44 ideas for a bachelor party in Switzerland

Here you will find 44 ideas for a bachelor party in Switzerland. There are great activities for groups to do in Switzerland all year round. So the difficult task of organizing a bachelorette party suddenly becomes a piece of cake.

Have you also been given the honorable task of organizing a wedding reception? Then you know that it is not always easy to find something suitable or to have the right idea. After all, everything should be perfect for the future bride or groom.

To help you in this difficult mission, we have created a list for you. It includes 44 ideas that you can do with your group in Switzerland. Certain activities are suitable for a wedding reception, while others are more suitable for a wedding day.

Bachelor party for connoisseurs

If you want to take it easy with your group, a day of culinary or other indulgences might be just what you need.


Brunch is also gaining in popularity in Switzerland. The sumptuous buffets offered at this combination of breakfast and lunch rarely leave anything to be desired. Whether on a mountain top, on the lake or in any other special setting, brunch is sure to get you off to a good and sociable start to the day.

Swiss Activities Tip: Brunch on a mountain top often includes a ride on the mountain railroad, such as on the Schilthorn.

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Schilthorn Brunch (Photo: Schilthornbahnen)Schilthorn Brunch (Photo: Schilthornbahnen)
Shipping Sunday brunch (Photo SBS Bodensee Schifffahrt)Shipping Sunday brunch (Photo SBS Bodensee Schifffahrt)

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Outdoor Fondue

What could be better than enjoying a fondue in the open air? Even though this typical Swiss dish is mainly eaten in winter, you can enjoy a fondue outside all year round. Either organize the ingredients and equipment yourself, or have it planned for you and enjoy the (hopefully) clear starry sky or the beautiful weather during the day with your group.

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Visit a chocolate factory

Swiss chocolate is famous all over the world. Among the most famous names are Lindt, Camille Bloch, Maestrani and Cailler, but there are many other manufacturers of special Swiss chocolate. Many of these manufacturers offer an exciting tour of the factories. Here you can taste the delicious chocolate directly on site and at Maestrani even watch the manufacturing process. Look forward to a very tasty wedding event.

Swiss Activities Tip: In Bern you can take a special tour through the old town and learn about the chocolate history of the city. In addition, there is of course a chocolate tasting or even a spirits tasting.

Swiss Activities Tip: In Maestrani`s Chocolarium in Flawil near St Gallen, "Schoggi Poltern" is offered as a 2-hour event. Everyone receives a high heel made of chocolate and decorates it as they wish. This is accompanied by a welcome chocolat and a tour of the chocolaty world of experience.

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Homemade chocolate (Photo: Maestrani Chocolarium)Homemade chocolate (Photo: Maestrani Chocolarium)
Schoggi_Fondue (Photo: Maestrani Chocolarium)Schoggi_Fondue (Photo: Maestrani Chocolarium)

Wine tour

The most famous wine-growing region in Switzerland is undoubtedly the UNESCO-certified Lavaux region on Lake Geneva. But don't let that fool you. There are numerous other wine regions in Switzerland that you can visit with your group on a guided wine tour. Since non-alcoholic options are often offered, these tours are also suitable for people who prefer grape juice in its unfermented form.

Swiss Activities Tip: Wine tours can be combined with active activities. In the Bündner Herrschaft, for example, tours are offered by e-bike, in combination with a visit to a chocolate production, gourmet restaurant or even an impressive gorge.

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Wine Tour Bündner Herrschaft (Photo: Wine Tours Switzerland)Wine Tour Bündner Herrschaft (Photo: Wine Tours Switzerland)
Wine Tour Bündner Herrschaft (Photo: Wine Tours Switzerland)Wine Tour Bündner Herrschaft (Photo: Wine Tours Switzerland)

Beer or liquor tasting

Let's stick to alcohol for the moment. There are numerous distilleries and breweries in Switzerland that offer private and public tours. Here you can learn a lot of exciting things about the production of the respective noble drop. Of course, you can also indulge in culinary delights and see the quality for yourself.

