Outdoor Adventure Room "Operation Mindfall" | GPS puzzle fun in Davos

Provided By: MountainGames Davos

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Adventure game with GPS through Davos

Slip into the role of a secret agent

Solve a puzzle together with your team

Explore the beautiful Davos on foot

Use the iPad as well as the mysterious agent case

Perfect for friends, families or work colleagues


In Davos, a masterpiece awaits you for all AdventureRoom fans: an outdoor AdventureRoom adventure through the alpine village of Davos!

For the adventure game "Operation Mindfall" you - together with your friends, relatives or colleagues - slip into the role of a secret agent. Your mission: save the world!

In this two-hour game you will find secret places together, use mysterious utensils and solve exciting mini-games. In addition, you will receive an agent case and an iPad. Equipped with it, you hunt from station to station, from puzzle to puzzle, always following the GPS signal. Besides the puzzle fun and the exciting tasks, you will also explore the beautiful village of Davos at the same time. But don't get too distracted!

There are many reasons why Davos is considered one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. The town is located at about 1,500 meters in the middle of a breathtaking mountain landscape. The highest alpine town in Switzerland has an exciting and adventurous spectacle in store for you and your friends with "Operation Mindfall"!

This outdoor game requires teamwork and cleverness and is perfect for groups of friends or families. It is played in teams of between two and six people, multi-team games can experience up to 48 people in up to 8 groups! Larger groups are also catered for, as up to 1000 people can take part in the game!

You will only be in a team with the people you have registered with. The game lasts about one and a half hours. Afterwards you return to the meeting point, the AdventureRooms headquarters

An active and puzzle-filled outdoor experience awaits you and your friends, family or colleagues!


Meeting point: AdventureRooms (Promenade 106, Davos Platz)

Duration: Game duration: 90 minutes plus a total of 25 minutes briefing and debriefing

Number of participants: Standard game: 2-6 people Multi-team game: 2-8 teams, 4-48 people Large groups: 10 to 1000 people

Important Information: The recommended minimum age is twelve years Operation Mindfall" can be booked in German and/or English Level of difficulty: medium to high

Meeting Points

Davos Square