lake)

The shipping company has nine ships, five of which are wheelchair accessible. These ships include: Italia (additional stair lift to the upper inner deck, wheelchair accessible toilets) Lugano (additional stair lift to the upper deck, wheelchair accessible toilets) San Gottardo (also wheelchair accessible toilets) Milano Ceresio

There are also two historic ships among them, one of which (Vedetto 1908) has been restored as an electric and solar-powered passenger ship.

The boat schedule is valid for the summer from 01 May to 24 October 2021. In addition to the daily route schedule across the lake, excursions and cruises across the lake are also offered.

Sales counters are available in Lugano center, Lugano Giardino, Paradiso, Gandria and Morcote.


  • 40 landing stages
  • Boats for 200-300 persons

The restaurant is managed by Cambusa Lugano.

Examples of tours:

  • Classic Tour: Lugano - Gandria - Lugano
  • Lunch Boat Tour: Lugano - Porto Ceresio - Lugano
  • Magic Tour: Lugano - Gandria - Lugano
  • Golden Tour: Lugano - Porto Ceresio - Lugano
  • Scenic Tour: Lugano - Porlezza - Lugano
  • Giro Grotti: Morcote - Porto Ceresio - Morcote
  • International Tour: Lugano - Ponte Tresa - Lugano
  • Lake & Mountain Tour: Lugano - Capolago - Porto Ceresio - Lugano
  • Corse Arcobaleno: Morcote - Porto Ceresio - Morcote

Lake Lugano has a special shape. Its arms reach in all directions and the shores have partly uncontaminated nature. The picturesque villages in other places make a boat trip on Lake Lugano special

Lake Lugano Navigation Company (Lago Maggiore)

The shipping company offers a public shipping service, but not a scheduled service. The connection between the towns and the excursion destinations is made by modern and comfortable motorboats.

The boat schedule is valid for the period from 04 May to 24 October 2021.

Examples of tours:

  • Borromean Islands
  • Fishermen Island
  • Isola Madre (Mother Island)
  • Isola Bella
  • Hermitage of Santa Catarina del Sasso
  • Brissago Islands
  • Castelli di Cannero

In addition to the impressive Swiss basin, the Bolle di Magadino nature reserve, the Brissago Islands or the Falconeria di Locarno (Locarno Falcon Park), for example, can be discovered during a cruise across Lake Maggiore.

Mountain biking

Ticino is a popular area for mountain bikers, cyclists and e-bikers. Youngsters regularly train on the mountain at Monte Tamaro, and major cycling competitions are held there from time to time. There are 70 kilometers of marked bike paths here. Monte Brè is also very suitable for cycling. Mountain railroads that take mountain bikes and bicycles are listed on this page.

Monte Tamaro - Hills and mountains, rivers and lake

On this route bikers can ride the most fascinating landscapes of the area in a single tour. The hilly area crosses the panoramic mountains of Monte Tamaro and Monte Lema. The rivers and deltas Magliasina and Vedeggio are descended as well as the famous Lake Maggiore, into which they flow. The start is directly at the mountain station on Alpe Foppa. The tour ends in Rivera at its valley station.

Facts: heavy tour 65,6 km length 7 hours duration 1120 vertical meters ascent 2184 meters of altitude descent

Tour from Monte Brè Vetta via Cureggia to Brè

At Monte Brè the bike can be transported by funicular. The bike tour starts at the summit of Monte Brè Vetta. From here the path winds its way via Brè to the heights of Alpe Bolla. On the way to Cureggia you will pass Pian Soldino, Vallà, Preda Grossa. The path goes downhill until Vallà on dirt roads and then goes uphill again. The last section leads along the slopes of Monte Boglia to Brè and is a downhill single trail.


  • moderately difficult tour
  • 15,7 km length
  • 2:15 h Duration
  • 637 meters of altitude

Bike tour from Monte Brè Vetta to Ruvigliana

This easy tour is perfect for people who only occasionally go on a bike tour. It starts at the top of Monte Brè and leads first to the village of Brè. From there, the ride descends to Ruvigliana with great views. In Ruvigliana there is a bike rental shop.


  • easy tour
  • 9,5 km length
  • 0:40 h Duration
  • 619 meters of altitude

Bike tours in the Piora valley

In the Ritom-Piora recreation area, four routes are posted for bikers. The nature trail, however, is off-limits for bikers:

  • Route 65 "Gottardo Bike" (red route), 2nd stage Airolo-Olivone (44 km, 1200 vertical meters): to Lake Ritom you ride from Airolo. Afterwards the ride goes through the Uomo Pass and further downhill to Olivone.
  • Andermatt - Lake Ritom (blue route with 45 km, 1560 m altitude difference): over the Gotthard pass at 2,091 m above sea level you reach Ticino. The ride goes through the Canarias valley towards Airolo until the Strada alta, which continues to Altanca. From here it goes up to the Lago Ritom.
  • Lake Ritom - Olivone (orange route with 30 km, 500 meters of altitude): The ride goes along Lake Ritom to Lake Cadagno and further to the Uomo Pass. Here the panorama of the valley is very good. The tour continues to the Lukmanier Pass, through the Santa Maria Valley and finally to Olivone.
  • Olivone - Biasca (yellow route with 26 km and 220 meters of altitude): this bike tour leads through the Blenio Valley. In Biasca the tour ends and from here you can take the train.

Bike tours Blenio Valley (Nara winter sports area)

This area offers a nice activity for mountain bikers in summer. Starting and ending point is the bus stop Acquarossa-Comprovasco. On the right side of the Blenio Valley, the road is paved. Above Largario it continues like the Gottardo Bike to Foppa. The climb here is very steep, alternatively take the chairlift from Leontica to Cancorì. The Adula glacier and the entire Blenio Valley are wonderful to see before it goes down on the single trail.


  • 24 km length
  • 4 km natural surface
  • 4 km single trail
  • 4:50 hours duration

Horseback riding

Western riding in Valle Leventina is offered by the Leventinawestern horse farm in Osco. Whether a half day, a day or even a whole weekend, everything is possible. In addition to trail rides, it is also possible to participate in courses and for children and teenagers there is a summer riding camp.

Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort in Cima di Porlezza also offers horseback riding for children and adults.

Llama trekking

In Iseo, not far from Lugano, Hanspeter Frei offers llama trekking. You can walk with the animals through the beautiful Malcantone area, spend a night in the hay or pet the animals.

Lamatrekking Ticino, for example, offers llama hikes on Monte Comino in Centovalli. In addition to half-day to full-day tours, treks lasting several days are also offered.


Paragliding is a hobby that can be lived extensively in Ticino. The Club Volo Libero Ticino has published a list of 20 take-off sites and 20 landing sites for paragliders in Ticino.

Tandem flights are offered by several flight schools in Ticino. Some of them are listed here, including phone numbers for three popular jump-off sites.

Monte Tamaro

On Monte Tamaro there are four possible take-off sites and one landing site for paragliders

Tandem paragliding flights with a professional pilot are offered by five paragliding schools.

Cimetta above Locarno

Cimetta is a popular and easy take-off point for paragliders flying over the lake and the Bassa Vallemaggia. In spring, even more flights to the north are possible. Individual pilots reach distances of up to 80 kilometers from here.

Tandem flights are offered by two flight schools.

Mornera above Bellinzona

Mornera is situated at 1.380 m.a.s.l. and offers a beautiful panoramic view. From here very long distance flights are possible, therefore paraglider pilots come from everywhere.

Tandem paragliding flights ( Voli biposto in parapendio) from Mornera are offered by two flight schools.


A flight school is located in the district of Locarno in the village of Gordola. Here tandem jumps or basic and advanced training courses for skydivers are offered. The tandem jumps are made from a height of 4,000 meters


Canyoning is a sport that is gaining more and more followers. Children aged 10-12 years are usually allowed to participate, if they can swim and are in good physical condition

In Ticino there are very many canyons and suitable gorges. These include: Iragna, Lodrino or Cresciano in the Riviera; Giornico in Leventina, Malvaglia and Pontirone in the Blenio Valley; Gordevio, Corippo or Bignasco in Locarnese.

Organized canyoning is offered everywhere. They take place between May and October and also in rainy weather. Canyoning should be practiced only with the prescribed equipment. The accompaniment of certified experts should be a matter of course, otherwise the sport could very quickly become dangerous.

