Chocolate and wine tour of Switzerland - up to 3 people

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Lindt Chocolate Factory Zurich

Cailler Broc Chocolate Factory

Chocolate factory Aeschbach Lucerne

Gruyere & Emmental cheese dairies

Cheese dairies Seelisberg & Engelberg

Lake Lucerne & Leman Vineyards


Of course, the idea is to combine a cheese visit with chocolate and give guests a taste of the Swiss countryside and cities. Therefore, we will visit some stunning natural landscapes and other historical and interesting places in the neighborhood.

For the Gruyère and Maison Cailler tour, we will leave earlier than usual to accommodate the distance. Depending on where we start, we will probably drive either over the picturesque Brünig Pass or the Simmental Pass.

Gruyere itself is a medieval town with a 13th century castle and the H.R.Giger (Aliens) Museum. A city tour of the capital city of Bern with all its history and charm is possible as well as a few stops in the Bernese Oberland if time permits.

If it's the world famous Lindt chocolate you're after, then we'll head to Zurich. A short tour of Switzerland's largest city is more than possible before heading to the cheese dairies of Engelberg or Seelisberg.

Or enjoy a guided tour of Lucerne, one of the jewels of Switzerland, and visit the Chappel Bridge, the churches, the Lion Monument and the city walls.

For the Lucerne version, we'll head to the Aeschbach Chocolate Factory, where you can experience the interactive and self-guided chocoworld tour and design and make your own 200-gram chocolate bar.

Enjoy the delights of the café and store before heading to the Emmental Cheese Factory for another interactive introduction to the world of cheese. A city tour of Lucerne and a short excursion to the nearby mountains can round out this interesting and fun day trip.

Switzerland's most famous pastry manufacturer, Kambly, is also nearby and can also be visited. Here, too, you will find interesting facts about cookie making and the opportunity to taste as many cookies as you can eat.

Please note that discounted admissions at most places are not included in the price of the tour. Entrance fees range from 0CHF to 20CHF (make your own chocolate bar included)



Meeting Points

Bahnhofquai 15, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland