20 mountain peaks in Switzerland that you should not miss

The countless mountain peaks in Switzerland are perfect destinations for excursions. Nowhere else can you enjoy a panoramic view of beautiful Switzerland like on one of the 8874 mountain peaks. Whether it's to escape the fog, for the wonderful views, an extended hike or even a culinary experience; with the right ticket, you'll be well prepared for your next day trip. After all, there are a whole 2427 lifts in Switzerland!

In the summit directory of Switzerland are listed a whole 8874 peaks. Starting with the Aletschhorn and ending with the Zugerberg. So if you make up your mind to visit two of these mountains every weekend from today on, then you are immediately scheduled for the next 341 years.

Of course, this is not a realistic scenario. We just want to show you that there are almost endless possibilities to spend your next day trip in Switzerland on a mountain top. Here we list some popular Swiss mountain peaks and give you the matching ideas what you can do and experience on each of them.

The peaks are all accessible by mountain railroads. There are a total of 2427 facilities in Switzerland, which include cable cars, cogwheel railroads, ski lifts, chair lifts, funiculars, and so on. So it's up to you whether you take the cable car both ways or do a section on foot, by paraglider, trotti-bike, snowshoes, skis or sled.


The Schilthorn reached worldwide fame with the release of the James Bond movie "on Her Majesty's Secret Service" in 1969. The name "Piz Gloria" has the revolving restaurant on the mountain top thanks to the film.

From the Schilthorn you have a magnificent view of the mountain peaks of the Bernese Oberland and an unrestricted panorama of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau triumvirate. Various culinary experiences are available at a discounted price with a combination ticket. Included is the round trip from Stechelberg or Mürren to the Schilthorn and back with a delicious meal.

  • Altitude: 2970 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Cable car
  • Bottom stations: Stechelberg and Mürren
  • Activities: Hiking, skiing, paragliding, culinary experiences
  • You can expect: the revolving restaurant Piz Gloria, Bond World, Bond Cinema, viewing platform with information columns, Swiss Skyline
  • Tip: Make a stop at the intermediate station Birg and visit the Thrill Walk
Piz Gloria revolving restaurant Schilthorn (Photo: Schilthornbahn)Piz Gloria revolving restaurant Schilthorn (Photo: Schilthornbahn)
Thrill Walk intermediate station Birg (Photo: Seraina Zellweger)Thrill Walk intermediate station Birg (Photo: Seraina Zellweger)


The Jungfraujoch bears the name "Top of Europe". Here you meet the highest train station in Europe. From Interlaken you travel either via Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen via kleine Scheidegg to the Jungfraujoch. The spectacular Jungfrau Railway runs through the mountain massif of the Mönch and makes a short stop at the intermediate station Eismeer. Here you can admire the impressive glacier world through a glass pane before the journey continues to the final station on the Jungfraujoch.

  • Altitude: 3463 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: cog railroad, cable car (from Grindelwald terminal)
  • Bottom stations: Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald
  • Activities: Glacier hiking, hiking, via ferrata, helicopter flight, snow fun park, snow kiting
  • You can expect: restaurants, viewing platform Sphinx, Lindt store and other shopping possibilities, ice palace, Aletsch glacier
  • Tip: In summer, follow the marked hiking trail for 45 min to the Mönchsjochhütte. Be sure to wear shoes that are suitable for hiking.

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Sphinx Jungfraujoch viewing platform (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Sphinx Jungfraujoch viewing platform (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)
Ice Sea stopover (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)Ice Sea stopover (Photo: Jungfrau Railways)

Brienzer Rothorn

The Brienzer Rothorn is the local mountain of Brienz. It awaits you with a view of over 690 mountain peaks and, of course, Lake Brienz. The highest point in the canton of Lucerne has been reached by the historic steam train from Brienz in the summer months since 1892. The summit is located in a real hiker's paradise. From here you can hike to Lungern, to the Brünig Pass, to Planalp and to Brienz.

To the Harder Kulm above Interlaken there is no direct hiking trail, because the trail stops at the Chruterepass. The section without hiking trail is only passable for physically very fit hikers with appropriate equipment, but is not recommended.

