Beginner Canyoning Val Grande | 4h climbing through the ticino valley

Provided By: Ticino Outdoor

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4 hours canyoning for beginners

Guided by a certified canyoning guide

Get to know the surroundings of the Maggia Valley in Locarno

Jumps up to 10 meters

Possibility to adjust the difficulty level

Stunning rock formations and natural pools

Participation possible from 12 years


The Val Grande is ideal for newcomers to the sport of canyoning. This guided tour through the Maggia Valley is optimal for the first steps in canyoning, because most of the obstacles can be bypassed without problems or replaced by easier ones.

Canyoning is all about crossing beautiful gorges and the rivers that flow through them, using a wide variety of locomotion options. Climb up walls, swim through the crystal clear rivers and pools, slide down the streams, jump into the depths or rappel down from high cliffs: Canyoning simply combines everything that has to do with adrenaline and activity!

First, your guide will introduce you to the basics of canyoning and show you everything you need to know. Ticino Outdoor even provides you with the complete equipment including canyoning shoes and wetsuit. Safety is of course a top priority here as well.

After that your adventure starts! The Val Grande is one of the most beautiful valleys of Ticino and surprises with wonderful rock formations and the so-called "Little Niagara" waterfall. In addition to great jumps and climbing opportunities, one of the longest natural water slides in Ticino awaits you at the end with a length of 25 meters!

For anyone who wants to discover this fantastic and action-packed sport, this beginner's tour is just perfect. Experience the Val Grande and the spectacular atmosphere of this beautiful gorge!


Important information

The tour lasts 4 hours in total.

Meeting point: Rotondo, 6672 Gordevio, Switzerland

Optionally you can be picked up at the train station.

You should bring: Swimsuit, towel, sports underwear (in case you get cold quickly), contact lenses or glasses strap (risk of loss)

Inform your guide about your health condition and if you need medication (asthma spray, epi-pen or allergy medication please take with you!).

You should be healthy and in good condition, as well as free of fear of heights, swimming and sure-footed.

Children under the age of 12 cannot participate in this tour.

Meeting Points

Al Mulit 1, 6672 Gordevio, Switzerland