Paragliding Engadine | The winter Engadine from the bird's eye view

Provided By: Paragliding Engadin GmbH

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The beautiful landscape of the Engadine from the bird's eye view

Search for updrafts, fly with birds, enjoy the beautiful view

Co-decide where the flight should go

Control the screen yourself for a certain time

Photos and videos from the flight


2 days before the departure you discuss with your pilot details of your flight - the take-off time, the take-off site and the landing zone. Depending on the arrangement, you will meet your experienced paragliding pilot on the day of your paragliding flight at the valley station of the relevant cable car Corvatsch or Muottas Muragl. Together with your pilot you will go up the mountain and after a 10-15 minute hike you will be at the launch site. After your pilot has prepared the flight equipment and the paraglider for the flight, as well as checking the lines and tightening the harnesses, you are ready to take off. You will receive a clarifying introduction to the launch procedure and the perfect wind conditions will be checked and you are ready to go. During the flight you will enjoy the snow-covered landscape of the picturesque Engadine lake plateau, Pontresina and the world-famous St. Moritz. St. Moritz is considered a winter wonderland that resembles a real fairy tale. Of course, the pilot will capture the best moments of your flight with photos or videos, as you wish. After your 10-30 minute flight (depending on weather conditions), you and your pilot will glide down to the landing site, which is located near the meeting point. A dreamlike experience and explore the snowy Engadin from above! Clothing: Hiking boots, long trousers, warm, windproof jacket, sunglasses


Ability to walk, possibly ability to walk a few steps faster Minimum weight: 30kg

Meeting Points

27, 7527 Scanfs, Switzerland