Outdoor EscapeRoom St. Gallen | Adventure Game Operation Mindfall

Provided By: Team Escape GmbH

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Put yourself in the role of a secret agent

Solve an exciting puzzle together with friends or family

Experience the beautiful old town of St. Gallen

Use the iPad as well as the mysterious agent case


During Operation Mindfall, you'll have the chance to see the city of St. Gallen in a slightly different, slightly more exciting way: as a secret agent on a mission of international importance!

At least that's the story behind Operation Mindfall. The outdoor game is organized by Team Escape St. Gallen, which also offers other games and tours. Together with up to five other participants you plunge into the adventure. The meeting point is Spisergasse 15, where the AdventureRooms St. Gallen are located. You will be equipped with an iPad as well as with the so-called agent suitcase, which contains numerous tools. With these you will try to successfully complete Operation Mindfall

You will be guided through the world-famous old town of St. Gallen, from one clue to another. In this way, you'll combine fun with sightseeing, and see, among other things, the late baroque collegiate church of St. Gallus, as well as over a hundred richly decorated bay windows and oriels in the old town

Since a lot of teamwork and communication is required to successfully solve this puzzle, Operation Mindfall is particularly suitable for families, groups of friends and work colleagues. In addition, a good sense of intuition as well as endurance and concentration are required. But above all, this outdoor adventure is a lot of fun - and the perfect way to explore the beautiful old town of St. Gallen in a slightly different way.

After you and your team have completed the mission (or not...), it's a good idea to celebrate your success in one of the many nearby bars or inns. You deserve it after the adventure!


Important information:

Meeting point: AdventureRooms St. Gallen (Spisergasse 15)

Players: two to six people (standard game), 4 to 72 people in up to 12 teams (multi-team game)

Game duration: 90 minutes plus a total of 25 minutes briefing and debriefing

Recommended minimum age: twelve years

Meeting Points

St. Gallen