Points of Interest

There are over 24 activities in the Points of Interest category.

Points of Interest include museums, natural attractions and castles. The panorama trains and mountain railroads, which are known beyond the borders of Switzerland, are also an important part of it. They make the journey to your destination an impressive experience. A boat trip on Swiss lakes is especially relaxing. Often you will also be spoiled with culinary delights.

Points of Interest

FAQ Points of Interest

Points of Interest refer to short excursions. But there are also mountain railroads, panoramic trains and lake cruises. They get you to your destination, but are experience of their own. First and foremost, Switzerland offers a beautiful landscape with 8,800 mountain peaks and more than 1,500 lakes and rivers. The 329 three-thousand-meter peaks and 48 four-thousand-meter peaks alone attract visitors. You can visit a total of 65 accessible caves in Switzerland. In addition, there are about 1,100 museums, which you can find not only in the larger towns.

On the entire network of the Swiss Travel Systems you travel with the Swiss Travel Pass or the Swiss Travel Pass Flex for a certain number of days. Included are * Museum Pass * 50% discount on most mountain railways * It is also valid with many municipal transport companies The same discounts apply to General Abonnements (GA).

Sixty percent of the Point of Interests in Switzerland are in the Alps, the Central Plateau takes up about thirty percent and the remaining ten percent are in the Jura. The trip destinations are very diverse and it is not uncommon that you can pack several into one excursion.