Lake Geneva boat trip from Vevey | Chillon Castle & unique nature, GE

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2-hour cruise on the beautiful Lake Geneva

Vevey entry

View of the impressive Chillon Castle

Unique panorama of the Dents du Midi mountain range

Insight into the nature reserve Les Grangettes


Vevey is located directly on Lake Geneva and offers an enchanting view of the Alpine panorama. This 2-hour round trip by boat starts from here. During the whole trip you are surrounded by the unique landscape with green mountain slopes and the sparkling water of Lake Geneva

The first stop on the trip is the Château de Chillon. This is located shortly after Montreux. The castle stands on a rocky island and overlooks the surrounding region. Arriving at the castle dock is very impressive. The castle can optionally be viewed from the inside. During the tour of the castle's premises, more than 300 objects are on display. If you want to do this tour, you can disembark and take the boat back to Vevey two hours later.

From Chillon Castle the trip continues along the nature reserve Les Grangettes. This lies on the remains of a once much larger Rhone delta. Here reeds and floodplain forests grow, the air is teeming with insects and many fish swim in the water. Especially the diverse bird life of the area delights visitors here.

The boat will now take you to the opposite side of the lake via Le Bouveret to St. Gingolph. Le Bouveret is best known for its beach. It is a very charming Valais seaside resort, which lies directly at the mouth of the Rhone into Lake Geneva. After you have passed the idyllic border town of St. Gingolph, the ride goes back to Vevey.

Switzerland is a country full of beauty and tranquility. Many artists and travelers find new inspiration here. Of course, this is mainly due to the unique landscapes with idyllic lakes and majestic mountains. The Montreux Riviera region contains all these elements, making it one of the most beautiful and special places in Switzerland

This tour offers you an overall great insight into the region of the Riviera. The ride is very diverse and relaxing with the castle, villages and nature reserves. If you are traveling in the region of Montreux, you should not miss this tour.


Important information

Landing place: Quai Perdonnet 19 1800 Vevey

Duration: about 2 hours, round trip Frequency: 3 departures per day

The ticket is valid for any departure time on the selected travel day.

Drinks, snacks and lunch can be purchased on board (lunch must be booked in advance!)

Meeting Points

Quai Maria-Belgia 2, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland