Chenten Alp
Chenten Alp

The Tschentenalp - with the gondola lift in five minutes to the excursion paradise

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Chenten Alp


The "mountain of views" is accessed by a gondola lift which, as a group circulating lift, takes its guests to the top in five minutes.

  • Opposite the summit restaurant rise the three-thousand-meter peaks: the Lohnermassiv, the Tschingellochtighorn and the Wildstrubel.
  • A hike from the TschentenAlp to the Choleren Gorge is suitable as an easy hike for the whole family and shows the roaring Tschentenbach as a highlight very close.
  • A tobogganing tour leads from TschentenAlp on a particularly wide slope six kilometers down to the valley.

Tschentenalp: location and approach

The TschentenAlp is located above Adelboden in the Bernese Oberland. It is reached by the gondola Adelboden - TschentenAlp.

The valley station of the cable car is located in the center of Adelboden. From Bern you can get to Adelboden in about 90 minutes by public transport:

  • Bern - Spiez IC 6 SBB and Spiez - Frutigen BLS or directly Bern - Frutigen (RE direction Domodossola)

  • Frutigen - Adelboden Post with the Bus B 230

By car Adelboden is reached via the A6 in about one hour. From the parking garage to the Tschentenbahn station Adelboden is about five minutes walk.

Operating hours of the gondola lift

During the seasonal periods from about mid-December to about mid-March and from the beginning of July to about mid-October, the gondola runs every quarter of an hour every day between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm

gondola gondola19.12.2020 - 21.03.202101.07.2021 - 24.10.2021
09:00 - 17:00 hevery 15 minutesevery 15 minutes
16:45 hlast ascentlast ascent
17:00 hlast descentlast descent

In the mid-season May-June and the end of October it does not run daily, but mostly on weekends. Precondition is good weather. Exact information, also about special travel times during events, can always be found on the page operating times.

The gondola lift type UK-15 was built in 1991 and overcomes on a length of 1,257 meters about 590 meters of altitude between Adelboden and TschentenAlp.

Facts about the gondola lift Adelboden - TschentenAlp:

  • 15-seater group circulating lift (gondolas)

  • 257 m length

  • 590 meters altitude difference

  • 950 m top station

  • 370 m valley station

  • Travel time 4 min. 40 sec.

  • 5 m per second

  • 810 persons per hour

Giant Swing and other sights on TschentenAlp

The Tschentenalp offers wonderful viewpoints. From the mountain restaurant, but also from various vantage points on the mountain, you can see into the Engstligental, to the Wildstrubel and up to the Wildhorn.

A special viewpoint is located about 400 meters southwest of the top station of the cable car. Another nice photo point is where a large swing has been erected Giant Swing is the name of the swing on the slope of TschentenAlp, which gives the feeling of floating through the air. It is a hanging seat swing, which is also called Rytiplampi in the Bernese Oberland. The swing stands at 1,950 meters above sea level and lets visitors swing back and forth on a five-meter rope. The view is directly directed to the Lohnermassiv on the opposite side.

The use of the Giant Swing is possible all year round and free of charge. The swing is located about 200 meters northeast of the cable car station above the children's ski lift.

A children's playground with a slide and various climbing facilities awaits children near the top station of the gondola lift. The climbing equipment is largely made of wood and ropes. They have been integrated into the terrain in such a way that they ensure the best play experiences for the children. The playground is located directly at the mountain restaurant. In bad weather, children can also climb and slide indoors.

The metal sculpture at the top of TschentenAlp is by Hans Bernhard Luginbühl (* 1929 in Bern; † 2011 in Langnau im Emmental). This sculpture has the name "Mondsäge I". Many of his famous iron sculptures are in public spaces.

Prices on the TschentenAlp

The prices for hiking passes in Adelboden-Lenk can be seen here. In summer, combination tickets can also be purchased as "GenussPlus". They include the train ride and an additional credit of CHF 20 for the restaurant.

  • Combi with train one way 29 CHF
  • Combi with train return 34 CHF

Summer prices of the gondola lift (CHF) in the season 2021

Single travelerAdultsChildrenSeniors
groups from 10 persons, Half-Fare Card, GA, Guest Cardadultschildren
family card2 adults, 1 childeach additional child

Winter prices ski and snowboard incl. gondola (CHF) in the season 2020/2021

A day ticket for a family (2 adults, 2 children) costs 110 CHF.

Ski pass incl. cable carAdultsChildrenYouthSeniors
1 day55,0050,0046,0031,00
4 hours48,0046,0042,0026,00
2 hours38.0036.0030.0020.00
conveyor belt/day30.0018.00

Winter prices for sledging and night sledging incl. gondola lift (CHF) in the 2020/2021 season

Sledging pass and cable carAdults/Seniors/YouthChildrenFamilies (with own children)
1 day41,0026,0098,00
4 hours36,0021,0078,00
2 hours27,0015,0057,00
night sledding36,0021,0078,00
rent for sledgesadults/seniors/youngsterschildren
4 hours to 1 day15,00
2 hours10,0010,00
night sledding10,0010,00

Day tickets for ski passes Tschenten and Adelboden-Link are valid without surcharge for night sledging. More detailed information on this and other prices can be found on the Tschentenalpbahnen website.

