Quad tour on beautiful byways | Tour Capanna Gesero, Arbedo TI

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6 hours tour with modern quad

Enchanting landscapes around Arbedo

Panoramic view of the San Bernardino

Professional tour guide

Picturesque reservoir and photo stops


On the quad you can experience the Mediterranean landscape of Ticino with the wind in your hair. On this tour you will experience an unforgettable vacation and get to know the ways of Ticino in a different way.

The tour starts from the base camp in Lostallo, where you will be professionally instructed by a tour guide. This is important so that you feel comfortable on the vehicle and can drive safely through the curves. The vehicles are technically up to date, have four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. You can choose to drive with one or two people on one vehicle. The price is per vehicle, so the second person is always free.

Now the tour really starts. First you will drive on beautiful side roads in the direction of Arbedo and from there off into the mountains. This is a route you will never forget. The view is enchanting and meanwhile you enjoy pure driving fun on the quad

At the top you will arrive at the mountain hut Capanna Gesero. There you will enjoy an aperitif or a cold plate or a warm soup (not included in the price). Strengthened by the meal, the tour continues. The tour now leads you through small tunnels. These are contemporary witnesses from the 2nd World War. You will have an incredible panorama in the direction of San Bernardino.

A last stop is a dreamy little reservoir. Here you will have another short rest. This place is perfect for photos so you can take home a memory of this incredible experience. Afterwards the tour goes via Laura and Roveredo back to the base camp Lostallo.

You don't need any previous knowledge for this tour. The minimum age is 25 years and a car license is required. You should also bring sturdy shoes, a warm jacket (even in warm weather) and gloves in cold weather. A helmet and rain gear will be provided if needed.


Important information

Duration: approx 5 ½ - 6 hours

  1. Person is always free per vehicle

Minimum age: 25 years

Prerequisite: car ID card

Bring: warm jacket, sturdy shoes, gloves (in cold weather)

If you wish, you can stay overnight at the base camp Lostallo with tent or camper (check with the provider)

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