Paragliding flight Engadin | Start from Pontresina

Provided By: Paragliding Engadin GmbH

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A highlight for adventure seekers!

Explore the valley and its neighboring areas as we fly through the region and traverse various locations in wild, untouched mountain terrain.

Explore the most beautiful and unspoiled areas in the Alps and enjoy the freedom without borders.



Contact, arrangements (at the latest 3 hours, ideally 2 days before the flight) Determination of the take-off time, take-off place and landing zone

Meeting point Depending on the situation, the meeting point can be directly at the hotel, at the valley or mountain station of the flying mountain or at the take-off site

Takeoff At the launch site the pilot prepares the flight equipment and the paraglider seriously for the flight and puts on the seat belt for the passenger. After a clarifying introduction for the passenger to the actual launch procedure, it may be necessary to wait for ideal wind conditions. A few controlled, accelerating steps.... and we float away from the ground..

The flight - the pleasure! Enjoy the bird's eye view, let the pilot explain to you what interests you about the flight experience and inform him about your state of mind. This will enable him to take your needs into consideration and make the flight a positive, unforgettable experience for you. If the conditions allow it, the pilot will take photos and videos and possibly the passenger - if he also wishes - can control the glider himself for a certain time

Landing This is usually quite unspectacular. Since we land against the prevailing wind direction, a few steps are sufficient after the first contact with the ground until the glider is back on the ground. From time to time, the wind conditions in the Engadine make it necessary to head for an alternative landing site. In this case, pilot and passenger return together to the starting point after the paragliding equipment has been taken care of in the pack sack.



The passenger should bring:

  • Hiking boots, long pants, warm, windproof jacket, sunglasses

  • Ability to walk, possibly ability to walk a few steps faster

  • Minimum weight 30kg

Meeting Points