Activities on the Tschentenalp

TschentenAlp is not only a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers in summer. Paragliders also find very favorable conditions here. Summer activities therefore include:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Paragliding

Hikes to and from Tschentenalp

For hiking, there are shorter and longer hikes, most of which are classified as easy to moderately difficult. Especially inexperienced hikers can take the gondola up to TschentenAlp in five minutes and hike downhill on pleasant trails. Many of these paths are passable all year round. Dangerous fixed rope routes are not on the way here. The special mountain panorama can already be enjoyed from the terrace of the mountain restaurant.

On the TschentenAlp there are various hiking trails, which are marked accordingly. These include various paths downhill to the village of Adelboden, which can also be walked uphill in the opposite direction.

Among the most popular hikes are these destinations:

  • Höreli Alpine Garden on the Lower Hörnli Trail
  • Upper Hörnliweg
  • The Choleren gorge with the Tschentenbach waterfall
  • The deep rock funnel of the Pochtenkessel, where the Engstlige and Otterebach rivers meet
  • Upper Fluhweide with a view of the Wildstrubel massif
  • The Schermtanne with restaurant and hotel and the view of the Stiegelschwand
  • The Schwandfeldspitz (2025 m)

Mountain biking at Tschentenalp

Mountain bikes are transported free of charge by gondola to TschentenAlp. The descent from the mountain is on hard trails, which are partly tarred between Ausserschwand via Möser to Tschentenegg.

The descent towards Schermtanne, which is often used by mountain bikers, is popular with hikers and must therefore be ridden with particular care.

E- mountain bikers can easily manage the way to Tschentenalp without the gondola lift. E- mountain bikes can be rented in Adelboden at Büschlen.

Popular tours are:

  • Panorama tour Adelboden via Bütschegga, Mösere to Tschentenalp and via Blachti and Allebach back to Adelboden
  • Bikeroute 20 Engstligen to Loop: More than 2000 meters of altitude are covered up and down in about 6.5 hours of riding time. However, the ride can be broken off at some points beforehand, as it goes around Adelboden. There are also eight places to stop for refreshments along the route.
  • Bikeroute 11 Adelboden to Tschentenalp and via Schermtanne back to Adelboden
  • Adelboden to Tschenten and via Hahnemoos and Chuenis to Tschenten: this tour includes 2800 vertical meters and two gondola rides.

Paragliding from Tschentenalp

Paragliding from TschentenAlp is a very popular sport. The jump is made from the Schwandfälspitz.

From the top station of the gondola lift, the path leads southeast for about ten minutes to the large take-off area at Schwandfälspitz. Even in January, climb rates of 2-3 meters per second are not uncommon here. In the Oey near the cemetery is the paraglider landing site.

If you don't like to fly yourself, watch the paragliders as they spread out their paragliders on the meadow (or on the snow), secure harnesses and jump into the air after a few steps.

The winter season starts at TschentenAlp around mid-December and ends around mid-March. Between the end of the mid-season in early December and the beginning of the winter season, all facilities are closed.

The main winter activities at Tschentenalp include:

  • Winter hiking and snowshoeing

  • Sledging and night sledging

  • Ski & Snowboard, Snowfarming

  • Snowbiking

Hikes are for example over the Schermtanne to Adelboden or to the Höreli also in winter very pleasant and easily feasible.

For snowshoe hikes the path via the TschentenAlp mountain station, Tschentenegg and Möser to the chairlift valley station is used. The hiking time is 1.5 hours.

Sports equipment can be rented at the Tschentenbahnen itself or at Harisport.

Sledging and night sledging at TschentenAlp

At TschentenAlp there are several tracks suitable for sledging. The toboggan runs are generally separated from the ski runs, there is only one crossing point.

With the purchase of the tobogganing ticket, the desired sport equipment can be rented if necessary: Skibock, Skigibel, Balancer, Airboard (air cushion sled) or classic Davos sled are available.

The sledding trail network from TschentenAlp has a total length of 14 kilometers and is divided into six routes:

  • Möser easy: 2.2 km, return trip with chairlift

  • Möser medium and Möser (airboard): 2.0 km, return trip with chairlift

  • Möser medium: 1,5 km, return trip with chair lift

  • Möser difficult: 1,0 km, return trip with chair lift

The toboggan runs start next to the top station of the chair lift. From here they lead down over the Tschentenegg and end after about 300 meters of descent at the latest at the valley station of the chair lift. After a 3.5 minute ride, you are back at the top station.

  • Valley: 6.0 km, combined sledding/hiking (by bus to the mountain railroad or walking time 45 minutes)

  • Valley (Skibock slope) difficult: 1.5 km

Every Wednesday and Saturday evening the toboggan runs are illuminated between 6 pm and 9 pm for night tobogganing. The restaurants serve hot mulled wine or a fondue. The last descent of the gondola group gondola is at 10 pm.

