The Magic Portal | Puzzle Adventure in the Old Town of St. Gallen

Provided By: Team Escape GmbH

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Unique adventure for young and old

Puzzle experience through the charming old town of St. Gallen

Journey to the magical world of goblins and trolls

An AdventureRoom under the open sky

Use of various gadgets


The world of goblins and trolls needs your help. In the most beautiful old town of Switzerland, you will help to redeem the world from evil forces during this adventure. During two hours, equipped with IPad and ActionPack (a special bag with game utensils), you solve many exciting and challenging puzzles

On your journey, with the help of the magic device, you will meet many mystical creatures and search for hidden treasure chests. Imagine a computer game coming to life in your immediate surroundings. A game like you've never experienced before.

Your adventure starts in the middle of the old town at the Adventure Rooms St. Gallen. There are many restaurants and bars in the vicinity, so that you can celebrate your success after the two hours or, if necessary, come to terms with your defeat.

At the meeting point you will be equipped with IPad (your magic device) and ActionPack. After a short introduction, the adventure can begin. The puzzles will lead you through the charming old town of St. Gallen. You'll walk past churches steeped in history and beautiful squares. It's the perfect way to get to know the city better

But be careful: only through teamwork you will be successful. So get a good puzzle team together. This adventure is excellent for corporate events, company and school outings, stag parties and also simply as an experience with friends. The difficulty level is on the easy side, so it is very suitable for families and puzzle beginners

For the standard game, your team should consist of 2-6 people. If you want to play with a larger group, there is a possibility to play a multiteam game with 2-6 teams. It is recommended that all participants are at least 9 years old. However, even the youngest may of course run and help out.



90 minutes playing time

20 minutes introduction and debriefing

Meeting place:

Adventure Room St. Gallen Spisergasse 15, 9000 St. Gallen

Important information:

Level of difficulty: easy to medium

Team size: 2-6 people

Multi-team game: 2-6 teams

Language: English and German

Age: at least 9 years recommended, but not necessary

Meeting Points

St. Gallen