Canyoning in Val Grande

The Val Grande consists in its central part of steep woods and rocks that surround a wild gorge. Canyoning is a popular activity in this gorge. It is recommended to do this only with a local and experienced canyon guide. Guided tours for beginners, families or advanced are conducted with a certified canyon guide

Canyoning in the Verzasca Valley

The Wild Corippo Gorge is quite suitable for canyoning in the Verzasca Valley, also for families and beginners if they take a guided tour. In the Verzasca Valley guided canyoning tours are conducted with certified canyon guides.

Canyoning in Val Di Vira

Val di Vira is located right next to the beautiful Lago di Maggiore. Short canyon sections alternate with stream sections. They are often used for beginners' courses in canyoning. There are well suited rappelling points, slides or jumping points. Canyoning lasts about two hours. The canyon may be entered between May 1 and October 1.

Canyoning in Val d`Iragna

The gorge in Val d`Iragna is ideal for a demanding canyoning. Waterfalls up to forty meters high give additional challenge and fun. There is climbing, abseiling, sliding and swimming. These tours are conducted daily between June and October.

The Lodrino Gorge has a canyon that is considered particularly beautiful and has several nice rappels, slides and jumps. Narrow passages and deep pools bring additional excitement. This canyon is only suitable for experienced canyoneers. At a 50-meter rappel point, a waterfall suddenly comes out of the rock after the first third and showers the canyoneers properly. Canyoning here takes about 6-7 hours. Guided tours with a certified canyoneer are offered, for example, from and to Riviera

The Boggera Gorge also has thunderous and clear water to offer. Here, especially the many natural slides are a destination point for canyonists. This canyon is also suitable for beginners with professional guide.

Rope park

Rope parks are getting bigger and bigger and more and more popular. They have different levels of challenge and skill and thus quite a few courses that want to be overcome. The whole family can spend a whole day here, but athletes also like to use the requirements for training. All rope parks in Switzerland belong to the Association of Swiss Rope Parks and meet their requirements

In Ticino there are two large parks that have now become adventure parks.

Rope Park at Monte Tamaro

The rope park has evolved over time into an adventure park. Here you can also find the Final Tamaro Jumping. From a height of 15 meters you can jump here.

The rope park itself consists of fixed and movable obstacles stretched through the branches of centuries-old beech trees. For the safety of guests, a new carabiner system has been introduced. The "Clic-it" prevents simultaneous unhooking from the safety ropes. Safety ropes are located on all courses. Three courses (mini, medium, large) are tailored to the minimum age of the participants. Each course, in turn, consists of a large variety of exercises. In total there are 63 obstacles with different levels of difficulty for the whole family.

Parcours large

It is open to people who are at least 140 cm tall and 9 years old. Different levels of difficulty, which gradually increase, are mastered here. The course leads through the entire forest. The crowning finale is the Final Tamaro Jumping from a height of 15 meters. However, the jumping is closed in summer 2021 until further notice.

Course medium

This course may be used by children with a height between 120 cm and 150 cm and from the 7th birthday. With exercises at a height of three to eight meters, it mainly involves safety exercises.

Course mini

Children from 4 years old can participate if they are not taller than 130 cm. The course is exclusively for children and brings the exercises of the higher courses at a height of about one meter. The different levels of difficulty can thus be practiced and mastered even by the youngest. These regulations must be respected.

Last access to the courses from April to the end of the first week of November:

  • large 2:30 p.m. (July/August 3:30 p.m.)
  • medium 15:30 (July/August 16:30)
  • mini 15:30 (July/August 16:30)

Gordola Rope Park

The rope park has several courses of different difficulty levels. There are 75 games to be played on nine levels of difficulty. 1100 meters of ropes are stretched between the trees as floating courses. For this purpose, floating platforms made of wood or ropes have been attached, cables and pulleys have been mounted. Here, balance exercises or concentration tests can be experienced by oneself. Jumping from tree to tree can be practiced all over the area


Soaring through the air with the Tyrolienne while enjoying the landscape: this dream can also come true in Ticino.

Tyrolienne on Monte Tamaro

The Tyrolienne at Monte Tamaro starts near the mountain station. After a short briefing, visitors are secured to the steel cable with a pulley that is connected to a safety harness. Over a length of about 400 meters, the ride descends into the valley at a speed of up to 60 kilometers per hour. An automatic braking system stops the ride safely at the finish line. Children from the age of 9 are allowed to participate. The maximum weight is 110 kilograms. Open from April through the first week of November from 10:30 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. (until 5:40 p.m. in July and August). Facts:

  • Length: 440 m
  • Average gradient: 10%
  • Height difference: 42 m
  • Maximum speed: 60 km/h
  • Diameter of the steel cable: 14,5 mm
  • Regulations Tyrolienne

Tyrolienne in Gordola

Following a large rope park, there is a 150-meter-long Tyrolienne in Gordola, only about five kilometers from Locarno. It leads back to the starting point of the adventure park. 15 small tyroliennes are integrated in the adventure park.