The operating times for sledging and night sledging in the winter season 2020/2021

operating hoursfrom - to
sledging09:00 to 16:30
night sledging18:00 to 21:00 on Saturdays and Wednesdays
cable car for night sledgingfrom 18:00 every 30 minutes
last ascent night sledging8 p.m.
last descent night sledging10 pm

Ski & Snowboard

For skiing and snowboarding, the area around Tschentenalp has 7.5 kilometers of slopes that invite carving because of their width. Details can be found in the piste map.

The slopes are composed of 1.5 kilometers of blue slope and 6 kilometers of red slope. In addition, there are about 2.5 kilometers of freeride. Blue slopes are suitable for beginners, as they have little gradient. Red slopes are for advanced skiers.

For children there is a children's ski lift. The youngest practice in the Tschenten practice fun park

The operating hours of the lifts in the winter season 2020/2021

operating hoursfrom - toweekdays
chair lift09:00 to 16:30daily
ski lift09:00 to 16:30weekends
Skilift during school vacations09:00 to 16:30daily


Snowfarming has been a tradition on Tschentenalp for several years. At the end of the winter, snow is gathered by the snowcats, well packed with ten-centimeter-thick insulation sheets, fleece and plastic film.

The snow is saved to be used again in October as the first snow of the season. It is mainly used by junior racers for practice from mid-October, but private individuals can also use the race slope from Fridays to Sundays from November.


Snowbiking, or snow biking, is a young sport that is increasingly practiced in Switzerland. A snowbike is a mixture of a motocross and a snowmobile. There is a standard dirtbike frame and the engine and suspension are also retained. Instead of wheels, skis are attached and often there is even a track mounted on the back like on a snowmobile.

Snow biking is allowed on the slopes at certain times. The route used is the slopes up to the valley station of the chairlift. The ride continues via Ausserschwand and the main road back to the valley station of the Tschenten gondola.

The Infosnowkarte shows if there is enough snow or if the slope has been closed for weather reasons.

Events on the Tschentenalp

Motoskicross is as Tschentencross a fun event on the TschentenAlp. Both ski cup races and motocross races have always been held here. From both sports now a race was created, where a skier and a motorcyclist form a team.

Every year at the beginning of March, the Swiss Championships in Skibock driving take place at TschentenAlp. A skibock is an intermediate between a ski and a toboggan.

Dr Gälb Cup with JO animation giant slalom traditionally takes place at the end of March in the training center on the snowfarming slope of Tschentenalp.

For the New Year's Eve with 5 courses in the mountain restaurant TschentenAlp from 18:30 - 23:55, seats must be reserved in advance. Mountain rides 0:30 o'clock, 1:00 o'clock and 1:30 o'clock.

In July there is the Tschentenjutz on the Schnarihubl with the Yodel Club Adelboden and the Örgeli-Trio Furggiblick, followed by the Chilbi in the TschentenAlp restaurant.

In summer there are concerts on the terrace of the mountain restaurant from time to time, for example with Nils Burri. On Sundays there is either TschentenGrill or brunch at the mountain restaurant.

All current events can be found on the page Events of the Tschentenbahn.

Mountain Restaurant, Tschenten Chalet and Tschenten Drom on TschentenAlp

In total there are three houses on Tschenten, the mountain restaurant, the Tschenten Chalet and the Tschenten Drom.

Mountain restaurant on the TschentenAlp

As a self-service restaurant, the mountain restaurant on the TschentenAlp offers warm cuisine with soups of the day and fried sausages until 3 pm. In addition, cold snacks, salad and cakes are offered.

The restaurant can be booked for celebrations with family, company or club. For this purpose, banquet proposals are available, which are customized. Raclette evenings are regularly held here between 18:00 and 22:00. The last gondola descends on these evenings at 22:00.

Wedding aperitifs for wedding guests and their guests at the top of the mountain are an exceptional culmination of the most beautiful day and, with the mountains in the background, provide the backdrop for unforgettable experiences and beautiful wedding photos.

The Enjoyment Plus promotion offers inexpensive mountain or uphill and downhill rides combined with a CHF 20 voucher in the mountain restaurant.

The opening hours of the mountain restaurant are coordinated with the operating hours of the gondola lift.


The Tschentendrom is an après-ski bar inside a glass sphere right at the top station of the cable car. It is heated and offers hunter's tea, mulled wine and other drinks with pleasant music. Around the Drom are benches, tables and loungers

During the night sledging the Tschentendrom is also open. The opening hours of the Tschentendrom are coordinated with the operating hours of the gondola.


The Tschentenchalet is a hostel for up to 20 people. It can be rented completely by groups, companies or families. Besides a double room there is an eight-bed room and a ten-bed room. In addition to a bathroom with shower and toilet, there is WLAN. Overnight guests receive breakfast and 6 pm dinner: Cheese fondue, 2-course or 3-course dinner.

BreakFree is a promotion in the summer (around mid-June to the end of October), where overnight guests are allowed to use the mountain railroads free of charge. In addition to the cable car to TschentenAlp, this also includes the cable cars to Engstligenalp, Silleren-Hahnenmoos and Elsigenalp.