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Beer tasting (Photo: Simmentaler Braumanufaktur)Beer tasting (Photo: Simmentaler Braumanufaktur)
Liqueur tasting (Photo: Christoffel Rötali)Liqueur tasting (Photo: Christoffel Rötali)

City tour by tuk tuk

They are omnipresent in Asia: the busy tuk tuks. They have now also found their way into Switzerland, although not to the same extent as in our neighboring continent to the east. If you want to take your group on a city tour of a different kind, you have two options.

Either you rent a tuk tuk and drive yourself through the streets, or you book a guided tour. There is room for four adults per vehicle. To drive a tuk tuk yourself, you need a category B vehicle license. The rest will come naturally with a little practice.

Swiss Activities Tip: Tuk Tuk rides are also available in combination with some culinary delights. In Zurich, you can arrange a guided city tour with a delicious cheese fondue or a burger menu. This excursion will definitely stay in your memory for a long time.

Culinary hike

A Culinary Hike combines spectacular hiking with visits to usually several restaurants. A perfect bachelorette event for those who like to hike and enjoy good food

You'll hike from one restaurant to the next and be graced with great views and gorgeous hiking trails. Through a little movement between the courses, the hunger rises again, and you can enjoy the next course to the fullest.

Matching offers on Swiss Activities:

Culinary Hike

A culinary hike combines spectacular hiking with a visit to usually several restaurants. A perfect wedding event for those who like to hike and enjoy good food.

You'll hike from one restaurant to the next and be graced with great views and gorgeous hiking trails. Through a little movement between the courses, the hunger rises again, and you can enjoy the next course to the fullest.

Matching offers on Swiss Activities:

Culinary hike (Photo: Heidiland)Culinary hike (Photo: Heidiland)
Culinary hike Photo Andrea Badrutt Chur Tourism)Culinary hike Photo Andrea Badrutt Chur Tourism)

Mountain top with food

Combining beautiful views, a ride on the mountain railroad and a delicious meal at a bachelor party is easy in Switzerland. With over 8000 mountain peaks, there are more than enough options to visit a panoramic restaurant.

Of course, not every peak is easily accessible by train. But no matter where you are in Switzerland, you'll find something near you. Be it on the Schilthorn, on the Rigi, on the Säntis or in Saas Fee.

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Boat tour

Switzerland is characterized by countless dreamlike lakes surrounded by beautiful scenery. On a boat tour, you can enjoy both the lake and the unique Swiss mountain scenery. Here, no place is like the next. There are over 17 shipping companies that offer you a great selection of boat tours. Whether you want a one-way cruise, a cruise with food or a cruise on a very special ship, you will find it all here.

Matching offer on Swiss Activities:

Carriage ride

What could be better than a convivial carriage ride through beautiful Swiss landscapes? This is sure to make your cozy bachelorette party a success. You'll make yourselves comfortable, chat and be guided through a great landscape with many beautiful views.

Matching offer on Swiss Activities:

Fondue Raclette Ship (Photo: SBS Bodensee Schifffahrt)Fondue Raclette Ship (Photo: SBS Bodensee Schifffahrt)
Rössliposcht (Photo: Heidiland)Rössliposcht (Photo: Heidiland)


Relax, bathe, chat and bubble. In Switzerland, there are countless opportunities for you to indulge in wellness.

If you are planning a wellness trip with your group and are looking for something special, there are numerous offers with a wonderful view. From Leukerbad in Valais to Scuol in Engadin, you will find wellness facilities in the midst of the most beautiful surroundings. A relaxed and cozy bachelor party is guaranteed here.

Swiss Activities Tip: The Spa & Wellness Rigi Kaltbad offers you a wonderful view of the mountains and Lake Lucerne, while you and your group are being pampered in the indoor or outdoor area. At Swiss Activities you have the possibility to combine spa and mountain railroad. You can even combine a Combi Spa with Ship.

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Rigi Kaltbad (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)Rigi Kaltbad (Photo: Rigi Bahnen)
Rest area (Photo: Splash and Spa Tamaro)Rest area (Photo: Splash and Spa Tamaro)

Polterabend for the eager to learn

Maybe you want to give the bride or groom the opportunity to learn something new before the wedding? Then a class or workshop is a great way to do that.

Cooking course

Cooking classes come in all varieties and forms. Whether you're rolling sushi, whipping up oriental hors d'oeuvres, or learning how to make Mexican tacos, a cooking class is always a fun group activity that the palate will enjoy as well.

The best part is that you can enjoy your creations right afterward. This way, neither the learning effect nor the enjoyment will be neglected during your bachelor party.

Cocktail course

Mixing a delicious cocktail has to be learned. So that you can really show off at the upcoming wedding, a cocktail course is the perfect preparation.

Here you will learn how to mix different cocktails professionally and get lots of tips for mixing cocktails at home. Of course, you can also try out your mixed drinks right away at this wedding reception.

Barista course

Is the bride or groom a coffee fan? Then a barista course is a must. Here you will dive into the world of coffee and learn everything about the origin, preparation and processing of coffee. You will master different filter methods to prepare fresh coffee and learn how grind, quantity, water and machine affect the taste of the coffee.

Gin Workshop

At a gin workshop, you'll learn about the fascinating world of gin and try different tonics with different gins. In order to get into a good mood for the bachelor party, a gin workshop is doubly worthwhile. You learn something and have the opportunity to try plenty of delicious drinks.

Pralines Workshop

Chocolates are considered to be a special little happiness maker and are always a great surprise. You never know what kind of taste awaits you. So how exciting is it to make the little chocolates yourself? You can immerse yourself in the processing of chocolate and other ingredients. Of course, you will also test different flavors and snack for all you're worth. With a praline workshop, your bachelor party will be something for the curious as well as for the connoisseurs.

Chocolate pouring course

Eating chocolate is great. But making chocolate yourself is even better. Numerous chocolate factories and confectioneries offer courses where you can decorate or cast your own chocolate bar or figurine. So you always have something delicious to snack on at your bachelor party.

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Oriental Mezzes Cooking Course (Photo: Marxers)Oriental Mezzes Cooking Course (Photo: Marxers)
Pouring course (Photo: Maestranis Chocolarium)Pouring course (Photo: Maestranis Chocolarium)

Bachelor party for active people

There are numerous possibilities to combine a wedding reception with an active activity. Whether high up in the mountains or on the road on two wheels, you will find something suitable here.

Group competitions

Group competitions not only offer plenty of action and variety, they also strengthen team spirit. Whether it's unusual competitions like a farmer's olympiad or a classic archery competition, the fun definitely doesn't come up short here. With a little luck, skill and teamwork, you can fight your way to victory

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Competition Olympics (Photo: Rafters)Competition Olympics (Photo: Rafters)
Farmers' Olympics (Photo: Rafters)Farmers' Olympics (Photo: Rafters)


Hardly any excursion is as popular on Swiss rivers in summer as the Böötle. This perfect combination of active paddling and passive enjoyment lets you float down the river together on an inflatable boat. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the view and talk to each other

Matching article on Swiss Activities:

Build a raft

Maybe you're planning a special kind of bachelor party and are looking for something out of the ordinary. Then we have an idea for you. What could strengthen group cohesion more than building a raft together and then testing it out? On Lake Walen, for example, you can try out right away how your friends do with this unusual task.

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Böötle (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)Böötle (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)
Raft building (Photo: Rafters )Raft building (Photo: Rafters )

Play paintball

In a game of paintball, you can really let off steam and grow together as a team. Here you fight with your team and shoot the players of the opposing team with paintballs to take them off the field. Lots of fun and action are guaranteed

This party is probably more suitable for men, although women can also venture onto the battlefield. It's best to check with the bride beforehand to see how much of a fighter she thinks her friends are.

Monster Trotti Departure

A Monstertrotti is an oversized scooter. A downhill ride on this scooter is incredibly fun. If you feel like going off-road over hill and dale with your poltergeist group and enjoying great mountain views, this is the perfect activity for you.

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Monster Trotti (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)Monster Trotti (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)
Monster Trotti (Photo Hohsaas Bergbahnen)Monster Trotti (Photo Hohsaas Bergbahnen)

Sledding or night sledding

In winter, sledding is suitable for an active wedding reception. Numerous ski resorts and winter sports resorts offer transportation, so you don't even have to hike long between runs and pull your sleds. In some cases, the toboggan run is illuminated in the evening with spotlights to allow night sledding under (hopefully) clear starry skies.

Swiss Activities Tip: On the legendary toboggan run in Bergün, you can take the train along the scenic route of the Bernina Express to the starting point in Preda. With your tobogganing ticket, you and your group will travel from Bergün through the impressive helical tunnels to Preda, where you will jet down the pass road on your toboggans.

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Snowmobiling is a perfect poling experience for those who love a bit of action. Here you will experience true driving fun and drift through the snow on a snowmobile. You can drive through all snow conditions, whether over groomed slopes or in a delimited terrain. Here, in any case, full body effort is required and a lot of fun is guaranteed

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Snowmobile luxury tour_vehicles (Photo: HB_Adventure)Snowmobile luxury tour_vehicles (Photo: HB_Adventure)
Niederhorn star sledding Jungfrau massif (Photo: Interlaken Tourism)Niederhorn star sledding Jungfrau massif (Photo: Interlaken Tourism)


Ice stick shooting is an old folk sport, which is still widespread and very fun. The aim is to set a curling stone with a stick swingingly on the ice and to collect points in the target field, 14 m away. A trial course is ideal to get a first feeling for the ice stick and the ice. The sport is especially fun in a group.

Suitable offers on Swiss Activities:


Curling is another old popular sport, which is nowadays even an Olympic team sport. The goal is to glide the so-called stone with the broom over the ice and to position it in a certain field. Depending on the field you can collect different amounts of points. In a trial course you can start the first attempts with your group, and experience guaranteed a lot of fun

Matching offers on Swiss Activities:


The Europapark is an ideal destination for groups of all kinds. With its adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, high-quality shows, a variety of restaurants and a generally loving design, Europe's largest amusement park attracts visitors with unforgettable offers. The Europapark is perfect for an eventful wedding night.

Swiss Activities Tip: If you already want to relax and spend time with your companion during the journey, we recommend the journey to the Europapark by bus. You can choose between 28 places where you want to get on.

Taster course curling (Photo: Arosa Tourismus)Taster course curling (Photo: Arosa Tourismus)
Europapark Pegasus (Photo: Europapark)Europapark Pegasus (Photo: Europapark)

Bachelor party for adventurers

An adventure should serve the group cohesion occasionally. And that is also an important goal of a Polterabend, right? Therefore, we have compiled some ideas for you, which is just right for an adventurous group.


Jet boating across the lake is something that is even more fun with friends and gets the adrenaline pumping. However, the stomach has to be able to withstand something for this, as the 360° spins are not without their own. But it still makes a lot of good mood and spoils you during your bachelor party with a wonderful view.

Matching offers on Swiss Activities:


In rafting, everyone is in the same boat. In the truest sense of the word. While you paddle down the rapids under professional guidance, you can get to know yourself from a new side. Rafting can be done on numerous rivers throughout Switzerland. As a polter excursion with inexperienced participants, we recommend that you do not undertake the excursion on your own, but book a tour.