Summer toboggan run

Why toboggan only in winter? Large and branched summer toboggan runs invite you to do this also in summer. Besides, the beautiful landscape can be enjoyed.

Summer toboggan run on Monte Tamaro

Near the top station at Alpe Foppa there is a large summer toboggan run . It is 800 meters long and contains several traffic circles and curves. In the double bob you can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h. Children from the age of three are allowed to ride along with persons at least eight years old (at least 1.35 m tall). The toboggan run is open from April until the end of the first week of November from 9:00 - 16:45. In the months of July and August is open one hour longer, until 17:45.


  • Track length: 800 meters
  • Height difference: 80 meters
  • Maximum speed: 50 km/h
  • Terms of Use

Bosco Gurin

The famous sledding resort also opened a summer toboggan run in July 2021. The track begins in Rossboda and stretches for a kilometer all the way to Capanna. The toboggan lift type rests on a single track. This allows for an unusual incline in the curve. The summer toboggan run is suitable for adults and children and is open daily (except Mondays). The track should also run in winter.

Swing the World - giant swings with panoramic view

Swing the World is more than just swings. Behind them is a carefree attitude to life that can be lived out on a panoramic swing, especially by the lake or in the mountains. And more and more new swings are being added.

Elisa Cappelletti and Fabio Balassi, young people from Ticino, had the idea during the lockdown to manufacture wooden swings and install them in impressive places in Ticino. This idea has since been enthusiastically received everywhere.

Monte Generoso

In July 2021, Monte Generoso received the first "Swing the World" swing in Mendrisiotto. The giant panoramic swing provides a 360-degree view of Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore, the Alpine chain, the Muggio Valley and even the Po Valley. It takes 14 minutes to reach Monte Generoso by rack railroad.

Bosco Nero - Nara

One of the two swings of the Nara region is in the Belnio Valley. It can be reached quickly from the Cancori chairlift. It is located in a clearing of the Bosco Nero near the Bar Pela at 1,760 m. From here you have a view of the highest peak of Ticino

Pizzo Zucchero above the Onsernone Valley

The swing is located on the top of Pizzo Zucchero and must be hiked in about 30 minutes. The Funivia Alpe Salei cable car takes visitors up to Alpe Salei at 1,783 meters above sea level in seven minutes beforehand.

Cardada above Locarno

Right next to the top station of the Orselina-Cardada cable car, there is a large wooden swing on Locarno's local mountain. From here you can see as far as the Dufourspitze (4,634 m above sea level), the highest mountain in Switzerland.

Waterfall (Cascata) of Foroglio

The Cascata di Foroglio is located outside the tourist routes. It cascades down from 110 meters high rocks near the village of Foroglio. The water flows into the river Calnègia. The swing is placed between two trees on the other side of the river, so you have a direct view of the waterfall. The swing is reached from Foroglio by a short walk. Foroglio is located about 35 kilometers north of Locarno in the Bavona Valley. The traditional stone houses of the village are built around a 15th century church and are also worth seeing

Shaka Beach on the eastern shore of Lake Maggiore

This swing is located in Vira (Gambarogno) on the northeast shore of Lake Maggiore at a bar of Shaka Beach.

Village of Rasa in the mountains of Centovalli

The village is situated at 898 m above sea level in the mountains of Centovalli. It is reached by the Centovalli Railway from Locarno and a cable car from Verdasio

Even more Swing the World swings

are available in:

  • Vira-Gambarogno
  • north of the village of Morcote above the famous church of Santa Maria del Sasso
  • at Campofelice Camping Village on Lake Maggiore
  • Ascona, in the Piazza Giuseppe Motta
  • Parco San Grato, Carona (Lugano)
  • Morcote in Paradiso near Lugano
  • Monte di Aula, Centovalli Valley (reachable by cable car from Verdasio to Monte di Comino station)
  • Carì-Predèlp, Leventina Valley

Cross-country skiing

Winter also exists in Ticino, even if it is milder than elsewhere in Switzerland. Cross-country ski trails are groomed between December and March. There are six areas with cross-country ski trails. On this page the current snow reports are listed

Cross-country skiing tracks Ambrì-Piotta

A 12-kilometer trail groomed for classic and skating runs along the valley floor near Piotta. It leads to the Audan Lakes, Quinto and Tre Easy B&B Stella AlpinaCappelle. A 400-meter long circular trail at Caffè Ticino is lighted in the evening. Information by phone: +41 91 868 12 12.

Cross-country skiing trails Bedretto

The 6.5-kilometer cross-country ski trail is groomed in the valley. Difficulties for all levels are included

  • green trail: 2,5 km (easy)
  • blue trail: 3,2 km (medium)
  • red trail: 0,8 km (difficult)

Cross-country skiing equipment can be rented at the hotel. Showers and changing rooms are also available here: Tel. 091 869 17 14. Information about the cross-country ski trails on mobile: +41 79 704 39 05.

Campra cross-country ski trails

The Campra cross-country skiing center offers a total of 30 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails. It is located in the upper Blenio Valley at 1,400 m above sea level, south of the Lukmanier Pass. The cross-country ski center has been modernized and has a lodge with spa. A total of 76 beds are available. International competitions are held here and there is a black run for professionals. The panoramic map shows an overview at the Gotthard Pass

  • blue trail: 6 km (medium)
  • red trail: 15 km (difficult) in equal parts uphill, flat, downhill
  • black trail: 9 km (expert trail)

Dalpe cross-country skiing trails

The 5 km long track can be shortened after 1.5 km, 2.5 km or 3.5 km. The trails are prepared for classic and skating style.

Cross-country skiing track Prato Leventina

2 km is the length of the lighted track

Cross-country skiing tracks Sonogno

5 kilometers of red trails wind through the Val Redorta. 400 meters of blue trail lies south of the village. Sonogno lies at an altitude of 918 meters above sea level and also has snowshoe trails and winter hiking trails, as well as an ice rink for skating.


There are 121 km of trails and 33 ski lifts throughout Ticino. In the north of Ticino are the Swiss Alps. Here there are twelve ski resorts to choose from. Most of them are located in the Valle Leventina.

  • 30 km Nara - Leontica (Blenio Valley)
  • 30 km Bosco Gurin - Grossalp (Lake Maggiore and its valleys)
  • 30 km Pesciüm - Airolo (Valle Leventina)
  • 20 km Cari (Valle Leventina)
  • 5 km Prato (Valle Leventina)
  • 2 km Campo Blenio (Blenio Valley)
  • 1,5 km Mogno (Val Lavizzara)
  • 1 km Lüina - Airolo (Valle Leventina)
  • 1 km Alpe di Neggia (Lake Maggiore and its valleys)
  • 0,4 km Cios Prato - Bedretto (Bedretto Valley)
  • 0,3 km Bedea - Novaggio (Bedretto Valley)
  • 0.2 km Dalpe (Valle Leventina)

Lift facilities and restaurants are available everywhere.

The small ski area of Alpe di Neggia is located only fifteen kilometers from Lake Maggiore at 1,400 meters above sea level. From Vira, San Nazzaro or Maccagno (Italy) the ski area is reached by taking the road to Indemini. The total length of the slopes is one kilometer. There is a platter lift (500 meters long with 250 vertical meters) and a mini lift (150 meters long with 30 vertical meters).


Three official toboggan runs are particularly popular in Ticino. All are directly accessible via chairlifts

Bosco Gurin toboggan run

The toboggan run starts at the middle station of the Ritzberg chairlift in Rossboda. About three kilometers it goes back down to the village Bosco Gurin. Here you can get back on the chairlift to the top. The toboggan run is also well suited for families

Cari toboggan run

The toboggan run in Carì is reached with the chairlift Car i- Brusada. It is suitable for the whole family. The track overcomes about 350 meters of altitude difference on a length of three kilometers.

Nara toboggan run

The winter sports area in the Blenio Valley offers a total of ten kilometers of toboggan run. The run in Pian Nara can be reached from Leontica by chairlift via Cancori. The five-kilometer-long toboggan run climbs 480 meters in altitude to Cancori and also passes through small villages. It can be extended by another five kilometers from Cancori to Leontica. The lifts and slopes are open daily in February, and only on weekends in March


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