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E- Cargo Bikes Ride Yourself

Coffee tasting in local roastery

Delicious Angusburgers from the farm

Breathtaking route around Lucerne


The adventure starts at the Caritas Velostation which is located right next to the train station in Lucerne. After the welcome and a little theory, we start with the highlight - the Cargobikes. After a short instruction you will have enough time to ride the bikes on a safe area. Once you feel comfortable and safe, we will start the tour together.

The cargo bike ride is a unique experience. You will leave the city center and head towards Horw. After about 15 minutes you will already make the first culinary stop. A visit to a nice coffee house with its own roast blend is on the program. The owner will inform you about the world of coffee and will be happy to answer your questions. After the theory, you will taste different types of coffee and immediately notice the differences yourself. With a surplus of caffeine, the journey continues towards Horw. On the way there will be an informative and funny quiz.

The route along Lake Lucerne has hardly any traffic and is grandiose and very comfortable.

Culinary stop at the farmer Ferdy who prepares you juicy, home-made Angusburgers. With a cool beer or a glass of wine you will be spoiled culinary - while you enjoy a breathtaking scenery with views of the Pilatus, the Bürgenstock Resort and the enchanting Lake Lucerne.

After the feast, the journey continues back to Lucerne. On the way there are several stops with exciting stories about the area and plenty of opportunities to take souvenir photos. The tour ends after 5-6 hours back at the Caritas Velostation.


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