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[Monte Tamaro Alpe Foppa](
Excursion destinations around Monte Tamaro

Monte Tamaro hosted the European Cycling Championships in October 2020. The local cycling club has experience in hosting such championships.

  • Since 2014, Monte Tamaro has regularly hosted cycling competitions as part of a national race series. This is the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup.
  • Monte Tamaro is a summer mountain: all facilities are open from April to early November.
  • A popular hike leads from Monte Tamaro over several peaks to the neighboring mountain Monte Lema.

Monte Tamaro is a viewpoint that shows both the highest and the lowest point of Switzerland. The highest point is the Dufourspitze, the lowest point is the Lago Maggiore. If the visibility is good, from here you can see as far as the Matterhorn and the Monte Rosa massif.

Excursion destinations around Monte Tamaro

On Monte Tamaro you can experience many things. The nature all around can be enjoyed as well as the unique view. The mountain station and the middle station of the aerial tramway are also excursion destinations. Here several amusements and activities are waiting for visitors.

Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli

On Monte Tamaro, one building immediately catches your eye when you leave the cable car at the top station. It is the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, built here by Mario Botta. The paintings in the church are by Enzo Cucchi. The apse, painted in intense blue, stands out and has as its theme the offered hands. Twenty-two panels above the windows have Marian motifs.

The church looks like a mighty stone fortress. Since it was built directly on a mountain spur, a viewing platform is integrated. From it, there is a panoramic view that is extraordinary. The church was built from porphyry between 1992 and 1996. Guided tours in D/I/E/F are possible with advance reservation.

Alpe Foppa

Alpe Foppa at the top station of the aerial tramway is still an hour and a half hike from the summit. There is also a mountain lake here that can be circumnavigated.

Some artistic sculptures have been placed on Alpe Foppa. These include:

  • Cubo Sospeso (floating cube): this work is by the sculptor Jaya Schürch. It has been on Alpe Foppa since 2008.
  • Il Guardiano del tempio (Guardian of the temple): this sculpture is by Luca Marcionelli. The monolithic totem is 4 meters high; it was placed on Alpe Foppa in 2006.
  • Madonna con Bambino (Madonna with Child): The bronze statue by the sculptor Antonio Danzi from Viggiù (Italy) is also called "Madonna del Tamaro". It has been standing at the Alpe Foppa restaurant since 1985. On June 12, 1984 this statue was blessed by Pope John Paul II.
  • La Figura che si guarda: The bronze statue was made by the regional artist Ivo Soldini. It is about 3.50 meters high and was completed in 2014.

Current events can be read on this page.

Monte Tamaro: Summer activities

The Alpe Foppa has a lot of activities to offer: Summer toboggan run, Tyrolienne and children's playground, as well as quite a few hiking trails and bike tours. The mountain lake offers further fun for children.

At the middle station Piano di Mora a rope park provides fun and thrills. The Tamaro Jumping is part of the rope park. There is also an information point with a snack bar here. Wi-Fi can be used free of charge.

Among the most popular summer activities at Monte Tamaro are:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking and cycling
  • Paragliding
  • Tyrolienne
  • Summer toboggan run
  • Rope park
  • Children's playground

Hiking around Monte Tamaro

There are many hiking trails on Monte Tamaro. The following routes are a selection of the most popular hikes.

From Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema

This hike is very popular. From Rivera you take the cable car to Alpe Foppa. The first intermediate destination is the Capanna Tamaro. The path leads over the saddle and is signposted. The hike is not difficult to walk for people with normal physical condition. At the end of the tour you take the Monte Lema cable car down to Miglieglia. A shuttle service connects the two valley stations Miglieglia and Rivera in the late afternoon. This way you can easily get back to the starting point of the hike.

  • 13,1 km
  • 5 hrs.
  • 830 meters of ascent
  • 800 meters of altitude in the descent

From Alpe Foppa to Capanna Tamaro

This short hike is suitable for the whole family. The Capanna Tamaro is a refuge. It was built in 1941 and enlarged in 1988. A sunny terrace and homemade cakes invite you to stay. The path is signposted and goes a bit in the direction of Monte Lema. The way back follows the same route.

  • 5,2 km
  • 2 hrs.
  • 336 meters of ascent and descent

Alpe di Neggia - Monte Tamaro

The trail leads from Alpe di Neggia to Monte Tamaro. The path is well maintained and easy to follow. In the upper part there are several rope belays on the rock.

  • 10,9 km
  • 3:11 hrs.
  • 788 meters of altitude difference in ascent and descent

Monte Tamaro

From Alpe Foppa you pass the Capanna Tamaro refuge and reach the top of the mountain. The one-way route takes about 1.5 hours.

  • 7,8 km
  • 3 hrs.
  • 554 meters of altitude difference in ascent and descent

Circular hike Alpe Foppa

Starting point for this hike is the toboggan run at Alpe Foppa. A rather flat ascent with a short challenging section leads to Capanna Tamaro. A narrow path then leads steeply down to Alpe Dragno. In this alpine hut cheese is produced and sold. The last section leads as a high-altitude trail back to Alpe Foppa.

  • 6,6 km
  • 2:50 hrs.
  • 492 vertical meters in ascent and descent

Mountain biking and cycling

On Monte Tamaro, 70 km of marked routes and a free charging station for e-bikes await you at Alpe Foppa. Here is also available a maintenance station for all mountain bikes.

KtTI Rivera | Monte Tamaro | Carbon Trail | Vira

The 1600 meters of ascent are reduced to 550 meters if you take the cable car to Alpe Foppa. The track on Tamaro and the Carbon Trail in the Gambarogno Valley are the most beautiful parts for a freeride enduristi.

  • 26,2 km
  • 5:30 hrs.
  • 1577 vertical meters ascent
  • 1834 meters of altitude descent

Monte Tamaro - Hills and mountains, rivers and lake

On this route bikers can ride the most fascinating landscapes of the area in a single tour. The hilly area crosses the panoramic mountains of Monte Tamaro and Monte Lema. The rivers and deltas Magliasina and Vedeggio are descended as well as the famous Lake Maggiore, into which they flow. The start is directly at the mountain station on Alpe Foppa. It ends in Rivera at its valley station.

  • 65,6 km
  • 7 hrs.
  • 1120 vertical meters ascent
  • 2184 meters of altitude descent

Monte Tamaro - Up & down to the lake

This route leads gently from the mountain to the valley. The start is directly at the mountain station on Alpe Foppa. The destination is the valley station in Rivera. The route does not follow the official signposts.

  • 49.1 km
  • 5 hrs.
  • 786 vertical meters ascent
  • 1842 meters of altitude descent

Monte Tamaro - On the traces of Lugano Bike

The two last stages of the famous Lugano Bike n. 66 are connected on this tour. Malcantone is a hilly area well suited for mountain bikers.

  • 81,4 km
  • 9 hrs.
  • 1567 meters of ascent
  • 2617 meters of altitude descent


On Monte Tamaro there are no less than four possible launch sites and one landing site. More detailed information on the takeoff and landing sites can be found. A map shows the exact places of the given coordinates.

Launch site Alpe Foppa (easy) The launch site is located at N 46°07'00.2″ E 8°53'39.1″ at an altitude of 1,500 meters. The take-off site is reached by the mountain railroad (go down the stairs at the cable car). The flight direction is S/SE.

Launching is possible here (paraglider and delta) from March to November, in the afternoons it can get turbulent.

Launch site Vetta Tamaro (medium) The launch site is located at N 46°06'31.7″ E 8°53'9.4″ at an altitude of 1,840 meters. Reached by taking the cable car and walking for one hour (50 meters from the hut). Launch site is under the antenna. Flying is in the direction of the south.

Can be launched here (paraglider) from March to November.

Launch site Cima di Medeglia (easy) The launch site is located at N 46°07'47.6″ E 8°56'45.3″ at 1,250 meters above sea level opposite Monte Tamaro. For a higher launch site you have to follow the road. The flight direction is S/SW.

Launching is possible here (paraglider and delta) throughout the year, but not during hunting season. Watch out in case of snow.

Decollo Basso launching site (easy) The launch site is located at N 46°06'59.7″ E 8°56'39.8″ at 840 meters above sea level, opposite Monte Tamaro. Park the car in Canedo, continue on foot. The flight direction is SW.

Launching is possible here (paraglider and delta) throughout the year, but not during hunting season. Watch out in case of snow.

Landing field Bironico The landing site is located at N 46°'06'45.2", E 8°55'51.4" at an altitude of 445 meters. It is located at the Rivera exit in the direction of Bironico. The landing site is opposite the gas station. There are no obstacles, landing is very easy. It should be landed only on mowed grass.

Provider of tandem flights in paragliding with professional pilot:


The Tyrolienne is located near the top station. At the starting point, there is first a short briefing. Visitors are then secured to the steel cable with a pulley, which is connected to a safety harness. Over a length of about 400 meters, the ride descends into the valley at a speed of up to 60 km/h. The rope pulley is attached to the steel cable. An automatic braking system stops the ride safely at its destination.

Children from the age of 9 are allowed to participate. The maximum weight is 110 kilograms.

Open from April to the first week of November from 10:30 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. (in July and August until 5:40 p.m.).


  • Length: 440 m
  • Average gradient: 10%
  • Height difference: 42 m
  • Maximum speed: 60 km/h
  • Diameter of the steel cable: 14,5 mm
  • Regulations Tyrolienne
  • Price for one ride in 2021: 8 CHF

Summer toboggan run

There is a large summer toboggan run near the top station at Alpe Foppa. It is 800 meters long and contains several traffic circles and curves. In the double bob you can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Children from the age of three are allowed to ride with persons at least eight years old (at least 1.35m tall).

The toboggan run is open from April until the end of the first week of November from 9:00 - 16:45. In the months of July and August is open one hour longer, until 17:45.


  • Track length: 800 meters

  • Height difference: 80 meters

  • Maximum speed: 50 km/h

  • Terms of use

  • Price for one ride in 2021: 5 CHF

Rope park

The rope park has developed over time into an adventure park. Here you can also find the Final Tamaro Jumping. From a height of 15 meters you can jump here.

The rope park itself consists of fixed and movable obstacles stretched through the branches of centuries-old beech trees. For the safety of guests, a new carabiner system has been introduced. The "Clic-it" prevents simultaneous unhooking from the safety ropes. Safety ropes are located on all courses.

Three courses (mini, medium, large) are tailored to the minimum age of the participants. Each course, in turn, consists of a large variety of exercises. In total there are 63 obstacles with different levels of difficulty for the whole family.

Parcours large

It is open to people who are at least 140 cm tall and 9 years old. Different levels of difficulty, which gradually increase, are mastered here. The course leads through the entire forest. The crowning glory is the Final Tamaro Jumping from a height of 15 meters.

Course medium

This course can be used by children with a height between 120 cm and 150 cm and from the 7th birthday. With exercises at a height of three to eight meters, it mainly involves safety exercises.

Course mini

Children from 4 years old can participate if they are not taller than 130 cm. The course is exclusively for children and brings the exercises of the higher courses at a height of about one meter. The different levels of difficulty can thus be practiced and mastered even by the youngest.

These regulations must be respected.

Last access to the courses from April to the end of the first week of November:

  • large 2:30 p.m. (July/August 3:30 p.m.)
  • medium 15:30 (July/August 16:30)
  • mini 15:30 (July/August 16:30)

Admission price can be combined with the gondola price.

Children playground