  • Altitude: 2350 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Steam railroad (from Brienz), cable railroad (from Sörenberg)
  • Bottom stations: Brienz, Sörenberg
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing (Sörenberg)
  • You can expect: Rothorn summit restaurant with overnight accommodation, a view of 690 mountain peaks, ride on the historic steam train
  • Tip: With the hiking ticket you can travel three sections by train and hike one section. You can choose the route on foot at the same price.
Brienzer Rothorn view (Photo: BLS)Brienzer Rothorn view (Photo: BLS)
Steam train up the Brienzer Rothorn (Photo: Brienzer Rothorn Bahn AG)Steam train up the Brienzer Rothorn (Photo: Brienzer Rothorn Bahn AG)


The Niederhorn is a very diverse destination for a day trip and is equally suitable for the active, the adventurous and the connoisseur. On a clear day you can see from the Justistal to the Jura mountains and over the Aare valley to the Blüemlisalp. Of course, the three most prominent mountains of the Bernese Oberland - Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau - also adorn the panorama.

Thanks to the great offer with the scooter bikes, the Niederhorn is particularly suitable for families and for young adventurers.

  • Altitude: 1963 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: funicular railroad, group circulating railroad (cable railroad with three connected gondolas)
  • Bottom stations: Beatenbucht, Beatenberg
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, scooter-biking, sledding, winter hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, paragliding
  • You can expect: Berghaus Niederhorn (restaurant with overnight accommodation), panoramic trail, wildlife watching
  • Tip: Combine your visit to the Niederhorn with a trip by steamboat to the Beaten Bay. The valley station is right next to the boat landing.

Swiss Activities offers on the Niederhorn:

Niederhorn cable car (Photo: Niederhornbahn)Niederhorn cable car (Photo: Niederhornbahn)
Sledding on the Niederhorn (Photo: Niederhornbahn)Sledding on the Niederhorn (Photo: Niederhornbahn)


The Männlichen is the local mountain of Wengen and is located in the middle of the Jungfrau region in the Bernese Oberland. The view from this peak is unique. It is said that nowhere else do you have a better view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

There are several themed hiking trails on Männlichen. On the Liselotte Trail, the cow Liselotte has her say at 13 stations. On the Öpfelchüechilweg you will learn about apples. And on the Royal Walk you climb the summit of Männlichen in about 30 minutes. This path is also equipped with several information boards.

  • Altitude: 2342 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Aerial cableway
  • Bottom stations: Wengen and Grindelwald
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, trail running, paragliding, skiing, snowshoeing, sledding
  • Awaiting you: Alpine dairymen's playground, mountain restaurant with deckchairs and overnight accommodation, various themed hiking trails, short hiking trail "Royal Walk", information pillars
  • Special: If you travel from Wengen, you will take a cable car with an open-air balcony on the roof of the cabin. So you can float through the mountain world in the fresh air.
Cable car on the Männlichen (Photo: maennlichen.ch)Cable car on the Männlichen (Photo: maennlichen.ch)
Hiking at Männlichen (Photo: maennlichen.ch)Hiking at Männlichen (Photo: maennlichen.ch)

Grindelwald First

The summit Grindelwald First rightly bears the nickname "Top of Adventure". After you have arrived on the First with the cable car, you are ready to go. With the First Glider or the First Flieger you jet through the air with up to 80 km/h. On the suspension bridge of the First Cliff Walk, the racy mountain carts or with the Trotti bikes your pulse will really be raised. The First Cliff Walk juts out 45 m into the void and is the ideal place if you want to get in the mood for any adventures you may have planned.

However, Grindelwald First also offers something for less adventurous excursionists. With a hike to the Schynigen Platte, the marmot trail or on a hike to the idyllic Bachalpsee, there is certainly something for your day trip.

