Skiing and paragliding at the same time | Combi Ski&Fly in Klosters, Davos

Provided By: Air Davos Paragliding

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Combine skiing or snowboarding with paragliding

Introduction and guidance by a professional pilot

Paragliding at an altitude of about 1000 meters

Landing and takeoff on the runway

Photos and videos during the flight

For experienced skiers or snowboarders


Behind this adventurous and unique experience is exactly what is in the name: a combination of paragliding and skiing or snowboarding!

Ski&Fly gives you the opportunity to marvel at the beautiful natural landscape around Davos from a bird's eye view as an experienced skier or snowboarder.

Meeting point is the valley station of the Jakobshorn cable car in Davos. Together with the pilot, who will accompany you during the flight, you will reach the summit of the Jakobshorn. Already here the view of the surroundings is spectacular. A detailed briefing follows, which will familiarize you with the concept and practice of paragliding with skis or snowboard

When you are sufficiently prepared, you are ready to go! You ride a few meters with the snowboard or skis - and then the wind lifts you up, and you float away over the slopes and mountains of Switzerland!

The duration of the flight is between 15 and 35 minutes and depends on the weather conditions. During the flight you can communicate with the pilot and also steer yourself. In addition, photos and videos will be taken, which you will later receive on CD or in a Dropbox folder

The landing takes place in Davos Platz, next to the valley slope, at the chairlift Carjöl. An unforgettable experience that is calming and exciting in equal measure

If you like skiing or snowboarding, then the Ski&Fly experience is just right for you!


Important information: The meeting point is at the Jakobshornbahn valley station, Davos. Take-off is from the summit of Jakobshorn, the landing site is next to the valley descent at the Carjöl chairlift. The Total duration of the event is one and a half to two hours, the flight time between 15 and 35 minutes (depending on the weather). Good snowboarding or skiing skills are required. Warm ski clothes are highly recommended!

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