Jurapak Aargau (Photo: Jurapark Aargau)

The best attractions and things to do in Zeiningen 2022

Zeiningen is located in the western part of the Jurapark Aargau. Here the wide solution plain of the Rhine meets the narrow Möhlin valley with the Möhlinbach, which flows through Zeiningen. The Zeiningerberg belongs to the foothills of the Tafeljura. Near Zeiningen a fertile terminal moraine was formed during the last ice age, which is also known as the "Möhliner Feld". Several excursions into the Jurapark Aargau start in Zeiningen. These include adventure hikes, bike rides, events and culinary events. (Photo: Jurapark Aargau)

What Zeiningen has to offer