  • Altitude: 2184 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Cable car
  • Bottom station: Grindelwald
  • Activities: First Glider, First Flyer, scooter bike, mountain cart, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing, snowshoeing
  • You can expect: Various possibilities for adventurous and adrenaline-pumping activities
  • Tip: There is a hiking ticket for the Firstbahn and the Jungfraubahn, with which you can combine a hike from/to Schynige Platte with the train rides.
Grindelwald First (Photo: Destination Jungfrau)Grindelwald First (Photo: Destination Jungfrau)
First Glider (Photo: Destination Jungfrau)First Glider (Photo: Destination Jungfrau)


Tell a child to draw you a mountain, and he draws the Niesen. The eye-catching mountain is enthroned with its two steep flanks and the striking peak on Lake Thun near Spiez. No wonder, thanks to its shape it also bears the nickname "view pyramid".

At just under 3.5 km, the Niesenbahn is one of the longest funicular railroads in Europe. And not only that. The 11,674 steps from Mülenen to the summit form the longest staircase in the world. So if you ever want to really challenge your thighs, this is the perfect opportunity.

From the summit you have a 360° panorama of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz as well as countless mountain peaks in the Alps. On clear days, this even includes Mont Blanc.

  • Altitude: 2362 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Funicular railroad
  • Bottom station: Mülenen
  • Activities: Story rides for families, hiking, paragliding, yoga
  • You can expect: Mountain restaurant with overnight accommodation, Niesendörfli playground, viewing platform, twelve information boards on the way to the platform
  • Special: The Niesenbahn only operates between mid-April and mid-November.
Niesen - the lookout pyramid (Photo: Seraina Zellweger)Niesen - the lookout pyramid (Photo: Seraina Zellweger)
Mountain railroad up the Niesen (Photo: Niesenbahnen)Mountain railroad up the Niesen (Photo: Niesenbahnen)


The Stockhorn is an incredibly versatile excursion destination with a special kind of offer. In summer you can bungee jump and fish at the Hinterstocken and Oberstocken lakes, while in winter ice skating on the frozen Hinterstocken lake and an igloo village await you.

Thanks to numerous hiking trails, you can combine your visit to the Stockhorn with a hike, for example over the Leiterepass, to the Gurnigel. The view on the Stockhorn can also be shown. In the south you can see the snow-covered peaks of the Bernese Oberland - of course including Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and Blüemlisalp - and in the north you can see the Swiss Mittelland.

  • Altitude: 2190 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Cable car
  • Bottom station: Erlenbach im Simmental
  • Activities: Hiking, bungee jumping, fishing, paragliding, climbing, trail running, scooter-bike, winter hiking, snowshoeing, ice skating, ice fishing
  • You can expect: panorama restaurant, free-floating viewing platform, cave raclette, igloo village, information boards about geology and construction of the summit gallery
  • Special: The gallery to the viewing platform is wheelchair and stroller accessible. The glass floor on the platform allows a view 400 m vertically into the depth.

Swiss Activities offers on the Stockhorn:

Viewing platform Stockhorn (Photo: Switzerland Tourism Reto Nyffenegger)Viewing platform Stockhorn (Photo: Switzerland Tourism Reto Nyffenegger)
Natural ice rink Stockhorn (Photo: MySwitzerland)Natural ice rink Stockhorn (Photo: MySwitzerland)


The Pilatus is the local mountain of Lucerne is also called "Dragon Mountain". It is known for its dragon legends and the Drachenmoor nature reserve. From Alpnachstad, the world's steepest cogwheel railroad climbs Pilatus with a gradient of 48%. From Kriens the trip is done with a panorama gondola and the aerial cableway "Dragon Ride".

The Pilatus offers something for everyone. Starting with small children with the adventure playground PILU Land at the intermediate station Krienseregg and ending with the tandem flight from Pilatus. Also culinary the many restaurants have a lot to offer. So there are fondue gondolas, Sunday brunch, Tatarenhut and much more to enjoy.

