Snowshoe tour Kandersteg | Guided tour from Sunnbühl to Spittelmatte

Provided By: Hiking - Heidi Bühler

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Easy snowshoe hike that does not require great endurance

Experience one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Switzerland

Trudge through the fresh snow

Professional hiking guide

Consideration of forest protection and wildlife rest zones

Visit to the Schwarenbach Inn


This snowshoe hiking tour stretches from an altitude of about 2000 meters down to the valley and takes about two hours. The tour is suitable for anyone looking for an easy winter hike with breathtaking views.

Meeting point is the valley station of the Sunnbühlbahn in Kandersteg in the Bernese Oberland. The cable car takes you up to an altitude of about 1,900 meters, where your snowshoe hike begins. You will cover about 4.6 kilometers. You hike on snowshoes through the Spittelmatte area and down to the valley floor. On the descent you can even enjoy some powder feeling. The stage back up to Sunnbühl will challenge you a bit more before the leisurely round tour ends.

If you wish, you can make a stop at the Schwarenbach inn. Not only is the building itself well worth seeing - the food also tastes excellent, especially after a hike.

This tour is also very suitable for less experienced hikers. If you don't have the necessary equipment, you can rent it before the hike. You will need snowshoes, hiking poles, warm hiking boots, gloves as well as shovel and probe

A professional and experienced tour guide will accompany you on the snowshoe tour and make sure that you and your friends or family are safe and on the right path at all times. The round hike finally ends with the train ride from Sunnbühl down to the valley in Kandersteg.

The Bernese Oberland is known for some of the best hiking areas in Switzerland. High mountain peaks, idyllic meadows and the small villages in between are worth seeing at any time of the year

This guided hike is perfect for those who dream of hiking on snowshoes through the immaculate, snow-covered mountains of Switzerland.


Important information

Duration of the hike: about two hours

Length of the hike: 4.6 kilometers, ascent/descent of 147 meters

Meeting point: Sunnbühlbahn valley station

Time: 09:00 h or 13:00 h

Bring warm clothing (onion principle is recommended!), sunglasses, snowshoes, gloves, poles

Equipment (e.g. snowshoes) can be rented

Ticket for public transport and meals in the inn (on request) are not included

Meeting Points

Innere Dorfstrasse 219, 3718 Kandersteg, Switzerland