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There are several SUP spots. For example, you can find SUP schools on Lake Biel and Lake Lucerne. Stand-up paddling has become a lifestyle in Switzerland.



Stand-up paddling (SUP) is a water sport in which you stand upright on a buoyant board and move with the help of a paddle. This way, even long distances are overcome and with increasing skill, you can use a narrower board to be even faster.

Due to the increasing popularity of the young water sport, more and more manufacturers are launching these boards on the market. In addition to traditional sports equipment manufacturers, they are also sold by newcomers. Choosing the right board from the wide range available, is not easy for beginners.

It is important that the SUP board for beginners is wide. It must be stable in the water and offer good handling characteristics. With at least 78 cm width you can keep your balance best as a beginner. Also make sure that plenty of accessories are included in the package. Do not use a conventional surfboard. They are too narrow and not suitable for stand up paddling. They do not sit well in the water and are therefore not safe.

In general, yes, but in bad weather and at night a white all-round light must be fitted. This is required by law.

For all water sports, each person must carry a life jacket or life preserver. Wearing it is not mandatory, but recommended from a certain distance from the shore. After all, your safety should be important to you. From 300 meters from the shore you must wear the vest on the lake. On the river it is always mandatory. In addition, your board must be marked with your name, address and telephone number.

Switzerland has a water network of 65,000 kilometers of rivers and streams. In addition, there are 79 lakes, which have an area of at least half a square kilometer. Plus there are 6,668 small lakes. Most lakes and rivers are easily accessible by public transportation. From the water you have an entirely new vantage point. This makes SUP a mixture of outdoor activity, relaxation and sightseeing.

Liquid Trails are paddling routes. They have been selected by experienced stand-up paddlers as particularly suitable for SUP. Of course, you can also paddle these trails by kayak. So far, there are seven such trails in Lake Lucerne alone. Other trails have been found on Lake Sempach, Lake Hallwil, Lake Zug, Lake Lauerz, Lake Alpnach, Lake Ägeri, Lake Siehl, Lake Sarnen, Lake Sils, Lake Wägital, Lake Brien and Lake Lunger. SUP is also practiced on rivers. The first official trail is on the Reuss.