  • Altitude: 2128 m above sea level.
  • Mountain railroad: rack railroad, cable railroad, panorama gondola
  • Bottom stations: Kriens and Alpnachstad
  • Activities: Hiking, paragliding, mountain biking (no transport of bikes with the mountain railroad) sledging, snowshoeing
  • You can expect: 8 restaurants on and around Mount Pilatus, culinary experiences, Dragon-World, legends and stories about Mount Pilatus, Dragon Moor, children's playground PILU Land, Klimsenkapelle, rope park, Wipfelpfad, astronomy evenings
  • Tip: A return ticket to Mount Pilatus includes travel from Kriens and Alpnachstad. Combine the two spectacular railroads in one day trip by arriving via Stans and returning via Alpnachstad. Or vice versa.
Mountain railroad to Mount Pilatus (Photo: Pilatusbahnen)Mountain railroad to Mount Pilatus (Photo: Pilatusbahnen)
Pilatus - the Dragon Mountain (Photo: Pilatusbahnen)Pilatus - the Dragon Mountain (Photo: Pilatusbahnen)


Many paths lead to the Rigi. A total of nine mountain railroads run from various valley stations on Lake Lucerne to "the queen of the mountains". The Vitznau-Rigi Railway is the oldest cogwheel railroad in Europe and has been taking its guests to the summit since 1871.

On and around the Rigi awaits an extremely wide range of activities for young and old, young and old. With 120 km of hiking trails, the Rigi is a true hiker's paradise. There is everything from easy hikes for families to difficult trails for the more experienced mountaineers.

The Rigi is also an interesting destination for connoisseurs. With culinary offerings in the mountain restaurant and the relaxing Mineralbad & Spa Rigi Kaltbad, Rigi has something for the leisurely visitor.

Thanks to the convenient location of two valley stations directly on the lake (Weggis and Vitznau), you can ideally combine a trip to the Rigi with a boat trip on Lake Lucerne.

  • Altitude: 1797 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroads: cable car, rack railroad
  • Bottom stations: Vitznau, Arth-Goldau, Küssnacht, Kräbel, Weggis, Brunnen, Obergschwend
  • Activities: Hiking, trail running, rope park, mountain biking, llama trekking, paragliding, mini golf, sledding, skiing, winter hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing
  • You can expect: Mountain restaurants, various overnight accommodations, spa and wellness, culinary offers, mountain chapel, horse-drawn carriage, caves, flower trail
  • Tip: With the Rigibahnen day ticket you can use all nine mountain railroads for one day. By the way, the GA is also valid here.
Viewpoint on the Rigi (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Viewpoint on the Rigi (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
The queen of the mountains (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)The queen of the mountains (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)


The Titlis towers over Engelberg with its impressive glacier paradise. The world's first 360° rotating Rotair gondola takes guests to the summit all year round. There are several highlights on the Titlis. These certainly include the Ice Flyer - a chairlift that floats over the glacier - the Glacier Park and the Cliff Walk.

A stop at the Trübsee intermediate station is also worthwhile at any time of year. The SnowXPark attracts in winter with great offers like snowtubing or snowmobile riding. In summer, Trübsee is a good starting point for hiking, canoeing on the lake or mountain bike tours.

  • Altitude: 3238 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Cable car
  • Bottom station: Engelberg
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, via ferrata, zipline, scooter-bike, rowing, kayaking, paragliding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, snow tubing, cross-country skiing
  • You can expect: panorama restaurant, glacier grotto, Titlis SnowXPark, Rotair gondola, Ice Flyer, Titlis Cliff Walk, viewpoint
  • Tip: Also from Engelberg you can reach the Brunni area, which is a wonderful destination in summer and winter. Here you can hike, mountain bike, ski, sled and much more. It is located "on the sunny side of Engelberg".
Rotair to the Titlis (Photo: Titlis Engelberg Tourism)Rotair to the Titlis (Photo: Titlis Engelberg Tourism)
Kayak on the Trübsee (Photo: Titlis Engelberg Tourism)Kayak on the Trübsee (Photo: Titlis Engelberg Tourism)


The Stanserhorn is another popular destination for a day trip on Lake Lucerne. One of the highlights at the Stanserhorn is surely the arrival with the historic funicular and afterwards with the CabriO gondola. Here you climb a spiral staircase to the roof of the gondola and fly in the fresh air over the cable car pylons to the summit.

The Stanserhorn offers a lot for leisurely visitors and families with the walking path to the summit, the Murmelipark and the mountain restaurant. It is also considered a place of power, which is why this special place is popular. But also active people get their money's worth thanks to the many hiking trails.

  • Altitude: 1898 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Funicular railroad, cable railroad
  • Bottom station: Stans
  • Activities: Hiking, paragliding, mountain running
  • You can expect: Mountain restaurant, technology museum, view of 10 lakes, Murmelipark, rangers who explain the flora on the Stanserhorn to you
  • Special: The mountain railroad to the Stanserhorn operates between May and November. The restaurant is especially popular for its legendary and delicious Älplermagronen.
CabriO cable car to the Stanserhorn (Photo: MySwitzerland)CabriO cable car to the Stanserhorn (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Viewing platform on the Faulenzerberg (Photo: Seraina Zellweger)Viewing platform on the Faulenzerberg (Photo: Seraina Zellweger)


From the Gornergrat you have a magnificent view of the Matterhorn. It is said that the view of probably the most famous mountain in Switzerland is nowhere better than here. Provided that the Matterhorn is not hidden behind a veil of clouds, as is so often the case.

From Zermatt, the Gornergratbahn, Europe's highest free cogwheel railroad, takes you up. Up here you are surrounded by 29 four-thousand-meter peaks. These include not only the Matterhorn, but also the Dufourspitze, the highest peak in Switzerland. You can also admire the Monte Rosa glacier on the Gornergrat.

At this altitude, the air is pretty thin and when you climb up to the viewpoint, you will definitely feel your pulse in your throat. So give yourself and your body time to cope with the altitude.

  • Altitude: 3089 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: rack railroad
  • Bottom station: Zermatt
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, sledding, skiing, winter hiking, snowshoeing
  • You can expect: Mountain restaurant, thin and fresh mountain air, view of the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa glacier, interactive exhibition "Zoooom the Matterhorn"
  • Tip: Combine your visit to Gornergrat with a hike to Riffelsee. It is located not far from Rotenboden station and beautifully reflects the Matterhorn. You can walk the distance between the lake and the Gornergrat in about 40 minutes.
Gornergrat (Photo: MySwitzerland)Gornergrat (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Gornergratbahn with Matterhorn (Photo: MySwitzerland)Gornergratbahn with Matterhorn (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Aletsch Arena

The Aletsch Arena is not a mountain peak per se, but still a very worthwhile destination in the Valais. It is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Swiss Alps Jungfrau Aletsch" and is suitable for nature lovers of all kinds. It includes the whole area south of the Aletsch Glacier and the Fiescher Glacier. Connected is the Aletsch Arena and the Aletsch Glacier with the Aletsch Forest.

The sunny plateau is completely car-free and accessible by numerous mountain railroads. The Aletsch Arena is particularly popular for its numerous viewpoints of the largest, albeit shrinking, glacier in Switzerland. The area is very suitable for families thanks to the easily accessible hiking trails and a wide range of leisure activities.

  • Altitude: 2000 to 2900 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Cable car
  • Bottom stations: Mörel, Betten, Fiesch
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, scooter-bike, mountain cart, yoga, mini golf, glacier tours, paragliding, winter hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, cross-country skiing, curling, sledding
  • You can expect: Viewpoints on the Fiescher and Aletsch glaciers, Aletsch forest, restaurants, mountain lakes, marmot nature trail, climbing garden, rope parks, via ferratas
  • Tip: Visit the World Nature Forum in Naters near Brig beforehand to inform yourself about the area. The exhibition is very comprehensive and after a detour in the center's cinema you will be full of anticipation for the Aletsch Arena.
Aletsch forest with view of the Aletsch glacier (Photo: Seraina Zellweger)Aletsch forest with view of the Aletsch glacier (Photo: Seraina Zellweger)
Riederfurka in the Aletsch Arena (Photo: Aletsch Arena AG)Riederfurka in the Aletsch Arena (Photo: Aletsch Arena AG)

Glacier 3000

The glacier area Glacier 3000 is located between Les Diablerets and the Oldenhorn. It covers more than 4.5 square kilometers and impresses with the dizzying Peak Walk by Tissot. This 107 m long suspension bridge is stretched between two mountain peaks and makes one or the other visitor feel a bit queasy.

From various vantage points, you'll be treated to a panoramic view of 24 four-thousand-meter peaks and other mountain peaks such as Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, the Grand Combin and the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

  • Altitude: 2965 m a.s.l.
  • Cable cars: cable car to the summit (chair lifts, ski lifts in the ski area)
  • Bottom station: Col du Pillon
  • Activities: Hiking, climbing, paragliding, skiing, freeriding, sledding, dog sledding
  • You can expect: Summit restaurant with brunch, mountain lounge with deep view from 1400 m, via ferrata, toboggan run
  • Tip: On the Glacier 3000 you can also walk in the middle of summer and depending on the weather in a T-shirt over a glacier. But better wear waterproof shoes, because the snow can be quite wet.
Peak Walk Glacier 3000 (Photo: Glacier 3000)Peak Walk Glacier 3000 (Photo: Glacier 3000)
Glacier 3000 in the middle of the glacier world (Photo: Glacier 3000)Glacier 3000 in the middle of the glacier world (Photo: Glacier 3000)


The Corvatsch in the Engadine is a paradise for athletes and active people. It is especially popular with winter sports enthusiasts, as it often has powder snow until the end of April. With the Corvatsch Park, one of the largest snow parks in the Alpine region is located here. Not to forget the longest illuminated slope in Switzerland.

But Corvatsch is also worth a visit in summer. The 360° panorama of the mountain world with the Piz Bernina and the Piz Palü as well as several glaciers is impressive all year round. With about 80 km of hiking trails, it is not always easy to make a decision here.

  • Altitude: 3451 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Cable car
  • Bottom station: Surlej
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, trail running, skiing, paragliding, freeriding, sledding, snowshoeing, winter hiking
  • You can expect: Diavolezza mountain house with overnight accommodation, glacier, mountain lakes, Fex mountain church, Edelweiss Airline bench, Plattas da Fex museum, Fun Park, Corvatsch Night Show
  • Tip: Every year at the end of March during one weekend the Freeski & Snowboard World Cup takes place. The prize money for which the athletes compete amounts to CHF 25,000.
Mountain lake at Corvatsch (Photo: Mueller Corvatsch)Mountain lake at Corvatsch (Photo: Mueller Corvatsch)
Corvatsch in winter (Photo: Corvatsch AG)Corvatsch in winter (Photo: Corvatsch AG)


Although Säntis is "only" 2502 m above sea level, its summit has a high alpine climate due to its exposed position. It is the highest peak of the Appenzell Alps and a mountain of weather records. in 1999, the highest snowfall ever recorded in Switzerland was 8.16 meters. The Säntis also holds the record for wind speed with 230 km/h.

The Säntis is a popular excursion destination in Eastern Switzerland, which you can reach either by cable car from Schwägalp or on foot via one of the many hiking trails in the Alpstein. On the Schwägalp, at the foot of the Säntis, you will find the Nature Adventure Park with various themed trails and in winter the legendary Laternliweg.

  • Altitude: 2502 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Cable car
  • Bottom station: Schwägalp
  • Activities: Hiking, snowshoeing
  • You can expect: Mountain restaurant, views of six countries (Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy, France),
  • Tip: While the Säntis is more of a destination for hikers and view seekers, the rest of the Appenzell Alpstein mountain range offers a wide range of activities and attractions. With mountain biking, Nordic walking, a visit to the show dairy, three enchanting mountain lakes, scooter-bike descents, sledding, etc., there is guaranteed to be something for your day trip
With the cable car to the Säntis (Photo: MySwitzerland)With the cable car to the Säntis (Photo: MySwitzerland)
Sunrise on the Säntis (Photo: MySwitzerland)Sunrise on the Säntis (Photo: MySwitzerland)


The Zug's local mountain is an easily accessible and versatile excursion destination. You can get there either on foot, by car or with the Zugerberg train. This popular vantage point offers something for families as well as for sportsmen.

Families appreciate the children's ski lift, the toboggan run, the adventure playground, scooter bikes and the Zugiblubbi adventure trail. For the more active visitors there are more than 80 km of hiking trails, the most famous bike trail in the region, fast freeride and downhill tracks, paragliding flights and much more. In winter, you can skate on natural ice on a frozen pond.

Especially since the region around Lake Zug is often hit by thick layers of fog in the winter months, the escape to the Zugerberg comes in handy in these cases.

  • Altitude: 1039 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Funicular railroad
  • Bottom station: Schönegg
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, downhill, freeride, Segway, scooter-bike, paragliding, sledding, skiing, winter hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating
  • You can expect: Mountain restaurant, hotel, sculpture trail, Zugiblubbi adventure trail, Schattwäldli adventure playground
  • Tip: At the adventure playground you will find several fireplaces where you can have a cozy picnic with your family or friends.
View on the Zugerberg (Photo: Zugerberg Tourism)View on the Zugerberg (Photo: Zugerberg Tourism)
Trotti bike on the Zugerberg (Photo: MySwitzerland)Trotti bike on the Zugerberg (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Monte Tamaro

Monte Tamaro is located in Ticino between Lugano, Locarno and Bellinzona. The cable car goes up to Alpe Foppa, from where it's another 300 meters of altitude, or about an hour's hike, to the top of Monte Tamaro.

The special thing about Monte Tamaro is that from here you can see the highest and the lowest point of Switzerland at the same time. The Dufourspitze is the highest point at 4634 meters above sea level and the Lago Maggiore is the lowest point at 193 meters above sea level. On a clear day and with a little luck you can also see the Matterhorn.

Monte Tamaro is another varied destination for a day trip, offering something for all interests. Especially the summer toboggan run, the Tyrolienne, the rope park and the children's playground attract families in summer.

  • Altitude: 1962 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: Cable car
  • Bottom station: Rivera
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, paragliding
  • You can expect: Church "Santa Maria degli Angeli" by Mario Botta, toboggan run, Tyrolienne
  • Special: The cableway to Monte Tamaro runs between April and November.
Church of Santa Chiesa on Monte Tamaro (Photo: Monte Tamaro SA)Church of Santa Chiesa on Monte Tamaro (Photo: Monte Tamaro SA)
Tyrolienne on Monte Tamaro (Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency ATT SATyrolienne on Monte Tamaro (Photo: Ticino Tourism Agency ATT SA

Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso](https://www.swissactivities.com/region-tessin/lugano/capolago/monte-generoso/), as the most important panoramic mountain of Ticino, offers some extraordinary attractions. There are, among others, the Bear's Cave, the Observatory, the "Fiore di pietra" by the architect Mario Botta and various thematic walks with information panels. On Monte Generoso you will also find ice-age plants that have survived nowhere else.

If you're looking for a view over northern Italy and Ticino, Monte Generoso is definitely worth a day trip. If only to ride the cogwheel railroad, which is over 130 years old, up the mountain. But beware, the train only runs between April and November.

  • Altitude: 1701 m a.s.l.
  • Mountain railroad: rack railroad
  • Bottom station: Capolago
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, paragliding,
  • You can expect: two mountain restaurants, Mario Botta's "Stone Flower", educational trails, caves, fossils
  • Tip: Combine your visit to Monte Generoso with a boat trip. Once a day there is a scheduled boat service from Lugano across Lake Lugano to Capolago.

Swiss Activities offers on Monte Generoso:

Fiore di Pietra on Monte Generoso (Photo: Switzerland Tourism Enrico Cano)Fiore di Pietra on Monte Generoso (Photo: Switzerland Tourism Enrico Cano)
Mountain railroad to Monte Generoso (Photo: SwitzerlandMobility Rene Michel)Mountain railroad to Monte Generoso (Photo: SwitzerlandMobility Rene Michel)

Visiting all 8874 mountain peaks is definitely not realistic and probably not your goal. Nevertheless, you don't have to miss out on breathtaking views and varied activities on your day trip in Switzerland

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