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Rafting (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)Rafting (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)
Jetboat (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)Jetboat (Photo: Outdoor Interlaken)

Kayak tour

A kayak tour can be tailored to the needs of your group. Whether you want to take it easy on a lake, or maneuver through the rapids on a river is up to you. Kayaks can be rented and taken out on your own

Alternatively, there is also the option to join a guided kayak tour and leave the organization to a professional. The best part is that you can kayak all year round. So it doesn't matter if the poltergeist day should take place in spring, summer or autumn.

Swiss Activities Tip: Have you ever had a picnic lunch in the middle of a lake? To give your trip a special touch, you can surprise your participants by stowing something small to munch on in your kayak.

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Are you planning an excursion for a sporty and brave group that is not afraid of getting wet? Then an exciting canyoning might be just the right thing for you.

Even if you have already tried it yourself, you should definitely not do it alone. Join a tour with a professional guide on your wedding night. Your guide will safely take you through the canyons, down the waterfalls and into different pools.

Swiss Activities Tip: Canyoning tours are available for beginners and for advanced. Depending on how experienced your group is, you can adapt the tour to your needs and have an unforgettable time in the wild nature.

Matching offers and articles on Swiss Activities:

Kayak (Photo: Surfskipoint)Kayak (Photo: Surfskipoint)
Canyoning (Photo: Ticino Outdoor)Canyoning (Photo: Ticino Outdoor)

Summer tobogganing

Summer tobogganing lets your inner child come to the fore once again. In a fast-paced way, you'll be hurtling down the mountain or hill with your friends and enjoying a wonderful view or the fresh breeze.

There are toboggan runs all over Switzerland - starting at the Kronberg in Appenzellerland and ending at Lucerne's local mountain Pilatus.

Should certain participants of your group want to take a break, this is no problem with summer tobogganing. It is also possible to sit in pairs in one vehicle. Therefore, this activity is best suited if you have an excursion for a mixed group with different needs.

Matching offers and articles on Swiss Activities:

Quad Tour

To jet over deserted roads with a quad is possible on one hand on your own, on the other hand in a guided tour. If your participants are over 18 (or over 25 in the case of certain providers) and have a driving license, you can go for a spin together. Tours are offered from Lake Constance to the Engadine and the Bernese Oberland throughout Switzerland.

Swiss Activities Tip: A quad excursion can also be ideally combined with a subsequent Fondueplausch in winter or with a barbecue in summer.

Matching offers and articles on Swiss Activities:

Summer tobogganing (Photo: Monte Tamaro SA)Summer tobogganing (Photo: Monte Tamaro SA)
Quad tour with friends (Photo: Ticino Quad)Quad tour with friends (Photo: Ticino Quad)

Bachelor party for puzzle lovers

Solving a puzzle together can really bond a group. For a tricky bachelor party, there are many ways you can challenge your group.


There are over 70 Foxtrail routes in Switzerland in 14 regions and cities. You and your group have the task of keeping track of the cunning fox. To do this, you'll solve tricky riddles and get to know a city or town from a completely different perspective.

If there are more participants, you can split up and even compete against each other to see who can catch the fox the fastest. The Foxtrail is an ideal activity to promote cohesion and cooperation.

Escape Game Outdoor

Similar to Foxtrail, Outdoor Escape Games are about solving challenging puzzles and completing a mission. In the process, you will be equipped with important utensils that you will need during your game.

Escape games are therefore a great idea for a bachelor party, as you will be outdoors in the fresh air on a common mission and solve exciting puzzles. Whether you have to save the secret recipe of the St. Gallen bratwurst or try to close a magical portal with access to dark creatures from the past is not so important. The main thing is to have fun and promote group cohesion.

Matching offers on Swiss Activities:

Escape Room Indoor

In bad weather or for a cozy group outing indoors, Escape Rooms offer a good change. Riddling, puzzling, discussing, following clues and having fun is very important here. During a given time you have the task to break out of the room in which you have been locked. You can only achieve this if you work together and solve the puzzles together.

Escape rooms can be found in most Swiss cities and if you want to move on, you have the opportunity to do so after a successful or failed mission.

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Escape Games (Photo: Liberari GmbH)Escape Games (Photo: Liberari GmbH)
Escape Games (Photo: Team Escape)Escape Games (Photo: Team Escape)

Thriller Dinner

A murder mystery dinner promises murderously great entertainment, spooky fun and delicious food. The dinner is a very special group experience, in which you slip into different roles, and try to solve the criminal case. You can enjoy a multi-course meal and create great memories.

For your bachelor party you can buy a game, send the roles to all participants in advance and look forward to an exciting evening.

Crime pass

In the crime pass, you take on the role of the investigator. Together you go on a hunt for clues and try to solve a mysterious murder case. The Krimispass adventure can be played at many locations in Switzerland. All you need is a smartphone, team spirit and some skill. You'll not only encounter exciting puzzles and clues, but also surprising twists and developments.

To play this poltergeist game, you can register for free at Krimispass and you will receive the case delivered to your inbox.

Wedding reception for explorers

Discover Switzerland with your group and go on an adventure of a special kind.

City tour

How well do you know your own city? If you have never joined a guided tour in a city you know, or even don't know, and want to organize a bachelor party, this might be a good opportunity. Throughout Switzerland there are countless exciting city tours, often divided by theme.

On special tours you will be guided through hidden alleys of a city by personalities from the past. Be it a maid from the 16th century or a real hangman. You won't want to miss the stories these characters have to tell.

Matching offers and articles on Swiss Activities:

E-bike tour

An e-bike tour is perfect if you're looking for an active activity for your group, but still don't want to be so out of breath that leisurely conversation is prevented. If you don't have your own e-bikes, in many places they can be rented for the day. You can often find deals at the train stations of larger Swiss cities.

Suitable offers on Swiss Activities:

E-bike city tour

There are probably city tours in every city, but most of them take place on foot. But how about a city tour on an e-bike? If you want to explore a city or town with your group and get a little exercise, a city tour on an e-bike is just right.

Matching offers on Swiss Activities:

City tour (Photo: Fribourg Region)City tour (Photo: Fribourg Region)
E-bike tour (Photo: Loop Tours)E-bike tour (Photo: Loop Tours)


Did you used to ride one of the legendary "Töffli" (Swiss German for moped)? If you would like to revive old traditions for the next bachelor party, you can organize a motorcycle tour with your group. These range from short round trips to all-day excursions. You can also combine them with a scavenger hunt and many other fun elements.

City tour

City tours come in many forms. If you want to take your group for a spin, you'll be spoilt for choice with segways, e-tuk tuks, e-scooters, bicycles or maybe even roller skates?

To get to know a city from a new perspective, you can either create your own route or join a guided tour with your companion. Some tours, such as the e-tuk tuk, can also be combined with a delicious burger or fondue.

Matching offers and articles on Swiss Activities:

Segway City Tour

A Segway city tour is perfect if you want to explore as much of a city as possible and have a bit of driving fun. You'll see more than if you were riding a bus or walking. You'll pass many places where a bus won't go. In addition, the Segway will cover a much larger radius than if you were on foot. So if you want to visit a new city with your wedding party, get on the Segways.

Suitable offers on Swiss Activities:

Private Tour (Photo: Zurich Tuk Tuk)Private Tour (Photo: Zurich Tuk Tuk)
Segway Tour Bern (Photo: HB Adventures)Segway Tour Bern (Photo: HB Adventures)

With these ideas for your next bachelor party nothing can go wrong. We hope you were able to find inspiration for your planning and wish you lots of fun. Of course, we'd love for you to share your adventure with us on our social media channels. Tag us on Instagram with #swissactivities or @swiss_activies or on Facebook with @Swissactivites.com when you share your photos.

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