Cooking and grilling course in Buchs | Discover the ingenious Big Green Egg

Provided By: Marxers Kochwelt

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Get to know the "Big Green Egg

Tips and tricks directly from the professional chef

Cooking and grilling: Learning by Doing

Pure pleasure when tasting the creations

Sympathetic and experienced professionals

Local and fresh products


The "Big Green Egg" is among the most popular Kamado grill, on which not only can be grilled, but also roasted, smoked, steamed and even baked! In this cooking course, a true cooking professional will show you what an incredible variety of preparation options this grilled egg offers and how they work.

Various meat, fish and seafood can be easily prepared on the "Big Green Egg". In the course you will get to know this fantastic grill miracle together with the professional chef from Marxers Kochwelt and not only grill, but also bake, smoke and cook long term

More than 3000 years ago, people in Asia were already cooking in clay ovens. This inspired the makers of the "Big Green Eggs" to create a technically very sophisticated, ceramic all-rounder grill. This system will inspire you and your friends!

The outdoor cooking device is not only equipped with the highest quality material, but also offers a year-round experience. Because whether in freezing cold or in monkey heat: "Harrowing" can be done all year round

The small but fine family business offers a wide variety of cooking courses and tastings. The goal is to bring the fun of cooking closer to all participants with passion and joy and to create the most wonderful creations with local and fresh products. Afterwards, of course, you can use what you have learned in your own kitchen. The tips and tricks of the professional chef will open new doors for you in terms of cooking and preparation!

Most courses can be held in groups of up to 14 people. The in-house cooking studio offers plenty of space for this. It has been part of the company since 2015 and offers the perfect location for team events, corporate events, group courses and tastings to really have fun while cooking together!

The experience on the "Big Green Egg" you make in a group of up to four people. On your own you can try different ways of preparation and prove your skills. Under the guidance of a professional, you will soon be grilling, cooking and baking like a chef!


Duration The "Big Green Egg" grilling and cooking course lasts a total of 4.5 hours, from 18.00-22.30 hrs

Meeting place

Marxers cooking world Fallengässli 10 9470 Buchs 081 756 11 22 [email protected]

Important information

You should certainly indicate to the professional chefs if you have any allergies or intolerances.

What you need to bring is hunger and a good mood!

Meeting Points

Fallengässli 10, 9470 Buchs, Switzerland